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SCP-1587 - Dreamland
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Item #: SCP-1587

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-1587 is to be stored within a padded crate of suitable size. Requests for access to SCP-1587 must be made in writing to site command.

Only one subject at a time is to participate in experimentation with SCP-1587. No personnel are to come within 3 meters of SCP-1587, or of its last position at time of activation, while experiments are in progress. A suitable mattress, pillow, and blanket are to be installed upon SCP-1587 prior to testing; these are to be incinerated upon completion of testing.

All personnel who have undergone testing with SCP-1587 must undergo complete decontamination before leaving the experiment area.

Description: SCP-1587 is a steel bed frame (1.93 meters in length, 3.4 meters in width and 1 meter high), to whose bottom has been welded a metal box covered with several dozen unidentified glyphs in solder and gouache paint, and containing an assemblage of circuit boards, gears, coins, doll parts, and a transparent computer mouse filled with human hair; this box, and/or its contents, is presumed to be the source of SCP-1587''s anomalous properties.

When a live human subject enters REM sleep upon a mattress supported by SCP-1587, SCP-1587 will transport the subject and itself into an anomalous location (hereby referred to as SCP-1587-1), which appears to be based on the subject''s dream. GPS devices taken into SCP-1587-1 have been unable to receive signal; however, audio, video, and other recording devices retain their functionality.

Upon arrival in SCP-1587-1, SCP-1587 will produce a 20-second audio tone (520 Hz, 90 dB), awakening the subject. The subject will then be able to leave SCP-1587, and travel within SCP-1587-1 for up to 6 hours. Subjects report being fully aware of their circumstances, having full control of their actions, and being able to physically interact with their surroundings. At the end of the 6-hour period, the subject will instantaneously (t < 0.1 s) be transported to SCP-1587, which will then demanifest from SCP-1587-1 and remanifest within normal reality; this will also occur if the subject experiences an injury which would otherwise be fatal. All such injuries are healed upon the transition to normal reality; non-fatal injuries, however, are not. Objects from within SCP-1587-1 will accompany SCP-1587 as it returns to normal reality if they are carried by the subject, or are otherwise close enough to SCP-1587; the exact proximity required has yet to be determined, as has the question of whether other parameters are involved.

Acquisition log: SCP-1587 was discovered subsequent to the murder of Professor [REDACTED] (of [REDACTED] University), who is presumed to have created it. He had been shot in the back of the head, while seemingly alone in his bedroom. The gun responsible (a Walther P38) was found at the scene, held in a hand attached to a severed human arm; the arm was wearing a brown shirtsleeve and a swastika armband. No traumatic arm amputations were on record in local hospitals within the previous 14 months; as well, the hand''s fingerprints were identical to those of Professor [REDACTED], as was its DNA. The case then came to the attention of the Foundation as the result of a routine keyword search.

Investigation of Professor [REDACTED]''s home revealed that he kept a diary (henceforth Document 1587-M3); Document 1587-M4 (below) contains entries deemed relevant.

Entry 833: Success!!!!! Prepped lucid dream about candy — woke up in world with taffy toffee taffy roads, gobstopper stones, soil of rainbow sprinkles! Sky was orange like jelly beans. Rain was dilute lemonade.

Walked about 3 miles from LZ to reach nearest town. Houses were mashed potatoes(?), gardens full of jujubes. Overall color scheme of pink, orange, brown, and yellowish white.

Locals were cakepeople. Very friendly. Led me to rock-candy town hall. Had fascinating talk with mayor (? - village leader). They spoke perfect English (convenient!) with lovely singsong accent. Was honored guest at feast - chocolate fondue, eggnog with whipped cream, and cotton candy ice cream for dessert; lovely ritual with cakepeople sticking birthday(?) candles in their heads, lighting them, and then singing to me.

After feast, had just over 3 hours left; decided to explore further. They gave me a car(?) made from giant cupcake. Drove through tunnel of giant donuts to local metropolis (overall color scheme, pastel blue / bright yellow). Buildings were solid sugar crystals (cf rock candy in village hall?); significantly more advanced tech than in village. Traffic lights = color-changing lollipops! Locals were multiethnic: gingerbread people and golems constructs made of licorice allsorts. Society seemed functional — schools, university, libraries, museums. Also found military base (?) - tried to go in, was politely denied access. Had amusing but ultimately fruitless (ha!) argument on nature of reality with sentries (marshmallow guns?), was taken into "custardy" (sic - that''s actually how they pronounced it!!!). Was being taken to be processed(?) for interrogation(?) when remaining time elapsed. Felt tingling sensation, broke off piece of table (nougat with gumdrops!) for souvenir. Materialized back on bed in LZ, returned to bedroom. Still have piece of table!!!!!!!!! Note: if going back, ignore military base — overall waste of time; would have learned much more from libraries or museums.

Incredibly tired. Need real sleep. Taking blankets to living room.

Entry 838 Partial success? Prepped lucid dream about cute fluffy animals — woke up in apparent rainforest. Trees looked normal, but were not all rainforest-appropriate — was able to identify Brachychiton acerifolius, Cerbera manghas, Acer saccharum, Ginkgo biloba, Citrus reticulata. Canopy blocked view of sun - was unable to approximate my location. Color scheme: green, brown.

Animals were intelligent, and spoke English — odd mix of fluent and crude. Majority of animals not indigenous to rainforests - incl. dogs, cats, bunny rabbits (albino!), pigs, raccoons, 1 kangaroo + joey. Rainforest indigene species incl. sloths, frogs, lizards, monkeys, parrots, opossums, 1 toucan (macaw?).

Met with assembly of animals about 2 miles from LZ. Was asked to help defeat a bear that (who?) had terrorized them for years.


Looked like grizzly bear, but bigger, with spider(oid) mouthparts. I hesitated; it lunged at me, broke (?) my back. Was (felt?) paralyzed from waist down, but could still move arms; stabbed bear in ribcage with poisoned daggers, killing it instantly. Still couldn''t move legs, so asked animal companions to bring me back to my bed. They put necklace on me, filled my pockets with fresh carrots, then loaded me into palanquin(?) and carried me. Sang victory songs about me vs bear. Halfway to LZ, time elapsed; materialized back on bed, returned to bedroom. Back injuries seem totally healed. Still have carrots and necklace — necklace looks like rubies? [Note: find out how to get necklace authenticated! Invent plausible origin story for authenticator!] Still tired, though.

Entry 840: My god, they''re real. Not all rubies, but still real gems. Jeweler offered to buy for probably half market value - 3/4 year''s salary!!! Seriously considering it. Also consider: dream about jewels? No - would flood market, draw attention. Gold, etc, likewise.

Entry 851: Damnation damnation damnation DAMNATION. How am I supposed to enjoy a sex dream when everyone is me???

Entry 858: I have officially had enough of this nonsense. I cannot even get proper sleep any more. I am taking the box off the frame. Screw you, dreamland. Screw you, lucid dreaming.

Entry 859: Woke up in the middle of reinstalling the box. This could be a problem.

Entry 860: Threw box out. Woke up while reinstalling box. Tore garbage bag open in sleep, left trash all over lawn. Definite problem.

Entry 861: Burned box. Goodbye, box. You''ve done enough damage for one lifetime.

Entry 865: Apparently I''ve been building a new box in my sleep. Serious problem. Vernon had better not dare say ''I told you so''.

Entry 866: Screw you, Vernon. Burned new box. Burned construction notes. Sold the tools [note - Mother may be upset about my disposal of her Xmas gift; prepare excuse just in case!].

Entry 870: Feeling much better now that I''m getting proper sleep. I think I''m up to doing some socializing again. Documentary film festival on campus tonight — will attend. Haven''t used my faculty pass at all this year. Should be interesting.

Eyewitnesses on campus stated that Professor [REDACTED] attended three documentaries about Nazi Germany and the Holocaust, the evening of his death.

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