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SCP-2049 - The Interdimensional Weather Station
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Item #: SCP-2049

Object Class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures: Ten Foundation personnel should reside in Manningtree, UK, at all times. When a transmission from SCP-2049-1 is detected, information regarding the forecast should be related to Site 294 immediately. If the resulting anomaly directly affects the population of Manningtree, MTF 294-Samekh ("We Get To Choose Our Own Name?") will be deployed to Manningtree. A cover story is to be established for the results of the resulting anomaly, and amnestics are to be administered to any direct witnesses.

SCP-2049 broadcasts have been reported to Manningtree as pranks originating from an unknown source in the United Kingdom.

Description: SCP-2049 is a periodic anomalous weather forecast that only occurs in Manningtree. At random intervals1, a broadcast will appear on channel 43.52 Manningtree, usually between 08:00 and 14:00. At this time, SCP-2049-1 appears on screen and delivers a weather forecast, typically predicting anomalous weather conditions. Exactly 24 hours after the broadcast terminates, the predicted weather conditions will occur over or near Manningtree. (See Document 2049-Theta for a full log of forecasts, to date.)

SCP-2049-1 is a humanoid with teal skin. Other than this quality, SCP-2049-1 appears to be a non-anomalous human male in his 40''s. SCP-2049-1 delivers the forecasts that appear in Manningtree, although it has stated that the anomalous effect of the forecasts is unintentional. (See Interview Log 2049-A.) The following is the first known broadcast from SCP-2049-1, recorded by a civilian from Manningtree.

SCP-2049-1: Good morning, this is Xchtl''krnss3 with your Monday weather report. The heat wave that seemed to slow everyone down over the weekend has only worsened since the last forecast! Our meteorologists predict that today''s temperature could climb to as high as 40 degrees Celsius by the late afternoon. Right now, the temperature seems to be around 29 degrees Celsius, and it''s only the morning. However, there is a colored breeze coming in on Tuesday, which might help alleviate the heat. Unfortunately, there is also no rain in the forecast for the next five days. This is bad news for all you gardening enthusiasts out there. If you don''t have air-conditioning, you might just be sleeping on the roof tonight! That''s all for today''s weather. Stay tuned for the Tuesday weather report.

This weather report was deemed as targeted at Earth, which was discovered to occur only as a rare occurrence. Most other weather reports pertain to currently unknown planets and/or realities.

Forecast Results
"…there is a colored breeze coming in on Tuesday, which might help alleviate the heat." All winds passing through areas around Manningtree cause a certain color to be perceived in the air. Northerly winds turned a blue hue, southerly winds turned yellow, western winds turned green, and eastern winds turned red.
"And, you can expect a sweet spot of weather coming up here over the weekend for Pycone." First evidence that not all broadcasts are directed towards Earth. Clouds begin to descend throughout the day around Manningtree, and are found to consist of spun sugar.
"Coming up on Groftslan4, we have a quite the holy load of hail coming in from the front. Prepare your tomes!" Hail with star-shaped ice that retains the properties of holy water, as tested on SCP-████.
"Dry dust rain tonight! There will be a massive increase in electrostatic activity followed by lots of folks actually wondering where they have their brooms." Precipitation that, upon impacting a solid surface, immediately disperses into dust. Increased levels of electrostatic activity.
"Quite the show in the sky tonight for the capital of [UNINTELLIGIBLE]. Just make sure your homes are fireproofed!" A thunderstorm manifests, which causes lightning to originate from the ground and strike in the thunderstorm itself. Somehow, this causes the clouds to light with fire.
"Hey, all! Just a fair warning to Glefschenurt, there''s going to be some oddly radioactive weather today. Quite the energizing story! Oh, and this will be followed by possible skin cancer. And tumors. You know what''s in the now? Lead clothing. Wear it." A single, spiral shaped cloud manifests over an area directly west of Manningtree, with a 1km diameter. High levels of gamma radiation exist in this zone until the weather dissipates. Protons are detected travelling at high velocity within the zone, suggesting a Hadron collider-like effect. Cloud spirals upward, seemingly unaffected by winds, into the high troposphere. Anomalously bright lightning also occurs during this event.
"The government''s rotten new attempt at detecting weather seems to have failed today. The citizens of [UNINTELLIGIBLE]5 are forewarned to stay inside, and watch for falling weather balloons! Tune in next time, for the only weather provider you can trust." Weather balloon-like constructs fall from the sky at irregular intervals throughout the day. This causes only minor structural damage, as weather balloons are found to have exceedingly low mass. Balloons are composed of neoprene, with lightweight measurement equipment.
"Uh… yeah, alright. Today, there''s a possibility of a tornado, composed of… shoot, what is it called? Yeah, that string-like stuff. But… harder. Outside of Glefschenurt. And, hey, if you''re interesting in sponsoring this newly independent weather channel, please contact the following email.6 A tornado consisting entirely of animated monofilament made a path around Manningtree. Damages include laceration and abrasion, mostly to sheds and outlying structures outside of Manningtree, and wind levels are low during this event.
"Weather isn''t looking so great today, guys. The clouds aren''t crying today, but, they''re gonna be lingering. Just… there. It''ll be dark, probably. Forget the sunblock, yeah?" Small, sparse clouds manifest over Manningtree. Any location in the shadow of these clouds experienced a 100% lack of visible light.
"Hey, for those of you travelling through Yan at this time of year… take a bit of caution. And wear some bio-suits. Yeah. The weather isn''t so kind this time of year." A fog consisting of suspended micro-organisms lingers to the east of Manningtree, disintegrating all organic matter in its immediate area and absorbing the results.
"Sorry for the hiatus, everyone.7 I just… don''t think anything that notable has happened lately. There''s a rainstorm of pretty forgettable proportions headed towards Juk-juk. Oh, and, call in at the provided number8, and I''ll set you up for a sponsorship. You''ll get plenty of people looking at your brand name, trust me." No personnel have ever been able to recall the results of this forecast for long enough to document it.
"…oh, the recording light is on. Hey. So, the weather… I just don''t know anymore. It just… it''s not as great as it used to be. It''ll come around though. I''ll come around. I know you guys love me, right?" The precipitation from the resulting rainstorm dyed anything it came in contact with blue until the weather dissipated. Precipitate from this rainstorm has unusually high salt content.

Over time, it is found that these broadcasts have decreased both in signal strength, and A/V quality. Both of these decreased drastically between two broadcasts, just prior to the original inquiry for sponsors, and slowly over time.

Interviewed: SCP-2049-1

Interviewer: Doctor Fitzpatrick

Foreword: Subject is contacted via provided phone number during a broadcast. The number that the interviewer calls from is blocked.

<Begin Log, 13:24:09>

SCP-2049-1: Yes, hello? This is the Center of Interdimensional Weather speaking.

Doctor Fitzpatrick: Is this the line for sponsors?

SCP-2049-1: Yes! Yes, it is! <Doctor Fitzpatrick holds the phone away from his ear. SCP-2049-1 exclaims this loudly.>

Doctor Fitzpatrick: Could you please inform me as to what you do, exactly?

SCP-2049-1: Oh, sure, sure. I''m Xchtl''krnss, but, heh, I guess you know that already! What can I put you down for?

Doctor Fitzpatrick: Are you aware that you are creating the weather that you forecast? Are you able to predict future events?

SCP-2049-1: <Laughs.> Preposterous. I, like any good weatherman, just report the facts as I see ''em.

Doctor Fitzpatrick: Your broadcasts seem to have decreased in quality over time. Why? Did something happen?

SCP-2049-1: Oh. Oh, uh… yeah. Yeah, my employer… well, they, uh, let me go. They said that interdimensional weather really wasn''t cutting it anymore. That people preferred the domestic stuff. I think… I think they do some kind of shopping network now.

Doctor Fitzpatrick: How is it that you continue your broadcasts?

SCP-2049-1: Oh, I''ve been using my own camera. I bought this frequency, right? They gave it to me pretty cheap. It was… uhm, the least they could do, they said.

Doctor Fitzpatrick: Have you gained any sponsors?

SCP-2049-1: Oh, yeah! Quite a few. I''m proud.

Doctor Fitzpatrick: Can you divulge their names?

SCP-2049-1: N-no, because… because… uhm, ''cause that''s… yeah, that''s confidential, ma''am. <Note that Doctor Fitzpatrick is male.>

Doctor Fitzpatrick: Okay. Why do you continue these broadcasts? Do you have many viewers?

SCP-2049-1: <No response.>

Doctor Fitzpatrick: Hello? Kic- <Interviewer begins to attempt pronunciation of SCP-2049-1''s given name, but it interrupted.>

SCP-2049-1: It gets lonely out here, okay? At least I still have those loyal few viewers. They seem to love me. They tune into me, every time, without fault. They trust me.

Doctor Fitzpatrick: Okay, SCP-2049-1.

SCP-2049-1: …who?

Doctor Fitzpatrick: I think that will be all.

<An animal-like whimper can be heard through the telephone.>

SCP-2049-1: Please don''t go.

<End Log, 13:31:37>

Closing Statement: A second call to this number failed, returning with a statement that the number did not exist. Broadcasts still occur, and are added to this documentation as they take place. Neither the broadcast quality, nor SCP-2049-1''s demeanor, have improved since the call.

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