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SCP-1523 - Sexually-Harrassing R&B Smoke Monster
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SCP-1523 during Interview 1523-01

Item #: SCP-1523

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-1523 is to be secured in Storage Locker L at Site 40''s Safe containment facility. When testing, SCP-1523 is to be lit with a handheld gas lighter. While SCP-1523 is burning, it is to be enclosed in an airtight chamber with all attending personnel wearing gas masks to avoid propagation or inhalation of SCP-1523 smoke.

All interactions with SCP-1523 are to be recorded and filed in Interview Log 1523. When testing is concluded, SCP-1523 is to be extinguished promptly. The object is never to burn while unattended.  

Description: SCP-1523 is an orange-brown incense coil. While SCP-1523 is burning, the object displays sapience; it is responsive to verbal stimuli and capable of speech, using a voice identical to that of a musician named █████████████1 The object possesses complete memory of █████''s life2. The Foundation cannot determine whether SCP-1523 held the same personality traits in life; its current demeanor, including its obsession with religion, may result from its current form.

According to SCP-1523''s account, it was created on 05/04/05 in a "star chapel" of the North American cult known as the Fifth Church during a "cleansing ritual". SCP-1523 was stored in a closet, suspended on an incense holder which bore a tag reading "BROTHER █████ TERRES TRIAL MIND". Following a Foundation sting (see EID Operations Report 6-11-05, "Operation Stargazer"), several ritual items were secured, including SCP-1523, which underwent experimentation due to its unusual nomenclature, then was designated and contained.

Addendum 1523-A: After testing (see interview logs), it has been determined that SCP-1523''s ability to hear and speak is a property of its smoke, rather than of the object itself. Although SCP-1523 is apparently not conscious when unlit, attempts to determine the range and duration at which SCP-1523 smoke retains its effect have been inconclusive. Note that Site 40 cleaning procedures are to be strictly enforced, to prevent the contamination of the facility with SCP-1523.

Note: All information pertaining to classified Fifthist activity has been redacted as per Operation Stargazer protocol.

Begin Log: 13:04:16

Interviewer: [The interviewer provides SCP-1523 with standard introductory information for contained humanoids.]

SCP-1523: Call me ████████, star-exalted brother.

Interviewer: I will keep using your designation, if that''s alright. So can you confirm that you are ████████ █████?

SCP-1523: No doubt.

Interviewer: And you''re aware of your state?

SCP-1523: Very.

Interviewer: Are you capable of anything besides speech?

SCP-1523: Hertz, brother, I can sing.

Interviewer: Can you perform something for the record?

SCP-1523: You got any requests?

[The security officer suggests "Let''s Stay Together", a standard which [REDACTED] occasionally performed in concert.]

SCP-1523: It serves, brother. It serves. Let me put a spin on it.

[SCP-1523 performs a completely different piece with a dissonant melody and lyrics which are presumed to refer to Fifthist doctrines. The first verse consists of the phrase "there is power in the blood" repeated in different cadences. Full lyrics are available in the unabridged transcript.]

Interviewer: [pause] That will do. Can you tell us how you were placed in your current state?

SCP-1523: Wisdom serves. It was a [REDACTED] cleansing ritual. Everyone was in the groove as the archon played. Spinning like records. Screaming like records, too. [laughs] My [REDACTED] unhinged like a snake''s jaw, and my soul came forth, brother. The archon stuck it here for  posterity.

Interviewer: What happened to your body?

SCP-1523: Still going strong. It doesn''t miss me much.

Interviewer: You''re saying that your body continues to function without a consciousness.

SCP-1523: No, brother, without a soul. Ever seen an anthill? That ant doesn''t have room for a soul in there. If a man has no soul, he can keep building his anthill just fine. Right now the man I was is occupied with [REDACTED] and you couldn''t tell the difference if you met it, unless you were giving it a throat exam. [laughs] He''s quiet in there, but he wriggles around like he can''t get comfortable.

Interviewer: Is this a common phenomenon?

SCP-1523: More than you think, brother. I''d bet my blood there are brothers and sisters working with you in this building whose souls left a long time ago. Bodies serve, too. But those sweet souls [REDACTED] in time. It''s coming for them in time.


End log, time 13:51:40

Note: This interview, like the previous one, was conducted in a standard humanoid interview chamber, and as such, the only precaution taken was the presence of a security official. This interviewer was conducted by a different researcher than the previous conversation: Dr. ███████ is a 35-year-old woman.

Begin log, start time 12:31:10

Interviewer: Can you tell us anything about the chapel you attended?

SCP-1523: I can tell you that it was wonderful. What was it the man said? "Oh my it, God''s full of stars." [laughs]

Interviewer: I''m more interesting in knowing their rituals and beliefs.

SCP-1523: I''m more interested in you.

Interviewer: Can we please stay on the subject, SCP-1523?

SCP-1523: Sister, I''m tired of talking about myself. I haven''t spoken to a woman in too long, and you''ve got too much going on to be so impersonal.

Interviewer: This is inappropriate.

SCP-1523: Don''t get ahead of me, now. Just tell me about yourself, sister.

Interviewer: [Security Officer] ████, how do I get him back on subject?

Security Officer: SCP-1523, answer her questions.

SCP-1523: Sister, lean a little closer. Take a deep breath. There''s something I need to tell you.

Interviewer: This is ridiculous.

SCP-1523: You want me to be helpful. Do your brother a favor. [The interviewer complies.] Mmm, that''s it. Hope you like the smell of sandalwood, baby. I want to linger on your clothes all day.

Interviewer: SCP-1523, what are the central tenets of the Fifth Church?

SCP-1523: Just so you know, I''m not the body, baby. I''m the smoke. Every particle in the air''s my senses, like the sweet tendrils of [REDACTED]. Breathe in, breathe out. It''s so comfortable in your chest, sister.

Interviewer: This is over. I''m getting the hell out of here.

SCP-1523: Don''t be scared, baby. You''ll hyperventilate trying to get me out. But you can''t. I know you''ll be a stranger to me, but I''ll see you ''round. My body burns and rests and burns, but I''ll be on the air 24/7, if you know what I mean. [laughs] I''ll see you in your office.

End log, time 12:35:25

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