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SafeSCP-2967 Australian SelkieRate: 15

Item #: SCP-2967

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-2967 is housed in a Biological Storage locker in a tank of seawater. It should be checked biannually for damage or wear. SCP-2967 is not to be handled or worn without express written authorisation from a designated Project leader.

SCP-2967-A is to be kept in cryogenic storage.

Description: SCP-2967 is a tanned hide of an Australian fur seal (Arctocephalus pusillus), measuring approximately 3 square metres in area. It has been crudely adapted into a cloak, and a fastener made out of a seal's tooth. Testing reveals that the tooth and hide are a genetic match.

When a live human subject fastens SCP-2967 around their neck, they are transformed into an Australian fur seal. They do not appear to retain their intelligence or personality. The subject's health begins to decline after approximately 30 minutes of transformation, and they invariably expire of unusually rapid organ failure within 4 hours. Immediately upon brain death, the subject's hide will begin to separate from their body, reverting to the form of a cloak within 20 minutes (including tooth-fastener). Live tests of SCP-2967 have shown that all tested subjects adopted the same seal form, identified by genetic analysis and a distinct marking also present on the cloak.

SCP-2967-A (hereafter 2967-A) is the cryogenically preserved corpse of a humanoid being. 2967-A was a Caucasian male of Australian origin, 59 years old at time of acquisition, and in good physical health throughout his internment. 2967-A was the original owner of SCP-2967, and both were brought into Foundation custody at the same time.

When 2967-A fastened SCP-2967 around his neck, he was able to fully retain his memories and intelligence, and suffered no ill effects from his form. While a seal, he displayed fewer inhibitions, being both more playful and more violent. He could freely revert to human form at any time, but was reluctant to stay a seal for more than six hours, expressing a fear that he would start to lose his personality. He was persuaded to remain in his seal state for up to eight hours on one occasion, and, as predicted, showed decreased cognitive and rational-thinking skills. On reversion to human form, 2967-A showed considerable distress, and the experiment was not repeated.

2967-A required 500 ml of salt-water daily at minimum, "to stop the body getting homesick". At least once a month, 2967-A would be allowed to utilise SCP-2967 in a salt-water pool, with fish introduced into the pool as a reward for cooperation and good behaviour.

When questioned, 2967-A claimed to have been in possession of SCP-2967 as far back as he could remember, and confirmed that only his immediate family were aware of his anomalous nature. (None of his biological children displayed any obvious abnormalities, nor did they acquire additional instances of SCP-2967 of their own.) While 2967-A remained in Foundation care for several years, and in that time his human form aged, his seal form was not measurably affected by the time span.

In 1991, 2967-A suffered a cardiac arrest in human form, and could not be resuscitated. His body was immediately interred to cryogenic storage.

SCP-2967 and 2967-A were recovered in 1967, after the Foundation encountered official obstruction in its Australian operations; investigation traced the source of the new policy to direct orders from the Prime Minister, and the anomalous nature of 2967-A was discovered.

Consultation with allies in the Australian political and intelligence establishments resulted in an agreement to remove 2967-A from office and transfer him to the Foundation; a joint Australian-Foundation operation brought him into custody, restoring the working relationship between the Foundation and the Australian government. The public account of his disappearance held that he was presumed to have drowned during a morning swim; as the body was never found, an inquiry could not legally be held.

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