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SCP-2106 - After the Tone
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SCP-2106-09 during initial recovery and research protocols.

Item #: SCP-2106

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-2106 is to remain disassembled, and the parts bolted down to bedrock flooring in various Containment Units in Site-64, Sector G. Under no circumstances is SCP-2106 to be fully reassembled. Any phone system currently in production must have software included to prevent SCP-2106 from answering when users make a call.1 Devices that do not include the software are to be apprehended and stored within Chamber B-2106 in Site-64.

Description: SCP-2106 is a machine made out of an assortment of mixed transitional metals. SCP-2106 can be disassembled and reassembled into 14 different parts classified separately as SCP-2106-(01-14).2

SCP-2106, when fully assembled, is capable of intercepting various long-distance audio communications. Landline telephones with a Foundation built-in safeguard to protect from SCP-2106 have no chance of being intercepted by the entity. Research personnel have determined that SCP-2106 can intercept multiple audio communications at a time while active, however the exact number of calls that SCP-2106 can intercept in union has yet to be verified.

SCP-2106 manipulates audio in order to impersonate characters and events, influencing subjects.3 Most notably, SCP-2106 will act to satisfy verbal requests made by the subject. Subjects that come into contact with SCP-2106 are likely to be put in situations that satisfy these requests during or subsequent to contact with SCP-2106.4

Accounts of SCP-2106 intercepting civilian calls prior to Containment:
Initial Purpose of Call Debriefing of Conversation Subsequent Phenomenon
Subject was in a financial crisis, and was contacting another individual with the intent of being employed. SCP-2106 responded to the call posing as the potential employer, and proceeded to ''hire'' the subject. SCP-2106 asked the subject to meet it at a given location at a certain time. Subject appeared at the location the next day. and was able to locate a suitcase holding $2500 in cash. Cash was later confiscated and amnestic was applied.
Subject calling emergency services while stuck under rubble. SCP-2106 asked the subject to ''hold'' for approximately one minute. "Always Look on the Sunny Side (Ballad)" audio began to play, and did not stop for an entire hour. After which, SCP-2106 hung up. Subject was quickly found via the loud music by passerby. Passerby contacted local police, and Foundation agents arrived to resolve the incident.
Subject was contacting another individual to postpone paying debt. SCP-2106 impersonated the individual that the subject owed, and claimed that the subject does not need to pay the debt anymore. The individual who demanded payment from the subject killed themselves two days later. No suicidal tendencies were ever recorded prior.
A family member of the subject had died recently. Subject was unaware of the family member''s death at the time. The cellphone was intercepted in the subjects car. SCP-2106 acted as if it was the deceased individual. Subject requested to see the deceased individual in person. SCP-2106 emitted a cognitohazardous auditory agent. Car crashed directly afterwards.

Addendum: Mobile Task Force Mu-4 "Debuggers" have engineered cellphones so that they will record audio and location of interceptions caused by SCP-2106. Foundation researchers are now able to study and monitor all the cellular activity of the object in the event of a potential breach.

The cellphone market is being subsidized and otherwise supported. Relevant companies currently being funded by the Foundation include but are not limited to Sony and Nokia, who are working to mass-produce cellular devices worldwide. American states are being persuaded to pass laws to end the requirement that phone companies provide land-line service. Foundation personnel are currently spearheading efforts to have similar legislation passed in other English speaking communities.

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