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nn5n: Objects List 3500-3599 for Chinese
Object type: Safe SCP-3505 - 唱歌,封好,送到,我是你的 [55]
Object type: Euclid SCP-3512 - 知道的越多 [360]
Object type: Safe SCP-3513 - 将自身食用的大脑 [114]
Object type: Safe SCP-3514 - 救世主马赫迪之刹那,凡人之刹那 [56]
Object type: Safe SCP-3517 - 疯狂山脉 [172]
Object type: Keter SCP-3519 - 这些寂静之日 [540]
Object type: Unknown SCP-3521 - 强行的香蕉等效剂量 [125]
Object type: Euclid SCP-3525 - A 5-Star Lyft Driver [56]
Object type: Euclid SCP-3530 - 流星学校 [20]
Object type: Safe SCP-3536 - 噬菌体促成机 [45]
Object type: Safe SCP-3554 - 4号罗宋汤罐头厂 [38]
Object type: Safe SCP-3555 - 未遂的自杀 [90]
Object type: Unknown SCP-3557 - CK还是OK? [38]
Object type: Euclid SCP-3560 - 机械魂境 [31]
Object type: Keter SCP-3574 - Lambs to the Slaughter [13]
Object type: Euclid SCP-3593 - ORIA的背叛 [20]

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