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Item #: SCP-2520

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: The two components of SCP-2520 are to be kept in a standard inanimate object containment locker on Site-24. Any experimentation with SCP-2520 requires the approval of three or more Senior Researchers assigned to the site. Any instances of SCP-2520-1 produced during testing are to be terminated at the conclusion of testing.

Description: SCP-2520 is a pair of child-size mittens1 made of spun pink wool. Chemical testing has deemed this wool non-anomalous in itself, displaying qualities similar to natural wool. They possess multiple anomalous properties which seem to be inherently linked, all of which are activated when both mittens are worn by the same person in an outdoor environment.

The first of these properties is that, when activated, the mittens cause rapid alterations to local weather patterns, such that snowfall occurs in the immediate area (minimum observed range: 300 meters) within no more than 24 hours. This has been replicated in environments which are extremely non-conducive to snow, such as equatorial islands at midsummer.

As well, the wearer of SCP-2520 will manifest a significantly elevated mood, characterized by increases in playfulness, whimsy, and euphoria, lasting for several days. Wearers will also express an increased desire to "play in the snow"; however, the extent to which this is anomalous (as opposed to a normal aspect of human psychology) remains to be determined. The subject affected by SCP-2520 has not been seen to feel any temperature drops from the snow they produce.

Periodically during activation periods of SCP-2520, any and all coherently formed snow masses will animate, demonstrating mobility and activity. All masses animated by the anomalous properties of SCP-2520 are hereby designated as SCP-2520-1. Instances of SCP-2520-1 tend to be similar in body shape to the subject, with common examples being similar to friends, family or researchers assigned to SCP-2520. These entities are capable of free movement, despite many having no visible appendages to move with, instead shuffling.

Instances of SCP-2520-1 have been described as "playful" and "clumsy" by witnesses, and appear to be unable to gauge their own physical capabilities. Most instances of SCP-2520-1 are noticeably single-minded, and attempt to engage in friendly, play-like activities with any surrounding organisms or fellow instances of SCP-2520-1. All instances of SCP-2520-1 are oblivious to physical injuries or pain caused to an organism.

In approximately 15% of instances of SCP-2520-1, studies have detected a much higher level of intelligence and self-awareness than a typical instance. Designated SCP-2520-2, these specimens are capable of physical interaction through speech. All instances of SCP-2520-2 are reported to share the same personality, and have retained knowledge previously imparted from previous incarnations.

Interviewed: Instance of SCP-2520-2
Interviewer: Dr. Libson, SCP-2520 Project Head

Dr. Libson: Greetings from the Foundation, SCP-2520-2. Would you prefer to be called something else, or is our designation acceptable?

SCP-2520-2: It's a pleasure to meet you, friend! You can call me whatever you like!

Dr. Libson: Very well, SCP-2520-2 it is. May I ask you some questions?

SCP-2520-2: Of course!

Dr. Libson: Our analysis shows that you are composed entirely of snow. How is it that you are able to move around and interact?

SCP-2520-2: Why, what an odd question! I suppose I've never really thought about it, though. I'm sorry to say, I don't quite know. Are there any other questions I can answer?

Dr. Libson: What exactly is your… purpose?

SCP-2520-2: That's easy! To play! When someone is lonely, they make me! Then we play until they get bored, and I go away!

Dr. Libson: Go away? Where are you when you aren't here?

SCP-2520-2: Back to the snow, until someone wants to play again!

Dr. Libson: Several people involved in your… play sessions… have suffered severe injuries. In our latest attempt, an instance of SCP-2520-2 ripped off our subject's arm. Can you enlighten us on this event?

SCP-2520-2: Oh, I'm terribly sorry! I thought you could just put it back!

Dr. Libson: Put it back? What causes you to think this?

SCP-2520-2: Everybody loves to tear off my body parts, and they love it when I put them back! I was under the assumption that if you loved it so much, I could perform my trick on you too! That won't happen again.

Dr. Libson: I see. Thank you for your time.

SCP-2520-2: That was a lot of fun! We should play together again sometime! Goodbye!

Shortly after this interview, the interviewed instance of SCP-2520-2 was terminated by exposure to heating systems. A subject under the effects of SCP-2520 was instructed to create a new instance to test the theory of a single consciousness uniting all instances of SCP-2520-2. After one hour, a new instance of SCP-2520-2 was animated and sent to communicate with Dr. Libson via two-way intercom.

Dr. Libson: SCP-2520-2, can you hear me?

SCP-2520-2: Yes, I can! It's so good to see you again!

Dr. Libson: Again?

SCP-2520-2: Of course! We talked just a while ago! Is this another play session?

The interview was terminated after a short time. It is presumed that all instances of SCP-2520-2 share a single consciousness, hereby designated SCP-2520-3. Following the interviews above, no further injuries have been sustained during interactions with instances of SCP-2520-2.

SCP-2520 was first discovered in [REDACTED], Florida, after strange weather patterns were noted and investigated by the Foundation. The sudden cold shifts were eventually pinned down to a small forest, where SCP-2520 was retrieved by MTF-Epsilon-5 ("Sled Dogs"). Contrary to SCP-2520's current anomalous behavior, no subject was wearing SCP-2520 at the time of recovery. Prior to containment, it is believed that SCP-2520 was able to cause snow and instances of SCP-2520-1 after the object was discarded by its previous host for reasons yet unknown to the Foundation. It has been reported that SCP-2520 was noted to feel warm, and two pairs of footprints (testing identified shoe sizes similar to those of one male adult and one female child) leading to the east of the affected area. Following these footprints has resulted in no conclusive insight into the whereabouts of the previous bearer of SCP-2520.

Addendum 2520-A
Upon initial recovery of SCP-2520, a small scrap of paper was found in a hidden pocket in the left mitten. The following is a transcript of the note:

Dear Freddie,

I know you're dealing with a lot right now. I just wanted to send you a little package to let you know I still care. Someone has to remind you that you are loved.

I was always there for you, you know. I was there when you took your first steps. I drove you to your first day at school. Some of my happiest memories are spending time in the winter with you, my niece, the only one who saw me as more than a thug.

I know that people came to take you away when your parents started fighting. I sent them. I was the one who made sure you could get to a safe place. I'm only sorry that there's no snow for us to play in there.

I wanted to give you your favorite mittens back. I even fixed them up for you after the sledding accident.

Keep your spirit free, and the mittens will keep you safe. My friends will come to your aid and take care of you, no matter where you are. And know that I'll always be there for you.
I love you. We'll be together again soon, I promise.

-Uncle Jacob

Attempts to track down POI-4769 And POI-4770 ("Freddie" and "Uncle Jacob") have met with no success.

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