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SCP-2118 - The Lost Child
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Item #: SCP-2118

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-2118 is currently contained in a standard humanoid holding cell observed at all times by standard motion-activated security cameras. Cell is to be furnished with appropriate furnishings for a █-year-old child, along with two (2) stuffed animals (an orca whale and an elephant). SCP-2118 may go to an outdoor enclosure once a day, for a length not to exceed one (1) hour between the hours of 0900 and 1700. It is to be accompanied by at least one attendant who is versed in sign language and translation etiquette and usage, and has never had children. SCP-2118 is not to be allowed verbal access to any personnel except within approved testing parameters.

Description: SCP-2118 is a human female, age █, with orange hair and light gray eyes. It has a scar on its right cheek, 9cm long, in the shape of an open parenthesis. SCP-2118 claims it received the scar several years ago when it was struck by a stranger on the street, but is reluctant to elaborate further.

SCP-2118 communicates primarily through American Sign Language and occasionally through writing, though it is capable of producing coherent speech.

The anomalous properties of SCP-2118 manifest when it is exposed to a parent who has, at some point in their life, dealt with the death of their child. In these instances SCP-2118 begins to speak in a voice inconsistent with what its own should sound like, instead reflecting the age and gender of the aforementioned deceased child (hereafter referred to as SCP-2118-01) at time of death. SCP-2118 is aware of its speech and vocal patterns as well as the psychological distress they cause the parent, signing various apologies and platitudes even as it continues speaking. Testing has indicated that SCP-2118-01 must have been prepubescent under the age of 18 at time of death. (Further testing indicated it is not the biological age, but the legal age, by which SCP-2118-01 defines a ''child''.)

Typically the words and sounds SCP-2118 mimics are consistent with the final words/sounds of SCP-2118-01. It is uncertain, at this point, how SCP-2118 accurately mimics the sounds of drowning, asphyxiation, or the formation of blisters in the throat cavity. Of note is that SCP-2118''s face maintains a look of contrition while said sounds are being mimicked, despite the occasionally violent nature of SCP-2118-01''s death.

Interview 2118-01:

Interviewed: SCP-2118, Dr. Danvers translating

Interviewer: Drs. Lavoie and Wu

Foreword: Initial interview from Dr. Lavoie, psychologist, and Dr. Wu, SCP-2118''s primary researcher. All signed statements from SCP-2118 will be in brackets.

<Begin Log>

Dr. Lavoie: Good morning, SCP-2118.

SCP-2118: [That''s not my name. My name is █████.]

Dr. Lavoie: For all intents and purposes, you are now SCP-2118. Do you understand where you are?

SCP-2118: [Some kind of science lab.]

Dr. Lavoie: Yes. Do you understand why you''re here?

SCP-2118: [I did something bad.]

Dr. Lavoie: Why do you think you did something bad?

SCP-2118: [Because whenever I talk, people get mad. Is this because of the lady who hit me with her purse? I''m sorry. Can I go home?]

Dr. Wu: Get on with it, Lavoie.

Dr. Lavoie: Yes, all right. SCP-2118, this is your home now. We''re here to study you and see why it makes people angry when you talk.

SCP-2118: [It''s because I sound like their baby.]

Dr. Lavoie: I''m sorry?

SCP-2118: [That''s what my mom said. When I talk I sound like their baby, and that makes them sad and angry. I''m sorry. I don''t mean it.]

Dr. Lavoie: SCP—

SCP-2118: [I glued my mouth shut once but I had to go to the hospital when it wouldn''t come back open. Do you guys have glue? Special glue?]

Dr. Lavoie: We''re not going to glue your mouth shut.

SCP-2118: [Did I make you mad? I''m sorry. Please don''t stop talking to me.]

Dr. Wu: Can we stop there?

<End Log>

Interview 2118-09:

Interviewed: SCP-2118, Ms. ████████ translating

Interviewer: Drs. Lavoie and Wu

Foreword: Interview with D-3498, a 27-year-old caucasian male convicted of the second-degree murder of his wife and three-year-old daughter. All signed statements from SCP-2118 will be in brackets.

<Begin Log>

<D-3498 enters; SCP-2118 begins trembling as D-3498 sits. SCP-2118 does not speak for 35 seconds.>

Dr. Lavoie: SCP-2118? Are you—

SCP-2118: [I''m sorry for what I''m about to do.]

<SCP-2118 abruptly begins to scream (121dB) in a high pitched voice presumably belonging to SCP-2118-01, sustained for 5 seconds.>

SCP-2118: Daddy! Daddy, help me! Daddy!

D-3498: What the fuck is this?

SCP-2118: DADDY! DADDY! [I''m sorry, I''m sorry, I don''t mean it, I''m sorry.]

<D-3498 has grown visibly distressed and stands to leave. SCP-2118''s voice cuts off and is replaced by gurgling and physical throat depressions consistent with clawing at throat for breath. D-3498 begins to fight against his restraints and, when that does not work, turns on SCP-2118.>

D-3498: Shut up, bitch! Bitch! That''s not your voice!

<D-3498 throws himself against his restraints at SCP-2118 and Agents M██████████ and C█████ are called in, removing D-3498 for termination.>

Dr. Wu: Thank you, SCP-2118. You will be returned to your cell now.

SCP-2118: Mama?

<SCP-2118''s voice has changed to that of a young boy, approximately 8 years old. Agent M██████████ has stopped assisting Agent C█████ and is instead staring at SCP-2118>

SCP-2118: Mama, I''m cold. My chest hurts. My fingers hurt, too. [Why?]

Dr. Lavoie: Can you tell me whose voice that is?

<SCP-2118 does not verbally or physically answer, instead staring at Agent M██████████.>

SCP-2118: I''m so cold, Mama. Where are you? Where did you go? Mama! [How could you?]

Dr. Wu: Get out. Get out now.

<Sounds of a small scuffle, SCP-2118 crying (25dB), a door slamming.>

<End Log>

Closing Statement: Agent M██████████ has been removed pending police investigation. -Dr. Wu

Interview 2118-12:

Interviewed: SCP-2118

Interviewer: Researcher Anselman

Foreword: Unsanctioned interview between SCP-2118 and Researcher Anselman, captured on video. Researcher Anselman is not assigned to this SCP. All signed statements from SCP-2118 will be in brackets.

<Begin Log>

<At 23:45, motion-activated security camera 72 detects Researcher Anselman approaching the glass at the front of SCP-2118''s cell. Researcher Anselman watches SCP-2118 sleep for a moment, then begins tapping on the glass. SCP-2118 remains asleep for 96 seconds, only waking when Researcher Anselman begins knocking on the glass.>

Researcher Anselman: SCP-2118? SCP-2118. Wake up.

SCP-2118: [You''re not supposed to be here.]

<SCP-2118 has begun trembling, indicative of the approach of SCP-2118-01. After 32 seconds SCP-2118 begins speaking in the voice of a post-pubescent male.>

SCP-2118: Dad? [Why are you making me do this?]

Researcher Anselman: Dewey?

SCP-2118: I''m scared, Dad.

Researcher Anselman: Don''t be. You''re manifesting in the voice of SCP-2118, she—

SCP-2118: What happens after we die?

Researcher Anselman: What?

<SCP-2118 has grown visibly distressed and angry; as she signs, her movements are less fluid and more jittery.>

SCP-2118: No, I know, but I thought you might have some ideas. What with your job and all. [Did you think you could really talk to him?]

Researcher Anselman: Dewey, you''re gone. You''re supposed to know what happens after we….

SCP-2118: It''s okay, Dad. It really is. I love you. [He''s dead. They''re all dead. I can''t be him for you. I can''t be anyone.]

<Researcher Anselman begins to cry and kneels in front of the glass, looking at the ground. SCP-2118 stands and approaches the glass, watching him.>

Researcher Anselman: I''m sorry I couldn''t help you sooner.

SCP-2118: [I hate it here! I hate it here!] Dad? Dad, I—

<Security camera 03, directed at the northwest door leading into the hallway containing SCP-2118''s cell, activates. Dr. Wu enters and, upon seeing Researcher Anselman interacting with SCP-2118, stops moving and watches. SCP-2118 begins imitating the sounds of gasping and struggling to breathe while maintaining its stare, although its expression is now more sad than angry. After 58 seconds of this, it fades and SCP-2118 quiets, still staring at Researcher Anselman.>

SCP-2118: [I can''t help you.]

<Researcher Anselman remains where he is for 3.5 minutes, then stands and walks out of view of camera 72, into view of camera 03. SCP-2118 remains where it is.>

Dr. Wu: Come on, Anselman. You know better than this.

Researcher Anselman: I know. I''m sorry.

<Dr. Wu escorts Researcher Anselman out. SCP-2118 presses its forehead against the glass, staring at where camera 03 confirms Researcher Anselman was standing. After 5 minutes of inactivity, camera 72 shuts off.>

<End Log>

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