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SCP-2116 - Lonely Ragdoll
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Item #: SCP-2116

Object Class: Euclid Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-2116 is never to be further than 10 meters from SCP-2116-1 at any time. The individual designated as SCP-2116-1 is currently a female, aged 20. SCP-2116-1 will never willingly part with SCP-2116. When SCP-2116-1 expires for any reason, a replacement must be found within 12 hours. The age of the individual designated as SCP-2116-1 is irrelevant, testing has shown that when a suitable subject is found the anomalous nature will subside. Once a suitable candidate has been located, the doll is to be handed over to the subject by a male researcher. Selection criteria for SCP-2116-1 is listed below in Addendum 1.

  • Must score mid to low on the overall Risk-Sophistication Treatment Inventory (RST-I).
  • Must score low on the Sophistication-Maturity (S) cluster.
  • Must score low on the Cognitive (S-Cog) cluster.
  • Must score mid to low on the Emotional (S-Emo) cluster.

In addition, the subject must meet the following:

  • Moderate to low scores in Treatment Amenability
  • Low scores on the Responsibility and Motivation cluster (T-Res)
  • Low scores on the Consideration and Tolerance cluster (T-Cat)

Description: SCP-2116 is a child''s doll manufactured sometime in the mid-19th Century. SCP-2116 is dressed in a simple red cotton dress with cloth shoes and garments consistent with 19th Century garb. The head is constructed of standard bisque porcelain and painted to resemble an adult female. SCP-2116 is otherwise unremarkable in appearance other than the accumulation of a substantial amount of dirt and grime on the surface.

If SCP-2116 is further than 10 meters from the current SCP-2116-1 for longer than 5 minutes, its anomalous property will manifest as an alteration to reality within a 1 meter radius centered on SCP-2116 itself. The environment, decor, ambient temperature, and furnishings become altered to be more attractive to a pre-pubescent human female. Tables will be set with a pink tea set with a teapot filled with a sweet red liquid, various sweet treats will manifest, and the table cover will become a lace tablecloth of a style popular during the mid-19th Century. For every hour that SCP-2116 is not in the possession of SCP-2116-1, the region of altered reality expands by 1 meter. Testing has shown that items removed from this region of altered reality retain their altered properties and food items created are non-toxic and will decay at the same rate as normal items of the same type.

Background: SCP-2116 was first discovered when Foundation agents embedded in the ██ State Patrol detected a call to investigate a house with a dead body. Foundation agents responded to the call and discovered the home of [REDACTED] changed entirely. The entire house, which had been a ranch style dwelling built in the early 1960''s, had been changed to a Victorian style two story dwelling with a steeply pitched roof, wide front porch and a turret style gable on the front corner. All internal furnishings had been altered and featured sofas, paintings and other items consistent with mid-19th Century homes. In an upstairs bedroom, agents found the body of [REDACTED], an 80 year old female. An autopsy revealed nothing unusual. The victim had apparently expired due to a sudden massive myocardial infarction. Interviews with neighbors revealed that the occupant of the house had been an 11 year old child. Statements indicate that the neighbors did not find anything unusual about a child living alone in the house. Research into possible memetic effects from SCP-2116 are still pending. Neighbors state that for as long as they had known the victim, she would never allow SCP-2116 to be out of her grasp. Class B amnestics were administered to neighbors and city records were altered to show that the house had always been a two story Victorian.

During recovery, Agents noted that surroundings were being altered as they were investigating and proceeded with due haste. Agent [REDACTED] became a casualty during the recovery process when she apparently removed SCP-2116 from the grip of the victim. Agents accompanying her state that they heard a scream from the upstairs bedroom and subsequently found an oil portrait of Agent [REDACTED] dressed in mid-19th Century clothing with SCP-2116 on the floor next to it. Male agents were able to handle SCP-2116 with no ill effects. It was after SCP-2116 was placed in containment that researchers noted that the rate of conversion was increasing. A D-Class female was brought in as a test to see how the anomalous nature of SCP-2116 would respond. The D-Class, now designated as SCP-2116-1, had been committed to life in ███████ State Mental Hospital after a psychiatric evaluation determined that she was mentally incompetent to stand trial. SCP-2116-1 has been in a persistent catatonic state since her arrest in ████

Test Log:
██/██/████ 10:32 AM - SCP-2116 is placed in SCP-2116-1''s hands.
██/██/████ 10:33 AM - SCP-2116-1 stirs and looks down at SCP-2116.
██/██/████ 10:34 AM - SCP-2116-1 begins stroking the hair of SCP-2116.
██/██/████ 10:39:15 AM - SCP-2116-1 screams.
██/██/████ 10:39:20 AM - SCP-2116-1''s hands lock around SCP-2116.
██/██/████ 10:40:02 AM - High speed footage shows SCP-2116-1 shrinking in size.
██/██/████ 10:40:30 AM - SCP-2116-1 is transformed into a doll similar in size and clothing to SCP-2116. Testing has shown that SCP-2116-1 doll exhibits no anomalous properties.

The rate of alteration of the surroundings of SCP-2116 increased noticeably following this test to 1.5 meters/hour. Foundation researchers located a second suitable female D-Class subject. The subject, now designated SCP-2116-1 was a 19 year old female convicted of brutally stabbing a man while working as a prostitute. Subject was handed SCP-2116 by Researcher █████.

██/██/████ 11:36 AM - SCP-2116 is placed in SCP-2116-1''s hands.
██/██/████ 11:37 AM - SCP-2116-1 looks down at SCP-2116.
██/██/████ 11:37:26 AM - SCP-2116-1 exclaims: "What the ████ is this?"
██/██/████ 11:37:30 AM - SCP-2116-1''s hands grip SCP-2116 tightly.
██/██/████ 11:37:35 AM - SCP-2116-1 screams.
██/██/████ 11:37:36 AM - SCP-2116-1 begins to shrink.
██/██/████ 11:37:37 AM - High speed footage shows SCP-2116-1''s hands and arms curving upward and fusing together while the legs draw up into the torso.
██/██/████ 11:37:38 AM - SCP-2116-1 has been replaced by a fine china teapot.

The rate of alteration did not change following this test. It is theorized that there is an upper limit to the rate of change possible.

A third D-Class female was brought in for testing. This subject, designated SCP-2116-1 is a 20 year old female who was incarcerated for burning down a church following an attempt at an exorcism by her parents and the local priest.

██/██/████ 2:20 PM - SCP-2116 is placed in SCP-2116-1''s hands.
██/██/████ 2:20 PM - SCP-2116-1 throws SCP-2116 to the floor.
██/██/████ 2:21 PM - SCP-2116 is placed back in SCP-2116-1''s hands.
██/██/████ 2:21 PM - SCP-2116-1 looks down at SCP-2116.
██/██/████ 2:22:12 PM - SCP-2116-1 smiles at SCP-2116.
██/██/████ 2:22:20 PM - SCP-2116-1 nods at SCP-2116.
██/██/████ 2:23:15 PM - SCP-2116-1 hugs SCP-2116.
██/██/████ 2:23:20 PM - SCP-2116-1 begins to shrink.
██/██/████ 2:24 PM - SCP-2116-1 regresses to an 11 year old child. High speed footage shows an extremely rapid regression from her current age to the appearance of an 11 year old girl.
██/██/████ 2:24:20 PM - Anomalous changes around SCP-2116 stop.

A complete search of the site of the initial discovery revealed a photo album containing photos of the deceased subject (designated SCP-2116-0) holding SCP-2116 as a small child. The photograph is dated 1943. Interviews with neighbors indicated that it was the same child that lived in the house. Older photos in the album show a deceased elderly female, presumed to be a relative of SCP-2116-0 holding the same doll. It is unknown at what point SCP-2116 assumed its anomalous properties. All pictures in the photo album featuring SCP-2116-0 show SCP-2116 in its possession.

Currently SCP-2116-1 has had SCP-2116 in her possession for 65 days. No anomalous changes have been detected during this time.

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