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SCP-1421 - The Unreliable Oracle
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Detail on SCP-1421-1

Item #: SCP-1421

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-1421 is to be contained on-site within the Braydon Forest nature reserve. To avoid interaction with members of the public a fenced exclusion zone with a diameter of 100 metres is to be maintained by embedded personnel within the local Wildlife Trust and nature trail paths redirected. Acorns dispersed by SCP-1421 are to be collected and kept in secure storage at Sector-25. Under no circumstances are personnel to interact with SCP-1421-1 unless authorised to do so by Professor Reeds Dr Skinner.

Description: SCP-1421 is a single specimen of Quercus robur (English oak) located within Braydon Forest, Wiltshire, England. It is situated at the centre of a natural clearing approximately 20 metres in diameter - adjacent vegetation is visibly malnourished and the ground immediately surrounding SCP-1421 with a radius of 5 metres is defoliated.

Its anomalous properties become apparent when any source of chemical or electrical energy is introduced within 5 metres of SCP-1421; power sources of this nature are rapidly depleted via an unknown mechanism. In human subjects this rapidly induces a state similar to that caused by long-term fasting; it is unknown to what extent this state contributes to the perception of or response of subjects to SCP-1421-1.

SCP-1421-1 is the likeness of the face and partial hand of an elderly human male with a full beard, carved into the east side of SCP-1421''s trunk 1.7m from the ground. SCP-1421-1 does not move and mechanical recordings have failed to detect speech or any other sound emanating from the carving - however, subjects exposed to SCP-1421 are extremely likely to perceive SCP-1421-1 talking to them and attempting to establish a dialogue. SCP-1421-1 is apparently sapient and displays in-depth knowledge of both the subject and previous individuals with whom it has conversed. As related by subjects exposed to SCP-1421, SCP-1421-1 represents itself as a nature god or woodland deity and will seek to proffer advice and information that it claims will advance the subject''s interests.

Advice proffered by SCP-1421-1 frequently takes the form of a prophecy whereby some desirable result will be produced if the subject carries out a task. This task is frequently of an unethical and legally dubious nature, including, but not limited to, suggestions that the subject professionally embarrass, steal from, injure or kill friends, family, colleagues or strangers. Subjects who follow SCP-1421-1''s advice enjoy no unusual protection from the consequences of their actions and arrest or death is a typical outcome. As far as can be established subjects are under no compulsion to obey SCP-1421, however the preternatural nature of the experience and the altered state induced by proximity to SCP-1421 has led to several individuals willing to carry out its suggestions.

 Recovery Log 1421

SCP-1421''s anomalous properties were discovered during a raid on the encampment of the PWF, a radical environmentalist group. The PWF had been drawn to the Foundation''s attention by embedded agents in local law enforcement due to the group''s unusually rapid escalation from peaceful protest to criminal and terroristic acts. Founded in 2009 as ''Protect the Wiltshire Forest'', the group was best known for public awareness campaigns and petitions against building works on forested or woodland areas. In 2010 the group participated in sit-ins in the Braydon forest to attempt to prevent construction of a trunk road connecting the B4040 and B4042. During these protests the group evidently made contact with SCP-1421-1; the PWF subsequently established a semi-permanent base in the nature reserve, rebranding themselves as the ''Protect the Wilderness Front''. On 15/07/2010 the group was implicated in the criminal assault in his own home of a Wiltshire councillor who had voted for the building plans and the failed letter-bombing on 19/07/2010 of the parish clerk who had filed the motion, neither of which measures persuaded Wiltshire Council to abandon construction of the road.

On 02/08/10 five individuals matching the description of PWF members entered a branch of Lloyds TSB, threatening the cashiers with an unlicensed and most likely stolen .22 calibre shotgun. The robbery appears to have been poorly thought-out and executed, with the group failing to gain access to the funds in the branch''s cash machine. The group was subsequently pursued and one of their number placed under citizen''s arrest by bystanders. When turned over to Wiltshire Police, the group member stated that the robbery had been carried out at the direction of ''the god'' and provided the location of the group''s forest camp, at which point personnel from Sector-25 were dispatched to investigate. The corpse of a further group member, in an advanced state of mummification, was found at the base of SCP-1421; a further group member was found in his apartment in Braydon, having apparently committed suicide (see Document 1421-01). The location of the final PWF member, who seems to have been the group''s leader, has not yet been established; his apartment contained literature from the deep ecology and anarchist movements.

 Further documentation

Interviewer: Dr Skinner
Interview Subject: SCP-1421-1
Date: 02/09/2010

Note: Dr Skinner''s questions recorded via parabolic microphone and timestamped by Agent Moon. SCP-1421-1''s responses have been provided and certified as accurate by Dr Skinner.

5s SCP-1421-1: Welcome, my son. Have you come to seek guidance?

9s Dr S: How did you come to be in Braydon Forest?

11s SCP-1421-1: I chose to manifest myself here, where the wilderness is being wounded by men.

16s Dr S: The PWF described you as a ''god''. Do you see yourself as a god?

18s SCP-1421-1: You will come to know what I am.

22s Dr S: I''m interested in learning what happened to the PWF.

25s SCP-1421-1: They were most displeasing to me, in the end. I would have given them their heart''s desire, had they but hearkened carefully to my words.

40s Dr S: Really?

41s SCP-1421-1: Yes. The words of a god are true; their listening was at fault.

59s Dr S: Their listening?

1m 1s SCP-1421-1: Yes, and their obedience. I would have helped them - and I can help you too, Daniel.

1m 30s Dr S: Doctor Skinner.

1m 32s SCP-1421-1: You see, I know a great deal about you. Are you frustrated, Daniel?

1m 50s Dr S: No, I can''t (be).

1m 53s SCP-1421-1: Your overseer, Professor Reeds; you realise he''s jealous of you? He sees how hard you work and resents you for it. He will cling to his position, Daniel, unless you take action. I know there''s an important staff meeting coming up - put some ipecac in his coffee and you''ll make Site Director within the year. Also he''s cheating on his wife with Researcher Black.

2m 20s Dr S: (Coughs)

2m 21s SCP-1421-1: I am the god of the wilderness. All things are possible for me. Are you ready for me to command you?

2m 29s Dr S: Command me?

Note: At this point Dr Skinner indicates that SCP-1421-1 fell silent for approximately 1 minute and 45 seconds. Dr Skinner indicates that he made a number of phatic filler noises such as ''okay'' and ''yes'' to prompt SCP-1421-1 to continue speaking.

4m 14s SCP-1421-1: I can see that you are unwilling to allow me to help you.

4m 16s Dr S: That''s correct. I need to ask a question. To make it look right.

4m 20s SCP-1421-1: Very well - do you seek any further knowledge from me?

4m 40s Dr S: Where is Mark Renton?

4m 43s SCP-1421-1: You will find him at 54 Devizes Road, Brayton.

5m 20s Dr S: We will look into what you say.

Note: Interview terminated by Dr Skinner. The address provided by SCP-1421-1 was investigated but failed to provide any evidence as to Mark Renton''s current whereabouts.

Note: Excerpts from diary found in the apartment of David Gray, a known PWF associate.

03/06/2010: I''m pumped. I can''t wait for the protests against the Braydon Link on Saturday. I''m bringing crisps n'' sandwiches and Mike''s bringing soft drinks. Say no to the Link!

07/06/2010: I''ve been in a holding tank for two days, thanks to the pigs. There was a bit of a brawl. Renton was cool as always - doing his Che Guevara thing holding a couple of Molotov cocktails. Unfortunately grandstanding like that gets you hit in the face.

08/06/2010: So yeah, we''re the Protect the Wilderness Front now. Pumps fist, etc. Mike thinks we should buy balaclavas.

15/06/2010: That was … weird. Renton took us along to see what he found in Milbourne forest during the protests. It''s a face in a tree, and if you wait a little while, you start to get light-headed and you can hear it talking to you. It says different things to different people, though. I don''t know what to write.

Note: After this point marked changes are evident in the handwriting and vocabulary of the diary entries. It is currently unclear why this should be. - Professor Reeds

A second opinion from a reputable graphologist indicates subsequent handwriting is well within the range of variation for this individual. No further importance should be attached to this detail - Dr Skinner

03/07/2010: The forest is starting to look like home. I''m no good at that sort of thing, but Mike did a wilderness survival course. The food definitely leaves something to be desired through - fish and chips again.

15/07/2010: Today we struck our first blow against the destroyers. Councillor Roberts backed the proposals to level our heritage forest and he got what he deserved. We wanted to abduct the CEO of the construction company and take him to the god, but Wikipedia says he lives in Hong Kong.

17/07/2010: The god told me today that Renton is a plant with Special Branch. I don''t think anyone else heard it say that. It seems unlikely, but why would the god say it if it weren''t true? If he suddenly disappears one day, he''s probably gone back to the police. No point looking for him.

19/07/2010: Sarah''s bomb didn''t go off. I don''t know why. We did what the god told us. I guess we missed something out.

25/07/2010: The god says we have to rob a bank to wake people up. It''ll collapse the system in one blow; everyone will begin to consider their actions in a global context. This is a huge step and I''m not sure I can take it.<partially erased marginal note reads: ''brilliant''>

28/07/2010: We''re fully prepared; we''ve got balaclavas, we''ve got a floor plan, we''ve even got a shotgun. Renton got the shotgun. I still don''t know if we can trust him.

02/08/2010: Everything went wrong. The cashiers pushed a button that locked the place down and no-one would give us their money. We couldn''t even get into the back of the cash machine to rob that. They got Chris, and he knows about the god. It''s an utter disaster. Absolutely no-one could have foreseen this happening.

02/08/2010: The god said Mike is the reason it didn''t work. If he had just believed it would have gone off right. Now we''re all going to be arrested. Renton''s long gone - absolutely no point chasing after him; he''s probably out of the country by now.<marginal note here is unintelligible - possibly ''with the acorns''> The god told me that I didn''t have to go to prison. It said to feed Mike to him, because he''d failed. I don''t know what it told Mike, but he didn''t react when I hit him with the shotgun butt.

03/08/2010: Mike''s mother phoned me, I didn''t know what to say. I can''t continue. My guilt is too great. <partially erased marginal note here reads ''pretty sure that''s how it works''><it says no such thing - Dr Skinner>

Internal memoranda

Congratulations to Dr Skinner on his promotion to Level 3 Researcher. Professor Reeds is taking a short leave of absence and Dr Skinner will be taking charge of all further investigation of SCP-1421 in addition to his other duties. - Professor Gelding

Ten (10) D-class personnel have been allocated to Dr Skinner to explore the effects of long-term exposure to SCP-1421. - Dr Iglesias

I have taken receipt of a rather disturbing report from the Sector-25 Data Integrity team. The original version of the Recovery Log for SCP-1421, as drafted by Agent De Bono, read as follows (emphasis mine): "the group member stated that the robbery had been carried out at the direction of a ''god'' and suggested ''the Foundation'' should look into it." Please can Dr Skinner provide the reason why this detail was removed from the recovery log? This strongly implies that at least one member of the PWF had a connection to the Foundation or a Group of Interest; was this followed up? - Professor Gelding

I have personally reviewed the recording of Interview 1421-01 and I am inclined to agree that Dr Skinner''s remarks at 59s and 2m 29s do not carry the inflection he indicated on his transcript. I am hereby authorising Sector-25 to execute Procedure 552-Hepburn on all personnel connected with SCP-1421. Furthermore I am directing the immediate review of the Operational Information article for SCP-1421 authored by Dr Skinner as it appears much of what is currently recorded regarding this phenomenon is distorted or fabricated. I am particularly concerned as to the whereabouts of the acorns mentioned in the Special Containment Procedures, as I understand these have never been officially entered into containment and it seems likely each represents a potential Euclid-class threat. - O5-7

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