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Item #: SCP-2767

Object Class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-2767 is stored on a formatted 2GB USB flash drive and is to be kept in a secure containment unit within the audio archive of Site-15.

Foundation-operated web analysis bot Kappa-28 (“FIREQUENCH”) is programmed to continually search a range of video and file-sharing sites for any copies of SCP-2767 and to promptly remove them. Any detected uploads and downloads of the file are to be intercepted and aborted, and the file is to be traced to its origin for deletion and the administration of Class-A amnestics to any affected individuals. The deletion of all instances of SCP-2767 is considered a Gamma-Level priority.

Testing of SCP-2767 is to be conducted in a soundproofed observation room prepared under these conditions:

  • An air-gapped computer on which to run SCP-2767 is to be provided.
  • SCP-2767 will be run on an audio player program directly from the USB flash drive on which the file is stored. Under no circumstances must any copies of the file be made.
  • Soundproofed headphones are to be worn by the D-Class subject for the duration of testing. Loudspeakers are not permitted.

In order to report observations from the recording, the D-Class subject is to be provided with a microphone, with permission to pause and rewind the song as needed (provided they do not move to the 02:01-02:14 section). Emphasis is placed on the reporting of SCP-2767’s final fifth verse.

A document of the fifth verse's lyrics produced by the researcher after every test is compulsory reading for anyone in charge of guarding the subject. They are instructed to contact the researcher immediately upon a suspected incident relating to SCP-2767’s lyrics.

Following Incident 2767-01, a new measure has been enforced. When the song reaches 02:01, the subject will be ordered to skip ahead to 02:14. Failure to comply will result in immediate abortion of testing and termination of the subject. The subject’s microphone has now been set to automatically turn off within this time frame as an extra precaution to prevent what happened to Dr. Manson.
- Dr. Walton

Description: SCP-2767 is a .wav format audio file named "fire", containing an anomalous version of the 1989 Billy Joel song "We Didn’t Start the Fire" with alternate lyrics. The song's vocals bear a strong resemblance to those of Billy Joel, despite no record of the artist having produced such a version of the single.

The lyrics of SCP-2767, which are sung in a similar rapid fashion to the original song, are largely cryptic in nature, with lines known to contain numbers, names of places and people, unknown incidents and short, ambiguous phrases. Although many of the names have been recognised as popular figures in public news and media, there is no record of the majority of the described incidents having occurred. From analysis through D-Class testing, the Foundation believes these lyrics to reference and accurately predict future events (see Analysis Log for examples).

Another notable aspect of SCP-2767’s properties is that subjects report widely varying interpretations of the song’s final fifth verse. Upon reaching 03:14 the lyrics begin to reference a number of experiences that will later become significant to the listener. The final line, which is shouted at high volume, has been proven to refer to the manner in which the listener will eventually die. Research is underway into whether listening to SCP-2767 causes these future events to occur, or if it simply predicts them.

Listening to SCP-2767 produces varying degrees of mental distress in D-Class subjects. The majority become fearful and convinced that the final verse is an accurate prediction of their future and death, which to date has manifested in those of a more unstable mentality. All subjects also express a strong compulsion to distribute the file.

The verses of SCP-2767 are consistent in all hearings with the exception of the final fifth verse (see Test Log 2767-A). The following list, compiled from the testing of 8 D-Class subjects and interpreted by Dr. Walton, denotes significant lyrics and content featured in the song:

"We're gonna start the fire,
And we will keep it burning as the world is turning.
We're gonna start the fire,
Yes we're gonna light it, so don't try to fight it."

Comments: Dr. Walton theorises that, if the chorus holds the same properties as the verses, SCP-2767 is predicting its own widespread distribution.

Lyrical subject: The dates ██/██/200█ and ██/██/202█.
Verse(s): 1 and 2 respectively
Comments: ██/██/200█ having already passed, it quickly became obvious that it was the date of [REDACTED]. The second date is yet to come and is thought by Dr. Walton to have a possible correlation to the first date.

Lyrical subject: The names of several prominent figures in public news and media. Some names are followed by a word or short phrase that implies their fate or involvement in a significant event.
Verse(s): 1, 2 and 4
Comments: Events ranging from assassinations to wrongdoings by certain individuals have been interpreted from the song, approximately a third of which have already been correctly predicted and reported by the media, no more than three months after SCP-2767's discovery. The listed individuals are now being discreetly observed by Foundation agents.

Lyrical subject: 7 sets of numbers and phrases interspersed throughout the third verse. Understood to be the category numbers and names of 7 specific Euclid and Keter-class SCP items.
Verse(s): 3
Comments: Dr. Walton surmises that the SCP items cited in the song pose an indeterminable level of danger in the coming future. They have been detailed in a separate document, copies of which have been issued to the relevant security staff for the purpose of maximising security on their containments.

Lyrical subject: From 02:03 to 02:12, an instrument suspected to be SCP-513 can be heard. Lyrics in this section remain unknown as a result.
Verse(s): 3
Comments: Test 2767-A-01 was aborted after D-████ suddenly panicked and removed the headphones at the sound, causing it to be picked up by the microphone. Security personnel were contacted immediately to remove both D-████ and Dr. Manson from the experiment and place them both under observation as per SCP-513's containment procedures. Dr. Walton has since been assigned to SCP-2767 testing, and analysis into why SCP-513's sound is present in the song is ongoing.

Lyrical subject: A string of numbers that take up two lines of the fourth verse, rhyming “seven” and “eleven”.
Verse(s): 4
Comments: After some analysis they were found to be the coordinates of a small mountainous island located 46km north of █████, Norway. Significance unknown. The location has since been placed under the Foundation's watch.

See Special Containment Procedures for testing conditions.

Test 2767-A-01:
Incident 2767-01: See Analysis Log for details.

Test 2767-A-02:
Subject: D-2710, 21-year-old male. Suffered from a range of anxiety-related conditions from Generalised Anxiety Disorder to Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder.
Relevant content of final verse: SCP-303.
Result: Intense anxiety, moderate level of panic. Despite ignorance of SCP-2767’s nature, D-2710 was convinced that the lyrics told of his future.
Post-Experiment (Incident 2767-02): 39 days following testing, D-2710 was escorted back to his cell concluding a routine psychiatric evaluation when SCP-303 materialised behind his cell door, preventing his re-entry. In a heightened state of fear, D-2710 attacked security in an attempt to flee and was terminated as a result.
During this time period, no appearance of SCP-303 was recorded within Site-██ for 4 hours, despite an understanding that the entity had not before (and has not since) dematerialised from the site.

Test 2767-A-05:
Subject: D-8991, 29-year-old female. Passive and indifferent. No known anxiety-related conditions.
Relevant content of final verse: [REDACTED, until further notice]
Result: Subject's mentality largely unchanged aside from mild confusion and irritation. “Nice song. Now can I get out of here?”
Post-Experiment: As of 02/18/201█, the events reported in the final verse by D-8991 have yet to occur. Dr. Walton theorises that they will either happen in the distant future, or not at all. No dates were reported in the lyrics so this is indeterminable.

Test 2767-A-11:
Subject: D-9155, 34-year-old female. Nervous upon commencing the experiment, but no known anxiety-related conditions.
Relevant content of final verse: D-9155 reported that "scatting" was present in place of lyrics in the final verse, with the artist making the sound "daw daw, daw daw, dawdawdaw, dawdawdaw…". Subject speculated that the sound referred to the word "door", but provided no explanation as to why she thought this.
Result: D-9155 grew increasingly uncomfortable for the duration of the final verse while persistently scratching her right knee.
Post-Experiment (Incident 2767-11): 73 days following the experiment, D-9155 was found in a critical condition outside her cell with her right leg severed at the knee. Before passing away from blood loss, she managed to inform medical staff that the door of her cell opened automatically with no security personnel around to trigger it. Upon attempting to leave, the door closed again on her leg with extreme speed and force. Maintenance personnel have been instructed to conduct more frequent and thorough checks on the building's electricals and power supplies.

Test 2767-A-12:
Subject: D-7713, 44-year-old male. Having recently shown remorse for his previous convictions, the subject was in an elevated state of emotional distress at the time of testing.
Relevant content of final verse: The sound of a flatline tone played continuously over the instrumental. No lyrics were present in the final verse, except for the word “NOW!” screamed at high volume at the end. SCP-2767 then abruptly stopped just before the final chorus.
Result (Incident 2767-12): Once SCP-2767 stopped playing, D-7713 commented on the flatline sound and then repeated the word "now". Immediately a sudden strong power surge caused the computer to short-circuit, producing an explosion of unusually destructive force. D-7713 was killed instantly. The flash drive was later recovered from the test chamber intact and functional, and SCP-2767 had sustained no detected corruption.
Post-Experiment: It soon became known that while conducting an electrical check as requested concluding Test 2767-A-11, a member of maintenance had suffered a fatal heart attack while in the process of replacing the surge protectors, going into cardiac arrest before the new protectors were fitted.

As of Test 2767-A-12, testing on SCP-2767 has been decreased to once every three months. Also, D-Class personnel are to only listen to the first four verses in order to check how SCP-2767 updates its lyrics.
- Dr. Walton

Discovery: SCP-2767 was discovered following a routine surveillance check of recent web uploads. A video named "fire" was found to have been uploaded to the popular video website YouTube on 08/03/201█. Its content consisted of the audio track playing over a black background, while the video's description made several references to the lyrical content of the song, namely the third verse which caught the Foundation's attention. The video had been viewed ██ times at the time of its removal. The audio file1 used in the video was obtained by the Foundation after tracing the upload to the home of ███ ███████, a 25-year-old Caucasian male living in █████████, WI.

Interviewed: ███ ███████
Interviewer: Dr. Manson
Assistant: Dr. ███, in charge of administering a Class-C amnestic to the detainee concluding the interview

Foreword: ███ ███████ was severely sleep-deprived upon his detainment and showed signs of extreme paranoia and anxiety. On one occasion he sharply turned his head as if spotting something in his peripheral vision2.

<Begin Recording>

Dr. Manson: When did you first notice this file on your computer?

███████: I dunno, man… Could’a been a virus for all I know, but I just saw it in my music folder one day: this huge text file, called "fire". And I mean it was huge. It was, like, nearly 400 meg! So I open it up, right, and it’s just a load of jumbled letters. Like someone just mashed on the keyboard over and over. When I scrolled it just went on and on and on… I mean imagine that, nearly 400 meg of text!

Dr. Manson: It was originally a text file? Not the audio file we recovered from your computer?

███████: Yeah, see, that’s the thing. As I kept scrolling through it, I noticed there was a word that kept appearing, hidden in all the letters. “Listen”. Found it kinda freaky to be honest.

Dr. Manson: Interesting. Then what did you do?

███████: I tried converting it to an audio file so I could “listen” to it. A dot-wav file was the best I could do. It was still a big file, just now it was in audio form. Hey, it was in my music folder too, so it was like it was begging to be heard.

Dr. Manson: And what did you hear?

███████: When it started up, I realised it was that Billy Joel song, whatever it was called. Then the singing started and… I dunno, man… It all just sounded wrong. The lyrics were totally wrong. Singin’ about people and history, just like always, but it was all stuff I didn’t know happened. Like, I know for a fact didn't happen. Like Billy’s singin’ about… stuff in the future.

Dr. Manson: The future? How can you be certain?

███████'s speech becomes noticeably more quick and frantic. Several shuffling sounds indicate constant gesticulation and movement.

███████: Man, I don’t know. This whole thing’s weirding me out. I just know. I just know that somehow all that stuff’s gonna happen. Some of it really soon. A lot of really bad stuff. Man, there was this deranged bit about two minutes in, this weird-soundin' bell, you don't wanna-

Dr. Manson: [Interrupting] Excuse me, a bell? Could you be more specific?

███████: This kind of dull thudding, like a- a cowbell or somethin'. It started playing along to the song. It's been goin' on and on in my head ever since!

Dr. Manson: [Quietly, presumably to himself] A cowbell…

███████ gasps, followed by a pause.

███████: There he is again! You didn't see that guy just now?! Jeez… And it wasn't long after I heard it that I started seeing him everywhere. I can't even sleep 'cause he's always followin' me around. I've been awake nearly 50 hours now, doc, it's killin' me!

Dr. Manson: You are deprived of sleep, Mr. ███████. I'm sure that this person is merely a figment of your imagination. Let us move on, please. Now, did you happen to write any of these lyrics down?

███████: I wrote down the last verse. It was the freakiest thing ever, Billy was singin’ about me, doc! Stuff that’s gonna happen to me! Half the stuff he sang about at the end had already happened, stuff that went down over the past year of my life. But now… he’s singing about some shady-soundin' guys, about cyanide, about…

Dr. Manson: Cyanide?

███████: Yeah, it was in the last line of the song. Before the last chorus. But that word was, like, screamed at me! CYANIDE!!! Just like that! [Pause, shuddered breath.] I dunno, man… I want out… I’ve heard the future and now I'm just waiting for it to happen. I've gotta be goin' crazy from knowing the truth, why else would I be trippin' balls and seeing that "thing" everywhere I look? Y'see, that's why I had to put it up on the internet, doc. That's why I had to spread "fire" to the world. The people need to know! They need to know so they can prepare and stop it all from happening!

Dr. Manson: Were there any other websites you uploaded or shared the file to?

███████: Yeah, ██████, ████████ and ████████████. It's definitely gonna be getting a lot of attention from those places, especially once they see what I had to say before listening for themselves.

Two faint taps on the table are heard: Dr. Manson's signal for Dr. ███ to administer the amnestic.

Dr. Manson: Well, I believe that concludes the interview. My colleague here has something that will help you forget everything you heard in that song and cease the hallucinations. I promise you will not remember a thi-

███████: [Interrupting] Please! Please, man, yeah! Gimme the shot, doc. I've done my part in warning the world, now I just want out of this whole thing.

18 seconds pass before a groan and the scraping of a chair can be heard, followed by a loud thud close to the recording unit. Dr. ███ curses loudly. There is a 5 second pause before he speaks again.

Dr. ███: There's no pulse, he's dead. What happened? I don’t understand what-

Dr. Manson: [Interrupting] Wait a minute. Give me the syringe. [Pause] The liquid wasn’t this colour before. Why is it now a pale blue?

<End of recording>

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