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Item #: SCP-2411

Object Class: Neutralized (formerly Safe)

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-2411 is to be kept unloaded, fitted with a custom-built lock, and secured in a low-value item storage locker at Site-30.

UPDATE: Following its neutralization, record of SCP-2411, including its testing log, is to be maintained in the event that anomalous objects with similar or identical properties are discovered.

Description: SCP-2411 resembles a typical ██████ Model ███ snub-nosed revolver. It can be loaded, unloaded, fired, disassembled, and reassembled as normal. The only physical alteration from a standard model is the phrase “FOR INTERNAL USE ONLY” inscribed where a serial number would usually be. It appears to have the anomalous property of causing the instantaneous death of multiple subjects. The means of triggering this anomalous property or determining its targets are unknown.

SCP-2411 was recovered following a homicide investigation in [REDACTED] where four employees of a small insurance company were found dead of gunshot wounds to the forehead. The fifth and final employee was found dead at their home in what appeared to be a suicide unrelated to firearms. Police found writings at this employee's home indicating homicidal intent towards their coworkers, making him the initial suspect in their investigation, but they were unable to place the fifth employee at the scene of the crime. They also were unable to find witnesses who had seen or heard the shooting in a busy part of town in broad daylight or explain the perfectly identical fatal injuries with no physical traces such as casings or bullets. Local investigators appealed for help from federal authorities, which led to Foundation involvement and the recovery of SCP-2411 from the home of the fifth employee.

Testing with SCP-2411 has been unable to replicate the effects. Due to concerns that it could come into the possession of an entity capable of re-activating its anomalous properties, SCP-2411 was disassembled and its material components were individually destroyed on [REDACTED]. SCP-2411 is now considered neutralized.

By Site Director command [REDACTED], the testing log for SCP-2411 is restricted to Security Level 4 personnel and above only.

Item #: SCP-2411

Object Class: Neutralized (formerly Keter)

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-2411 is to be locked inside a secure, opaque container and placed in a high-value item storage room at Site-30. This room is accessible only by the Site Director when accompanied by at least two other Level 4 personnel. The custom-built lock on SCP-2411 is not to be removed without approval from Level 5 personnel. Foundation personnel are not permitted to directly handle SCP-2411 under any circumstances. Two guards are to be posted outside of the storage room at all times. Under no circumstances are researchers or legal counsel who have participated in experiments with SCP-2411 and are aware of its properties to be allowed access to Site-30.

Description: SCP-2411 resembles a typical ██████ Model ███ snub-nosed revolver. The only physical alteration from a standard model is the phrase “FOR INTERNAL USE ONLY” inscribed where a serial number would usually be.

When a person who is employed by a company or organization (henceforth the “user”) places the end of SCP-2411 in their mouth and pulls the trigger, it results in the instantaneous death of all other employees of the company or organization to which they belong. The cause of death appears to be a gunshot wound to a forehead, though no cause of this injury can be found. SCP-2411 can be unloaded and still produce this effect, meaning it does not necessarily kill the user.

Implications of SCP-2411's anomalous properties were not understood at the time of its recovery. Standard testing with D-class personnel was being considered before the Ethics Committee flagged testing with SCP-2411 for review by the Foundation’s legal department. The legal department determined that D-class personnel, for purposes of SCP-2411's hypothesized effects, were to be considered employees of the Foundation. Accordingly, if testing had proceeded with a D-class personnel using SCP-2411 as intended, it likely would have resulted in the instantaneous death of all persons currently employed by the Foundation.

Emergency testing was conducted with prison inmates from the [REDACTED] Correctional Facility who were not granted D-class status. Representatives from the Foundation’s legal department joined researchers to provide legally valid employment contracts, certificates of incorporation, and other forms of documentation as needed. The following observations were made:

  • SCP-2411 has no effect when the user is an unemployed person.
  • SCP-2411 has no effect when fitted with a custom-built lock that would impede the normal function of a firearm.
  • If a corporation was legally dissolved, SCP-2411 would have no effect when used by any former employees.
  • SCP-2411 may affect sole proprietorships, partnerships, corporations, not-for-profits, charitable or religious organizations, and governments.
  • Verbal contracts were recognized as valid by SCP-2411.
  • SCP-2411 has no effect if an employed user resigns, quits, retires, or is fired from their position before pulling the trigger. Verbal indication of termination of contract from either the employee or their employer is sufficient to avoid the lethal effect.
  • SCP-2411 must be in a user’s mouth to produce its effect. Researchers opted not to explore the potential of its function when the item is in any other orifice.
  • A user who is an entry-level employee can cause the deaths of upper management and vice versa.
  • Payment is not necessary to qualify as an employee, but unpaid interns are not subject to the effect of SCP-2411 .
  • Legal counsel drafted a charter document for “The Procure, Certain, and Suspect Foundation,” which included a provision allowing for the conscription of “Class Z” personnel. When used by a “Class Z” personnel, all members of the PCS Foundation were affected, including overseeing members of the “Uh-5” council. This appears to confirm the hypothesis about the dangers of testing SCP-2411 with D Class personnel.
  • One user was a long-time member of the [REDACTED] gang, a white supremacist organization active in and out of several prisons in [REDACTED] state. The sudden deaths of all members of the gang, an estimated ███ people, was explained by a disinformation campaign as a high-precision operation orchestrated by a rival gang. This is the highest number of known victims of a single use of SCP-2411.
  • A user who was acting as a “mole” would harm the organization they had infiltrated, but not the one which assigned them that mission. In other words, if the user retained a secret loyalty to Company A, but was technically employed by Company B, their use of SCP-2411 would cause the deaths of Company B’s personnel.

This is just one of the reasons we have an Ethics Committee checking our work, people. You can’t go blindly testing things on D-class and think it’s never going to bite you in the ass. If one of them had used this…well, I’d hate to think of a world without a Foundation. Just imagine if this fell into the hands of a depressed government employee. Or, hell, some fry cook at █████████. Given the only way to guarantee our safety seems to be making us all unpaid interns, I’m submitting a request to decommission this thing as soon as possible.

There was some debate regarding proper object classification for SCP-2411. While the object itself poses no apparent risk of containment breach, which would meet the definition of "Safe," some staff members argued the threat it posed to the Foundation's existence meant research into neutralization was imperative, a course of action usually reserved for "Keter" objects. Dr. [REDACTED], lead researcher on SCP-2411, requested that the basic containment procedures be fabricated to prevent widespread organizational knowledge of the item’s anomalous effects. Site Director [REDACTED] approved this request on [REDACTED] and classified SCP-2411 as a Keter-class object, pending neutralization.

A request to decommission SCP-2411 was submitted to the O-5 council on [REDACTED]. The council unanimously voted to decommission SCP-2411 on [REDACTED]. Decommissioning was carried out on [REDACTED] and SCP-2411 is now considered neutralized. Transcripts of O-5 deliberations are available to one person of security clearance level 5 overseeing of the region containing Site-30 only.

First of all, let me say congratulations on your promotion to Senior Staff. You hold a special position of trust in recognition of your unfaltering loyalty and commitment to the Foundation. At the same time, you’ve proven yourself intelligent enough to understand that we’ve had to keep some things hidden from our own personnel - as such, I expect you know where this is going.

SCP-2411 was not decommissioned. It’s been hidden away some place where no one person knows exactly how to reach it, but it’s under the control of the O5 council. This was far from a unanimous decision. In fact, I voted against it, but here we are.

There may soon come a time when an organization threatens the Foundation, the planet, or baseline reality to a degree beyond anything we’ve seen before. I apologize that I cannot be more specific, but you will understand when the moment arrives. You will betray the Foundation and offer your services to them. As Senior Staff, you will have a wealth of information that they can put to use. All you ask in return is a guarantee of your safety and payment for your cooperation…preferably something in writing. A contract, if you will.

Once we know that you have become one of them - and made sure to terminate your employment with the Foundation - SCP-2411 will be delivered to you. We trust you will know what to do.

At this point, you have surely noticed that every prior level of documentation has contained fabrications to minimize the risk produced by this object's existence. Perhaps you believe, with good reason, that you're still not being told the full story. Maybe you don't buy idea that the object would leave its user unharmed. Perhaps that's just something we included at the lower levels to ensure that you do not hesitate out of a misplaced sense of self-preservation when we need you to pull the trigger. It may be the case that nothing I can say will convince you that you will survive if you use SCP-2411. Regardless, I hope that it is a risk you would be willing to take if the Foundation's existence depended on you.

We don’t get many trump cards. I suppose it would have been a shame to throw this one away.

- O5-11.

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