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SCP-2242 - Technical Difficulties
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Item #: SCP-2242

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: Refinement of the next iteration of FOS1 is currently in the final stages of testing before full-scale rollout to all Foundation servers, workstations, and mobile devices. Confirmation that SCP-2242 has not migrated is still pending final determination by Technical Researcher David Rosen.1

Following the changeover, a small LAN2 of approximately twelve stations will be maintained with FOS 14.1 at Site 15 for future surveillance and potential information exchange opportunities. Additional devices may be temporarily reverted to FOS 14.1 for research purposes at other facilities with approval from staff of Security Clearance 3/2242.

In the event of future SCP-2242 manifestations outside of FOS 14.1, non-essential access to all Foundation servers will be suspended until reversion to a stable and uninfected software iteration is completed.

Until total neutralization of SCP-2242 has been confirmed, digital storage of the following on any iteration of FOS is prohibited:

  • All documents requiring Level 5 Security Clearance.
  • All documents pertaining to extradimensional communication, dislocation, and integration.
  • Personnel files which have been updated within the last 90 days.

Description: SCP-2242 is a phenomenon affecting FOS 14.13 and all records accessed using this software. No prior iterations have displayed any similar anomalous properties. SCP-2242 is currently understood to be an extradimensional connection to the intranet servers of the Foundation from an alternate timeline. To date these two instances of the Foundation3 have only been able to interact by minor footnote and bibliographic reference alterations to documents with shared intranet locations.4 Notations from baseline reality have the conventional "Footnotes" titling of the in-text and post-text citations; notations from SCP-2242-1 are labeled as "Reference" in-text and do not appear in a post-text citation block. Access to the SCP-2242-1 version of documents occurs at random intervals when attempting to access any intranet location extant within both realities, and it is understood that this effect is comparable within SCP-2242-1.

Circumstantial evidence has led to the standing hypothesis that knowledge of SCP-2242 has not become ubiquitous among all Foundation personnel in SCP-2242-1 who would have had contact with affected documentation. It is instead believed that the information has been confined to personnel within the Information Technology Department, a small group of personnel from various other departments, and at least one member of the O5 Council.

SCP-2242-1 has thus far been understood to conform to the same theories of physics as believed to govern baseline reality. Current estimates based on collected data hypothesize SCP-2242-1 to be approximately 97% identical to baseline reality; while the differences between the two timelines have resulted in some variations, all major historical events appear to be generally intact.4

Discovery: The first appearance of SCP-2242 activity was recorded on 01/13/2016, approximately forty-eight hours after the release of FOS 14.1; this has since been identified as coinciding with the release of FOS 14.11 in SCP-2242-1.5 Integration of reference notations from both realities was complete within the following twenty-four hours.

Initial theories presumed that the notations likely stemmed from a non-anomalous source, with the prevailing theory quickly becoming that of a cyber attack by an unspecified GOI. The lack of any coding on affected pages to correspond with the notations from SCP-2242-1 was discovered shortly thereafter, prompting reevaluation for potential anomalous properties. Further communication with the authors of the notations led to the current understanding of the situation. Verification of this phenomenon as authentic and anomalous was not determined until O5-7 reported receiving a communication5 from their analogue within SCP-2242-1 confirming the existence of an extradimensional information breach.

Notable Statistical Disparities Within SCP-2242-1:

Researcher''s Note: The following statistics are presented as examples of the variance recorded between baseline reality and that of SCP-2242-1. It is not to be taken as a comprehensive list. Unabridged access to full demographic statistics is limited to personnel of Level 4 Security Clearance.


  • Total global population of SCP-2242-1 is estimated at 7.1 billion, approximately 300 million fewer than baseline reality. No significant alterations to historical events have currently been identified to account for this large of a disparity.
  • Left-handed individuals are estimated to make up 14% of the population of SCP-2242-1, as opposed to the approximately 10% in baseline reality.
  • Approximately one out of every 129 individuals in one timeline has never existed in the other timeline.
    • At least 77 Foundation personnel in baseline reality have no record of employment with the Foundation in SCP-2242-1. Twenty-three of these individuals have no records of ever existing within SCP-2242-1.
    • At least 86 of SCP-2242-1''s Foundation''s personnel have no record of employment with baseline reality''s Foundation. Twenty-two of these individuals have no records of ever existing in this timeline.


  • Classification policies of the Foundation within SCP-2242-1 are significantly more cautious.
    • Fifty-one objects from our Log of Anomalous Items have been given full SCP Item classifications within SCP-2242-1. Because of this, numerical designations for dozens of entries are inconsistent between the timelines.
    • In 13 cases, Items classified as Safe by our Foundation have been designated Euclid by SCP-2242-1''s Foundation.
    • In 35 cases, Items classified as Euclid by our Foundation have been designated Keter by SCP-2242-1''s Foundation.
    • In two cases, Items classified as Safe by our Foundation have been designated Keter by SCP-2242-1''s Foundation.
  • A total of 19 Items previously undiscovered by our Foundation were identified by the records of the Foundation within SCP-2242-1.
    • Six of these Items have since been contained.
  • SCP-2242-1''s Foundation had not previously identified 28 Items within our records.
    • Ten of these Items have since been contained.

Addendum 01/29/2016: Recent reports from SCP-2242-1 confirm that the phenomenon has expanded to include additional realities.6 Preliminary communication between SCP-2242-1 and these new instances, which have been designated SCP-2242-1-(1~7), indicates that the phenomenon continues to be isolated within Foundation intranet servers across all realities. Of note is increased variation in the affected FOS iterations, which now range from version 12.5 (in SCP-2242-1-2) to version 16.1.1 (in SCP-2242-1-5). Non-essential access to FOS 14.1 has been suspended while the extent of this effect and the potential fallout scenarios are determined; reversion to FOS 13.6 is currently underway.
1. Rosen is not a Technical Researcher. Rosen will never be a Technical Researcher.
2. Does this really need explaining?
3. The affected iteration is actually 14.11 on our end.
4. Approval for simply changing our goddamn URL naming conventions so that we don''t have to deal with this anymore is pending.
5. This matches up with our timeline. Given that you guys upgraded first, we''re assuming that whatever caused this is your fault.
6. No shit.6,5,7,10,10,6,9
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