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SCP-1549 - Anti-Empath
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Item #: SCP-1549

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-1549 is to be contained in a Standard Human Containment Cell outfitted with automated cleaning and food delivery functions. Subject is to provided with five books written in Urdu, rotated out upon request. In addition, subject is to be allowed access to a copy of the Qur''an, printed in Arabic with Urdu translations and a standard prayer mat. The cell is to be inscribed with an arrow pointing toward Mecca. A D-Class personnel (designated D-1549) is to be kept in an adjacent cell. At all times, D-1549 is to be kept within 25 m of SCP-1549. However, SCP-1549 and D-1549 are not to come into contact. A second D-Class personnel, designated D-1549-1 is to be kept in a cell adjacent to that of D-1549. The containment cell for SCP-1549 is to be located a minimum of 60 m from any Foundation personnel. No sentient or emotion-based SCPs are are to be transported within 30 m of the cell of SCP-1549. Following Incident 1549-17e, SCP-1549 is to receive 15 20 25 mg of anti-psychotic medication daily, taken orally.

Description: SCP-1549 is a Pakistani female, approximately 30 years of age, notable for the ability to "project" emotions via unknown means. The subject will imprint emotions on the nearest conscious human (designated SCP-1549-01), overriding the prior emotional state of SCP-1549-01. The effect lasts only as long as SCP-1549-01 is the nearest conscious human to SCP-1549. In order to prevent possible empathetic complications for Foundation personnel, a D-class, designated D-1549, is to be the closest individual to the subject at all times. A secondary individual, D-1549-1, is to be the second-closest to prevent potential researcher contamination in the event of the death of D-1549. Testing and interviews are to take place via video connection. The anomalous effects of SCP-1549 are not inherently harmful. However, with the deteriorating psychological state of the subject, most recently manifested in paranoid schizophrenia, medium- and long-term exposure is considered highly inadvisable.

SCP-1549 does not display any affective response to stimuli. However, disposition of SCP-1549-01 is sympathetic with the situation of the subject, regardless of SCP-1549-01''s awareness of the subject. Researcher Erickson has theorized that SCP-1549-01 feels the emotions of the subject by proxy. Further testing is ongoing.

SCP-1549 was originally located by Foundation personnel in a containment facility in ████████, Afghanistan operated by the Office for the Recovery of Islamic Artifacts (ORIA). Subject was later seized by the Foundation following a successful raid on ██/██/19██. In order to prevent possible complications in the mission, Foundation personnel tranquilized SCP-1549 upon confirmed visual contact. All information relevant to the subject was destroyed by ORIA personnel during the raid. Despite the lack of obvious anomalous traits, subject was brought in for interrogation as per Foundation regulations.

Subject: SCP-1549
Interviewer: Dr. Bajar
Observing: Dr. Kattaura
Dr. Bajar enters containment containment area. SCP-1549 is seated at the table. Dr. Bajar takes a seat across from subject.
Dr. Bajar: [in English] Hello, do you speak English? [in Urdu] Do you speak Urdu?
SCP-1549: Yes, I speak Urdu.
Dr. Bajar: Very good. Um… would you like a juice? Or maybe a cookie?
SCP-1549: No, thank you.
Dr. Bajar: What a polite little girl! Now, we took you from a place. Do you know when you got there?
SCP-1549: They took me from my home a few weeks ago. They said if I didn''t come, they''d hurt my mother and father.
Dr. Bajar: I- Oh god…. W-why would they….
Dr. Bajar begins to cry
Dr. Kattaura: Dr. Bajar, are you alright?
Dr. Bajar wipes eyes
Dr. Bajar: I… yes. I''m okay. I-it''s just why w-
Dr. Kattaura: Then please continue with the interview.
At this time, the door to the interview facility is locked, following standard AOI procedures.
Dr. Bajar: R-right. Okay…. Do you know why they took you there?
SCP-1549: They said it was because of how my head is. What I feel.
Dr. Bajar: So tell me, what do you feel?
SCP-1549: Where are [indistinct]?
Dr. Bajar: Now… uh, please. Answer the question. Answer the question and we can both….
SCP-1549: I guess a feeling''s where someone acts a certain way. Different from how they normally act.
Dr. Bajar: Riiight. And do you have feelings?
SCP-1549: No. I always act the way I act.
Dr. Bajar: So that''s your thing? You don''t feel? Wonder if she''s like…
Dr. Bajar slams his fist on the table. Subject flinches.
SCP-1549: Why did you do that?
Dr. Bajar: To test your… you know what? None of your business.
SCP-1549: Alright.
Dr. Bajar: Don''t have to be such a bitch about it. And since you asked, no. You can''t leave. Not now, not ever.
SCP-1549: What?
Dr. Bajar: We… uh, we''re keeping you here. You''re too valuable as a research sub-
Dr. Bajar stands and moves towards the door of the interview facility.
Dr. Bajar: I- alright, I''m done. Interview over, let me out. I asked her. Now we know. Open the fucking door!
Dr. Kattaura: I''m sorry, Karam, but the way you''re acting… What if it''s an effect? What if you''re contagious?
Dr. Bajar bangs on the door for several seconds.
SCP-1549: What about my parents?
Dr. Bajar: [to self] No no no no no no. This isn''t happening. Kattaura, let me out of here! This isn''t fucking happening! You! [turning to SCP-1549] You did this to me! You god-damned bitch!
Dr. Bajar attacks SCP-1549, attempting to stab it to death with pen.
Dr. Kattaura: What are y- [in English] Security? Security! Get in there now!
<End Log>

Dr. Bajar was shot three times by Foundation security in the ensuing altercation, and remained in a coma for two days at the Foundation hospital at Site ██. Following further research on SCP-1549 and its effects on SCP-1549-01, Dr. Bajar was awarded the Foundation Cross for selfless aid in furthering the understanding an SCP object. Following review of the interview log, Dr. Bajar was stripped of the Foundation Cross and demoted to Level 1 security clearance for disclosing classified information to an anomalous object and counterproductive infliction of distress on an SCP object.

On ██/██/20██, D-1549 (D-488831) began refusing food. When asked, the subject stated that Foundation personnel were "trying to poison me." Despite reassurances that no such plans were currently being enacted, the subject continued to refuse food, necessitating force-feeding procedures. When security personnel entered D-1549''s holding area, the subject became violent, attempting to attack. Security forces successfully restrained the subject and enacted force-feeding procedures. Afterwards, SCP-1549 was interviewed by Dr. Jahangir via a two-way video feed.

Interview Log 1549-17f ██/██/20██, translated from Urdu

Dr. Jahangir: Now, SCP-1549, do you think we are going to kill you?
SCP-1549: No. But you are trying to keep me from my mission.
Dr. Jahangir: What mission? Is it something important?
SCP-1549: Every day, I hear them. A thousand angels of Allah, all of His light and His fury. They tell me my destiny. To cleanse this wicked place. On the back of the seven-headed lion of the Prophets, I will destroy this cell and make free this world. But you would stop me. Try to keep me locked up, away from Allah and His creations, locked up in here to rot. You cannot stop the co-
Dr. Jahangir: I think we''re done here.
<End Log>

Following Incident 1549-17e, the access of SCP-1549 to religious reading and paraphernalia was revoked. Psychological analysis of SCP-1549 and D-1549 were authorized.

Researcher Note 1549-20u

Analysis has been difficult, but the combined symptoms of the girl and D-1549 appear to correspond with paranoid schizophrenia. Suggest cooperative therapy between SCP-1549 and D-1549 in order to bring issues to light. In addition, weekly outdoor walks couldn''t hurt. She''s been living in that box since she was ██ years old. - Dr. Willis

Request for limited therapy granted; no contact is to take place between SCP-1549 and D-1549 at any time. Simultaneous therapy sessions by separate doctors is allowed. Request for time outdoors is denied. - O5-█

Researcher Note 1549-23f

Attempts at therapy have been fruitless. She can''t talk about how she feels because she can''t feel. Trying to work with the D''s is just as pointless. They don''t know why they feel threatened or angry or whatever, and any progress is rendered moot by her broadcasting abilities. Recommending the immediate discontinuation of therapy sessions. Instead, requesting that SCP-1549 be dosed with anti-psychotic medications. It should keep most of the positive symptoms (delusions and paranoia) in check. - Dr. Johnston.

Request granted. - O5-██

Researcher Notes 1549-38w

The lower doses have stopped working; it seems like she''s building a tolerance to them. We can''t keep upping the dose indefinitely. We''re almost to the point of giving her new drugs just to deal with the side effects of the anti-psychotics. I propose either putting her in a medically-induced coma, which will keep her from broadcasting, or attempting psychosurgery to prevent further psychological degradation. - Dr. Erickson

Approval pending. - O5-█

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