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The SCP Foundation DB nn5n (English)

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Если Вы ищите русскую версию программы, последнюю версию можно найти здесь: 


Few months ago I created offline database for Android devices of the Wiki project "The SCP Foundation". In this project you can find many interesting stories about anomaly and mystical creatures, places, things. Don't worry, is all not real. But, please, if you are sensitive person, please stay away from this project, because some stories is a horror...


Now I have technical problems with place this application on Google Play. Hmm, actually from my mistake English and Russian application was blocked. Now I wait when Google will restore it.


I know, many people want Install this application. If you don't want wait, when Google restore applications on Google Play, I give you direct link for download last version. Here is a manual for installation:

0. Attention! For install this application, you must have 570Mb free space on your Android device!

1. Download application: SCP-foundation_nn5n_en_0_1_33_2.apk (461Kb);

2. Download cache: (280Mb);

3. Put cache to this folder "/mnt/sdcard/Android/obb/" * on your Android device;

4. Install SCP-foundation_nn5n_en_0_1_33_2.apk ;

5. After first start application, program will unpack cache, and than you can use it;

6. Have a nice read! Enjoy it :)


After Google will restore my applications, will be better reinstall it from Google Play. Because only after installation from Google Play your application can have automatically updates.


* - some devices don't have patch "/mnt/sdcard/", if you have same device, please use patch to your main sdcard. For sample on Samsung Galaxy Note II, you must put cache to "/storage/sdcard0/Android/obb/".


This application is licensed under Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 License