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SCP-2231 - A Shared Identity
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Item #: SCP-2231

Object Class: Safe Neutralized

Special Containment Procedures: Revision 05/02/2014: SCP-2231-1 through -3 are to be kept on life support in the medical wing of Site 17 for an 180 day observational period. If no change in their condition is recorded the remaining instances of SCP-2231 are to be disconnected from life support and their remains disposed of. SCP-2231 no longer demonstrates any anomalous properties following the expiration of SCP-2231-4

SCP-2231-1, SCP-2231-2, and SCP-2231-3 are to be housed in standard humanoid containment units in wing 3 of site 17. Subject to cooperation with Foundation containment, SCP-2231-1 through -3 are to be allowed 1 hour of communal time, under strict guard supervision, each week in the Section 3 cafeteria during off-hours.

POI-2231-1 is to be remotely monitored by Foundation personnel for any indication of anomalous activity or connection with SCP-2231.

Revision 03/07/2014: SCP-2231-4 is to be housed in standard humanoid containment in wing 8 of site 17. Under no circumstances is SCP-2231-4 to be exposed to SCP-2231-1, -2, or -3, or to be made aware of their existence or the reason for its confinement.

Description: SCP-2231 was the shared identity of three otherwise non-anomalous human beings (referred to as SCP-2231-1, -2, and -3), claiming to go by the name “Johnathan Tran”, born June 17th 1983 and currently residing in Boise Idaho.

SCP-2231-1 is a 41 year old Korean male, SCP-2231-2 is a 13 year old Nigerian female, and SCP-2231-3 is a 56 year old Pakistani female. SCP-2231-1, -2, and -3 had a comprehensive knowledge of the experiences and history of the other two instances, as well as of the supposed shared identity of SCP-2231 (SCP-2231’s purported history does not match the verifiable history of instance -1 through -3 in any way).

All instances of SCP-2231 showed a strong preference to respond to questions about their past with information pertinent to the history of SCP-2231-4, as opposed to their own physical history. Following containment of SCP-2231-1 through -3 in 2013, each instance had demonstrated notable conflation of its physical history with that of the other two instances, frequently responding to questions categorically with details of the other instance’s history as well as their own.

SCP-2231-4 is the individual Johnathan Tran. As of the present date, SCP-2231-4 has demonstrated no knowledge of or connection to SCP-2231-1 through -3.

SCP-2231-4 was formerly the individual Johnathan Tran. SCP-2231-4 was incinerated following expiration on 05/01/2014.

Addendum 2231-1: Acquisition Log

Added 10/30/2013

SCP-2231-1, -2, and -3 were identified through standard computer analytics of atypical flight patterns when SCP-2231-1 purchased airline tickets for SCP-2231-2 and -3 on one way flights to Boise Air Terminal - Gowen Field (BOI). No prior connection between the 3 instances was found in the Foundation Societal Interaction Fishbone (FSIF) experimental software and the instances were flagged for interrogation at their Chicago O''Hare International Airport (ORD) layover by onsite Foundation personnel.

The anomalous characteristics of SCP-2231 were readily apparent during the interrogation. SCP-2231-1, -2, and -3 were processed and contained without incident.

Interview 2231-3:
Interview was conducted by Researcher Patel, subject of interview was SCP-2231-1. This was the third officially recorded interview since the containment of SCP-2231-1 through -3 six days prior.

Conducted 11/02/2013

Dr. Patel: Please state your name for the record.

SCP-2231-1: Johnathan Tran.

Dr. Patel: Do you ever go by other names or aliases?

SCP-2231-1: Ah, yes, Adunola Omolade, Choi Jung-jae, and Sajida Talfah.

Dr. Patel: Do you not find it strange that you have four separate names?

SCP-2231-1: It’s not that weird, think of someone named Mary-Beth Teresa Johnson, or something.

Dr. Patel: (Makes note of subject’s lack of understanding of the previous question) And what is your citizenship?

SCP-2231-1: I’m an American sir, but I’ve got citizenship in Pakistan, South Korea, and Nigeria.

Dr. Patel: And where were you born?

SCP-2231-1: I was born in Idaho Falls.

Dr. Patel: And how was it you came by your Pakistani citizenship?

SCP-2231-1: Well, I was born in Karachi.

Dr. Patel: How is it you were born in Karachi as well as Idaho Falls?

SCP-2231-1: I was born in Karachi then Idaho Falls. Actually to be strictly technical I was born in Karachi then Seoul then Idaho Falls.

Dr. Patel: And what is your social security number?

SCP-2231-1: ███-██-████ (Refer to Addendum 2231-2 for additional information)

Dr. Patel: (Produces pictures of SCP-2231-2 and -3) And are you familiar with these two individuals?

SCP-2231-1: Is this a joke? That’s me.

For the sake of brevity the remainder of the interview is omitted. SCP-2231-1 continued to demonstrate a fundamental failure to grasp that there was anything strange about its identification with three separate bodies and four separate identities. SCP-2231-1 then proceeded to demonstrate a detailed, intimate, and consistent recollection of the personal physical histories of SCP-2231-2 and SCP-2231-3.

Interview 2231-11:
Interview was conducted by Researcher Patel, subject of interview was SCP-2231-1, -2, and -3. This is the first joint interview of all three instances since they entered containment.

Conducted 11/10/2013

Dr. Patel: Please state your name for the record.

SCP-2231-3: Johnathan Tran, and in anticipation of your next question, Adunola Omolade, Choi Jung-jae, and Sajida Talfah.

Dr. Patel: Very good. Would you please identify the number of hands you have, one at a time, holding each hand up as you count. Start with whatever hand you’d like.

(SCP-2231-2 raises their left hand as they say “one”, then SCP-2231-3 raises their right hand as SCP-2231-1 says “two”. Subject pauses briefly before proceeding in this manner to a count of six)

Dr. Patel: Now, please state how many hands you have.

SCP-2231-2: Two.

Dr. Patel: Please look to your left, and tell me what you see.

SCP-2231-1 through -3 simultaneously look to the left.

SCP-2231-3: I see the back of my head and the wall.

Dr. Patel: And one final question. Do you know where you currently are? Please be comprehensive with your response.

SCP-2231-1: 18 ██████████ Drive, Boise Idaho, and Interview room C416 of wing 3 of, well I don’t know what this building is still, somewhere in Illinois, I think. (Refer to Addendum 2231-2 for additional information)

Dr. Patel: Very good, that will be all. Officer Griggs will return you to your rooms.

SCP-2231 demonstrates significant cognitive dissonance regarding their identity. Although largely internally consistent, SCP-2231 does not appear to appreciate the fundamental fact that it is three separate individuals, and that furthermore, none of those three individuals are who it prefers to identify as. Over the course of several interviews SCP-2231 instances became considerably more adept at providing information which proved accurate about their physical history, in conjunction with the anomalous information which the subject prefers to provide.

Addendum 2231-2: POI-2231-1 Designation

Added 11/12/2013

Investigation of the personally identifying information provided by SCP-2231-1 through -3 regarding Johnathan Tran proved accurate. SCP-2231 is able to provide the current location of Johnathan Tran at all times, as well as comprehensive background information and information about Mr. Tran’s state of mind in real time.

Mr. Tran is now classified as POI-2231-1

Test 2231-1:

Conducted 01/19/2014

Purpose: To observe the effect of physical stress as it is experienced across each instance of SCP-2231, and if that response extends to POI-2231-1.

Procedure: SCP-2231-1 was exposed to the Foundation standard battery of stress eliciting stimuli including optional high threshold thermal testing. The responses of SCP-2231-2 and -3 were monitored simultaneously within their separate containment units. The response of POI-2231-1 was observed remotely by Foundation field personnel.

Results: Total time for completion of testing battery is 11 minutes 21 seconds. SCP-2231-2 and -3, both confined to their containment cells, showed significant stress responses and agitation as SCP-2231-1 undergoes the test procedure. Notable response symmetry includes pupil dilation, sweating, shivering and generalized adrenal response as the battery progressed. The only asymmetry in response occured when neither SCP-2231-2 nor -3 demonstrated muscle stretch reflex responses during portion 4A of the testing battery. Approximately 90 seconds after the cesation of testing the stress response is no longer evident in SCP-2231-2 or -3, although SCP-2231-1 followed the typical stress cesation pattern for non-anomalous humans over the next 45 minutes.

POI-2231-1 showed no reaction at any point during this experiment.

Conclusions: The mental connection between SCP-2231-1, -2, and -3 extends to include visceral experience of any physical sensation which the other instances are subject to. The mechanism by which this sensory & emotional data is integrated with the first person experience of each instance is unclear, given how each instance is capable of autonomous action (walking, talking, performing basic maintenance of life functions) completely independent of other instances.

The lack of reaction by POI-2231-1 suggests an asymmetric anomalous experiential link between the instances of SCP-2231 and POI-2231-1. The standard battery of stress eliciting stimuli is intentionally designed to elicit autonomic responses in subjects, suggesting that, if POI-2231-1 has any appreciation for the experience of SCP-2231 instances, that link is significantly muted compared to the anomalous link of the SCP instances.

Addendum 2231-3: SCP-2231-4 Designation

Added 03/07/2014

As per direction issued from the office of Research Director Ashley, POI-2231-1 has been taken into indefinite Foundation containment and classified as SCP-2231-4. The basis for this decision is the unacceptable risk to classified information (amongst other things, the existence of the Foundation and Site 17) should SCP-2231-4 be successfully concealing, or eventually develop, a symmetrical mental connection to SCP-2231-1 through -3 as they share with SCP-2231-4.

SCP-2231-4 is to be kept ignorant of the existence of SCP-2231-1 through -3. Researcher Patel will continue in his current capacity as New-Containment-Introduction (NCI) lead for SCP-2231.

Addendum 2231-4: Object Neutralization

Added 05/02/2014

SCP-2231-4 was fatally wounded by security personnel after assaulting a guard as it was escorted from interview room H203. Appropriate disciplinary actions are being considered for the offending security personnel. Review of security footage of SCP-2231-1 through -3 at the moment of expiration of SCP-2231-4 show all three instances simultaneously collapsing. Following medical examination SCP-2231-1, -2, and -3 showed a complete cessation of higher brain function, and have been moved to the medical wing of Site 17 and placed on life support.

SCP-2231 reclassified as neutralized.

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