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While it is unclear how SCP-2433 operates, it is hypothesized that this file may possibly qualify as an instance of SCP-2433-1; this file is to be treated like an instance of SCP-2433-1 as a precaution. Printed versions of this file are believed to be safe, and is available to all personnel with sufficient clearance. All edits to this file are recorded and sent to RAISA as precaution.

— Maria Jones, Director, RAISA


SCP-2433 (BRI of 0)

Item #: SCP-2433

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: All identified copies of SCP-2433-1 are currently saved on a designated hard drive found in Wing C on Site-17. Each saved instance of SCP-2433-1 should be accompanied by a text file detailing recovered site, estimated people affected, and other relevant information, including discovery location, estimated exposure, and calculated BRI. Testing regarding SCP-2433 is open to all Site-17 staff with Security Clearance 2 or higher, as long as the experiment does not involve the usage of an Internet connection; all testing conducted that seek to use the Internet in any setting require the permission of Site Director Putnam. SCP-2433-1 instances created for the sake of testing must be recorded.

Foundation web crawlers in tandem with image recognition software are to search for images that bear similarities to SCP-2433. Facial recognition software is not to be used as previous protocol revealed large amounts of false-positives. Confirmed instances of SCP-2433-1 need to be removed immediately from public view if possible. Site Director Putnam should be notified if an instance is calculated to have a BRI of higher than 40.

Currently, there are 73 confirmed instances of SCP-2433-1; the associated MD5 hashes of these images are grounds for instant removal of the image. Social media websites and image sharing sites such as Facebook, Reddit, Tumblr, 4chan, Twitter, and Pinterest are given priority due to the large userbase and potential accumulation of SCP-2433-μ events.

Members of MTF Lambda-84 ("Sample Text") have joined the security detail of the United States Senate as well as the city of Burlington to monitor for any increase of SCP-2433-μ events, as well as collection of μ-A instances if possible. Due to the large amount of μ-A instances collected each day, as well as its non-anomalous properties, MTF Lambda-84 has been given permission to dispose μ-A instances at their own discretion unless otherwise notified.

As per request of Foundation Records and Information Security Administration (RAISA), it is strictly forbidden to download this file, as precaution against this file possibly being considered an instance of SCP-2433-1.


SCP-2433-1-53, a highly elaborate example of SCP-2433-1 that may display common motifs of the "vaporwave" subculture (BRI of 63.8)

Description: SCP-2433 is an image of Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders giving a speech, taken around August 2015 during a campaign event in Florida.

SCP-2433-1 are a collection of images that are altered forms of SCP-2433 through conventional image editing software. Testing has shown that the primary effect of SCP-2433 persists no matter the degree of alteration or the amount it resembles the original image. The majority of SCP-2433-1 instances (52 instances, or 71% of all current confirmed instance) are merely watermarked, resized, or filtered instances of other SCP-2433-1 instances, however, several are believed to have originated from the same origin as the anomalous qualities of SCP-2433.

Testing has confirmed that the images yield no anomalous memetic qualities when viewed. The primary anomalous effect occurs when the image is shared, discussed or otherwise interacted with online, triggering a SCP-2433-μ event. Simply viewing a SCP-2433 or SCP-2433-1 instance does not trigger a SCP-2433-μ event, and show no anomalous qualities when printed or taken offline. "Interaction" has been confirmed to include:

  • Indicating interest or other feelings, such as "liking" on Facebook, Tumblr and Twitter
  • Sharing with others, such as forwarding through email or retweeting on Twitter
  • Downloading and reuploading
  • Leaving a comment or post about the image; referencing the image without the image being present on the website does not seem to trigger a SCP-2433-μ event

SCP-2433-1-09, an early example that may have come from the same source as the anomalous properties of SCP-2433 (BRI of 23.9)

When an SCP-2433-μ event occurs, American quarters (designated as item μ-A) materialize in a 50 meter radius around Senator Sanders. No instance of μ-A has been observed to materialize in solid or liquid matter. Based on material, year minted, scratches, general wear and tear, as well as trace amount of biological matter from fingerprints left on μ-A instances indicate that the origin of the coin is different each time, likely from random sources across the United States each time a SCP-2433-μ event occurs.

When SCP-2433-μ events occur due to the unaltered SCP-2433, μ-A instances materialize in close proximity to Senator Sanders, and usually on surfaces such as tabletops and desk drawers, and may be within visual range of Senator Sanders.1 However, the degree of alteration present in SCP-2433-1 increases the possible furthest point of manifestation and becomes less predicable as the Balkin Resemblance Index (BRI) increases.2

The base BRI has been defined to be 0 for the original SCP-2433 only in the context of this report and related research. It is hypothesized that a maximum BRI to which would trigger SCP-2433-μ events exist; however, testing is inconclusive to the maximum value of BRI3, as it is also hypothesized that the manifestation field would increase with BRI.

Currently, SCP-2433-μ events average at 14 manifestations every hour; before containment procedures were put in place, it was estimated to average at 90 manifestations every hour. The amount of manifestations increases from 1600 hours to 2400 hours EST, then gradually slow down. Manifestation amounts also increases usually on weekends.

Senator Sanders has displayed no knowledge or control over SCP-2433 and SCP-2433-μ events.

Addendum 2433-A: The origins of SCP-2433 was unclear until a raid on the headquarters of GoI-5869 on 11/16/16. No persons of interest have been found.

kkrule: anyone wanna talk politics
TrainerDP: no
talman_corvett: no
opossum: no
harmpit: no
kkrule: :(
kkrule: anyone like bernie
talman_corvett: no
lesbian_gengar: yes
DonDeLillo: I like him
tiedyeduck: he's ok I guess
bones: Who are we talking about?
opossum: not a fan of him
opossum: I have great contempt for anti-establishment candidates no matter their political leanings and Sanders does not seem to have run any of his plans past anyone who got a passing grade in a high school economics class
tiedyeduck: shut up opossum
DonDeLillo: I like him
DonDeLillo: I know @hetcopogg does too
kkrule: I was at a rally yesterday and i want him to win
hetcopogg: I do like him but I'm not going to go crazy for him
kkrule: even got to shake his hand and take a pic with him
DonDeLillo: I'm really quite impressed at how far he has gone
DonDeLillo: kkrule: pics
kkrule: it's on my facebook4

kkrule: guys
kkrule: I have an idea how to help bernie get more supprot
kkrule: *support
kkrule: http://i.imgur.com/█████5
kkrule: guys I made this
kkrule: what do you guys think
harmpit: lol
lesbian_gengar: lol
opossum: it's just a photoshop and not even a good one
opossum: what's so funny
opossum: I hate memes so much
kkrule: :(
TrainerDP: kek
DonDeLillo: kkrule: was it you that posted that on /r/██████6 earlier today
kkrule: yeah why
kkrule: I think that's the funniest bernie thing I've made
kkrule: trying to get him to win
DonDeLillo: Do you know what it means to force a meme kkrule
tiedyeduck: ehh
lesbian_gengar: it's pretty funny but it's not that amazing
opossum: it would be way funnier if you didn't come in and post some """"""funny"""""" bernie picture EVERY SINGLE DAY
kkrule: :(
kkrule: DonDeLillo: no what does that mean
DonDeLillo: Have you seen that picture of Steve Buscemi holding two skateboards?
DonDeLillo: You're him right now
polaricecraps: reddit likes shitty jokes? not surprised tbh
talman_corvett: he's not gonna win
kkrule: why do you say that talman
talman_corvett: politics is money and he isn't going to beat wall street donations
talman_corvett: he has no advantage anywhere
tiedyeduck: talman_corvett: he is winning in memes
talman_corvett: yeah like that's gonna help

kkrule: guys can you reblog this please
kkrule: http://████████.tumblr.com/post/███████████/kkrulezzz-kkrulezzz-kkrulezzz-bernie-sanders-masterpost-funny7
opossum: no fuck off
lesbian_gengar: can you stop
kkrule: :(
TrainerDP: I like them
polaricecraps: ew tumblr
lesbian_gengar: it stopped being funny a long time ago
lesbian_gengar: and you're really bad at making these
kkrule: http://boards.4chan.org/pol/thread/█████████████8
kkrule: I didn't make those btw
polaricecraps: ew pol
DonDeLillo: kkrule: it's been weeks, why are you so obsessed with these
DonDeLillo: it's not even that funny
DonDeLillo: Do you even think it's doing anything meaningful to him?
DonDeLillo: what the fuck does a fucking QUARTER do to help him?????
DonDeLillo: someone fucking died last week in michigan because one appeared in his lungs you dumbass
DonDeLillo: why are you even in here? who the fuck are you seriously
DonDeLillo: fuck you
kkrule: :(
kkrule: i just want to help bernie win

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