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SCP-2135 - 91st Street Station
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View of SCP-2135 entrance from street level

Item #: SCP-2135

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: As SCP-2135 is located in a highly trafficked area, isolated containment of SCP-2135 is not feasible at this time. Instead, Foundation agents will work with the New York City Metropolitan Transportation Authority (MTA) to prevent unauthorized access to SCP-2135 by civillians. SCP-2135 is currently closed to the public and inaccessible by conventional means; as such, this is considered to be a reasonable request that does not require excessive coercion on the part of the Foundation. The interior of SCP-2135 is to be monitored via closed-circuit camera, but as it is plainly visible to civilians travelling within the New York City Subway system, Foundation personnel are discouraged from directly guarding SCP-2135''s interior.

Any incursions into SCP-2135-B are to be conducted by D-Class Personnel under the supervision of Foundation researchers; direct incursion into SCP-2135-B by researchers requires the approval of the current Region 38A (New York City/Long Island) Director. D-Class Personnel entering SCP-2135-B must adhere to the following restrictions:

  • No items manufactured after February 1959 (including clothing, recording equipment, entertainment media, etc) may be taken into SCP-2135-B.
  • When interacting with instances of SCP-2135-C, personnel must avoid using words or phrases that were not commonly used prior to 1959 (e.g. "hippie," "wicked," etc).
  • No more than 24 hours may be spent inside of SCP-2135-B.

Description: SCP-2135 is the former 91st Street Station, a station of the New York City Subway system located in Manhattan. Prior to its closure in February 1959, SCP-2135 was served by the 1 and 2 trains of the IRT Broadway - Seventh Avenue Line, bounded by the 96th Street Station to the north and the 86th Street Station to the south. SCP-2135 was closed after platform expansion on the 96th Street Station rendered it impractical to continue servicing it.

SCP-2135''s anomalous properties manifest twice a week, at unpredictable intervals. During this time, a train car (which varies by make and model, but is always a car that was in use by the New York City Subway system during or prior to 1959), hereafter SCP-2135-A, will stop at the station for approximately fifteen seconds. SCP-2135-A is only perceivable to those standing on the subway platform at the time it arrives; non-anomalous trains in service will pass through it as if it were not there, and passengers on those trains are unable to perceive SCP-2135-A''s presence as they pass through it.

Should any subject board the train during this time, they will remain in a state of transit for approximately fifteen minutes, and will be unable to exit the train. No other passengers are present onboard the train, nor is a conductor. After fifteen minutes have elapsed, the train will come to a halt, and subjects will arrive within SCP-2135-B.

SCP-2135-B is a replica of the island of Manhattan as it appeared on 1 Feb 1959. Persons, events, and buildings present in Manhattan during this time are all replicated in a nearly identical fashion within SCP-2135-B, with the following exceptions:

  • Persons present inside of Manhattan during this time are replaced by instances of SCP-2135-C (see below).
  • All written material present inside of SCP-2135-B, including advertisements, books, newspapers, etc. consist solely of the words "SAFE WORLD" repeated over and over, in capital letters. The exception to this are the signs carried by SCP-2135-C.
  • Subway stations other than the 91st Street Station are inaccessible to all subjects. Instead, an instance of SCP-2135-C guards each subway station entrance, remaining still while holding a sign with the word "SECURITY" written on it. Subjects attempting to enter these stations will be forcefully impeded from doing so by the SCP-2135-C instance.
  • Any area beyond the island of Manhattan is rendered inaccessible by a white void surrounding the entire island. Subjects attempting to leave Manhattan will be blocked by an impermeable barrier. SCP-2135-C instances leaving Manhattan will appear to vanish into the void; likewise, SCP-2135-C instances entering Manhattan appear to spontaneously emerge from it.
  • Subjects universally report perceiving SCP-2135-B as monochromatic.

SCP-2135-C are faceless humanoid entities that inhabit SCP-2135-B. SCP-2135-C instances lack eyes, noses, and mouths, but otherwise are replicas of people that were in Manhattan on 1 Feb 1959. All SCP-2135-C instances carry with them a blank white canvas board and a marker; if in a car or other vehicle, they will have one within close proximity of them. Despite their lack of facial features, SCP-2135-C instances appear capable of sight and scent, and can interact with subjects if prompted via the blank canvas boards, albeit only one or two words at a time (see inteview log below).

Should a subject enter SCP-2135-B with any items that were manufactured after February 1959, or exhibit speech patterns or another mannerisms anachronistic to the period upon exiting the 91st Street Station, SCP-2135-C instances will stop in place and continuously "stare" at the subject until they leave. While SCP-2135-C instances do not exhibit any hostile intent, subjects will generally express a strong desire to leave if SCP-2135-C instances enter this state, citing discomfort and unease. Subjects may leave SCP-2135-B by returning down the 91st Street Station entrance; SCP-2135-A will appear within ten minutes and will return the subject to baseline reality.

After twenty four hours have passed within SCP-2135-B1, the 91st Street Station will be closed, and subjects will be unable to leave SCP-2135-B. [REDACTED] although said reports remain unconfirmed, and the similarities may be superficial or coincidental.

Date: 23 Aug 2007 (baseline time)

Test Subject: D-3425 (29 years old; Caucasian female)

Equipment Outfitted: Handheld audio recorder, c. 1956; period-appropriate clothing; notepad and two (2) pencils, both manufactured c. 1958.

Notes: To avoid shocking or upsetting D-3425 (thus potentially making data collection problematic), subject was informed of the nature of SCP-2135-B beforehand. Subject is instructed to find nearest SCP-2135-C instance and engage it in conversation, taking care to avoid using contemporary jargon, and transcribe the responses produced via the canvas board. Subject was given a list of pre-approved questions, but was given permission to deviate from this list if necessary.

[D-3425 exits 91st Street Station into SCP-2135-B. After several moments, she approaches an instance of SCP-2135-C resembling a caucasian female in her mid to late 30s.]

D-3425: Umm, hello?

SCP-2135-C Instance [via canvas board and marker]: QUERY?2

D-3425: What exactly is this place?

SCP-2135-C Instance: SAFE WORLD.

D-3425: Umm, OK. [flips through list of questions] Why is this place here? Who made it?


D-3425: But why did you need to be protected?

SCP-2135-C Instance: ESCAPE GONE.

D-3425: What do you mean by "escape"?

SCP-2135-C Instance: ESCAPE.

D-3425: But what are you trying to escape from, exactly?

SCP-2135-C Instance: LIGHT WORLD.

D-3425: What''s the light world?

SCP-2135-C Instance: YOUR WORLD.

D-3425: Why do you need to escape, or get into or whatever, our world?

SCP-2135-C Instance: BALANCE.

D-3425: OK…umm…why do you allow us into your world?

SCP-2135-C Instance: PRACTICE.

D-3425: Practice for what?

SCP-2135-C Instance: RESET.

[SCP-2135-C instance refuses to respond to any further queries; other instances also refuse to communicate with D-3425. D-3425 enters 91st Street Station and returns to baseline.]

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