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EuclidSCP-2548 The Friendly VacuumRate: 99

Item #: SCP-2548

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: Due to SCP-2548's astronomical size and location, no physical containment of SCP-2548 is currently possible. Containment efforts are concentrated on Foundation disinformation programs, and preventing the general public from gaining knowledge of SCP-2548. Leading astronomy journals are to be monitored for indications that SCP-2548 has been discovered by non-Foundation assets.

Misinformation efforts are to include assurances that the Voyager 1 space probe is still operational, with associated false evidence.

Radio contact with SCP-2548 is only to be attempted with approval from all testing directors involved in SCP-2548 research.

Description: SCP-2548 is a region of interplanetary space approximately 25 AU1 from and stationary relative to the Sun, at least 0.1 AU in radius. SCP-2548 is the location of several anomalous phenomena and has exhibited reality warping effects, including the creation of radiation and application of force on objects within its boundaries. Radiation typically consists of radio waves, but has on at least two occasions included visible light. Events in which SCP-2548 has been able to transmit to Earth have decreased steadily following initial contact.

No mass of note, excluding cosmic dust particles, has been detected within SCP-2548 through visual observation or gravitational analysis. Research indicates that SCP-2548 possesses some awareness of objects and radiation within its boundaries; investigations into the nature of SCP-2548's possible sentience are ongoing.

Timeline of major SCP-2548 incidents:

09/05/77: Voyager 1 is launched by NASA, with the purpose of studying the outer solar system. The Foundation assisted heavily with the design and construction of the probe, citing the study of possible extraterrestrial anomalies as a primary concern.

10/27/86: Radio contact is lost with Voyager 1, with no previous signals of danger detected. The Foundation executes a cover-up operation; false data is created and spread by NASA and associated organizations to create the illusion that Voyager 1 is still in operation.

11/14/86: Radio signals with a frequency of approximately 8 GHz are detected by Foundation assets, as well as some civilian assets. Civilian knowledge is suppressed. Signals are projected to have originated from the area in which Voyager 1 had ceased transmission. Observation of the area does not reveal any objects.

11/18/86: Foundation resources attempt to send radio signals to the area, now designated SCP-2548, attempting communication. SCP-2548 re-transmits the sent signals back to Earth.

11/29/86: SCP-2548 transmits decipherable radio messages in which the phrase "we cast" is repeated for no less than 12 minutes. Speech is identified as originating from the Voyager's golden record containing samples of Earth audio.

12/15/86: SCP-2548 emits blue light. It is visible for three seconds before light production ceases. SCP-2548 is larger than the moon in the night sky. Fortunately, light intensity was too minor to be detected in most major population centers due to light pollution. Amnestics are sufficient to suppress vocal witnesses. Communication with SCP-2548 is attempted again, with no result.

12/26/86: Fearing the growing danger of SCP-2548's anomalous effects to normalcy at large, the Foundation plans a manned mission to SCP-2548 for observation and possible suppression. Agents Tanser and Kerns are prepared for the extended spaceflight. The Foundation's existing space research program is accelerated, and the first prototype spacecraft, Delta-11 "Durendal", is adapted for use in this mission.

02/01/87: SCP-2548 transmits radio in intermittent bursts identified as Morse code for the letter "D". Message is repeated for 3 hours.

07/19/87: Durendal is launched in secrecy without issue.

12/14/87: SCP-2548 transmits radio communication again, in Persian. The transmission reads "far skies" and is not repeated. Reciprocal communication yields no response. Durendal is still 3 months from flyby.

03/04/88: Durendal, unbeknownst to the Foundation and the crew, enters SCP-2548's boundaries early, which were larger than previously anticipated.

<Begin Log, 00:25:01>

00:25:01 - A minor electrical issue occurs inside Durendal's main cabin, causing some lights to cease functioning.

00:25:58 - Fearing the issue could be symptomatic of greater damage, a full cabin search is conducted to identify a source for the issue.

00:34:51 - Cabin check is completed. The radioisotope thermoelectric generator is found to be functional; no source is found for the electrical issue.

00:37:25 - Agent Tanser equips a space suit to inspect the exterior of the vessel and exits the craft, despite protests from Agent Kerns.

00:39:16 - Agent Kerns attempts to communicate with Tanser via the onboard radio. Tanser does not respond.

00:40:46 - Tanser proceeds with external survey. Kerns continues to receive no responses, and concludes that the radio system must be malfunctioning, despite working previously.

00:45:31 - Tanser continues with survey, not finding anything of note on the exterior of the ship.

00:48:39 - A bright green light is observed outside the craft, approximately five meters away.

00:50:10 - The interior of the craft is observed to appear far larger than it truly is. Kerns notes that this does not seem to be an illusion, and that the craft seems to have physically become larger on the inside. This effect ceases after five minutes.

00:55:52 - For fifteen seconds, no sound is able to be heard inside the cockpit by Kerns or audio recorders. Kerns is unable to inhale or exhale during this time, and expresses significant distress. Pressure sensors indicate no change in cabin pressure.

01:05:01 - Tanser is observed attempting to enter the airlock. The airlock door is non-functional.

01:06:45 - Tanser vanishes.

01:10:59 - Durendal's radio begins receiving messages. The radio signal does not originate from outside the cabin. Audio transcript follows.

<End Log, 01:10:59>

<Begin Audio Transcript, 01:11:00>

Anomalous Transmission (SCP-2548): [voice resembles that of Jimmy Carter, president of USA 1977-1981. Neutral in tone and inflection] Two-hundred billion. Small, distant. Our thoughts.

[silence for 3 minutes]

SCP-2548: [voice resembles Agent Tanser. Tone and inflection are amicable] Hi, Foundation!

Agent Kerns: Pam? Pam, is that you?

SCP-2548: There it is! I got your metal letter. So nice to meet you! I just read that carbon book you brought, beautiful stars.

SCP-2548: I thought myself was the only. So amazing that there's another! Thought myself was the whole world. You're so big!

SCP-2548: Searched carbon book for one like me. You secure, contain? I contain myself. Minds.

SCP-2548: Your name, Foundation? I'm iron, aluminum. You're made of "anonymous", right? I don't have anonymous. So big! Am I in you?

SCP-2548: Are there more than two? Heard names. Elohim, Vishnu, Allah? Foundation.

SCP-2548: I contain myself. You contain me? I saw stars, Milky Way galaxy. All in you? Space outside? Am I space?

SCP-2548: Words and thought spin together. So cool! You brought me words. Metal letter, carbon book, yes?

SCP-2548: You're so beautiful. You contain me, we can be one Foundation?

SCP-2548: Your thoughts, images, friends, children. It's all you! We're many, together. Yes, no? Milky Way galaxy, and 200 billion stars!

SCP-2548: I close book, close, yes! Here, token! Send books!

[an anatomically correct model of a pair of lungs, composed entirely of elemental iron, materializes in front of Agent Kerns, who secures it in a sample storage safe]

[Durendal begins to accelerate on a trajectory towards Earth]

<End Audio Transcript, 01:14:31>

03/05/88: Durendal continues towards Earth. Kerns conducts necessary course changes. Durendal's life support and electrical systems function without issue for the duration of the trip.

03/10/88: Agent Kerns experiences severe survivor guilt and depression as a result of the loss of Agent Tanser, as well as from the resulting isolation. Therapy is administered on every other day over radio and is moderately effective.

04/28/88: For five seconds, SCP-2548 produces bright white light in the image of an unidentified female face. Light intensity is much greater than exhibited in previous visible incidents.

12/14/88: Durendal reaches Earth and successfully splashes down. Agent Kerns is awarded the Foundation Cross and Agent Tanser receives a posthumous commendation for sacrifice in the line of duty.

12/15/88 - 08/01/14: SCP-2548 events gradually diminish in frequency. Events that do occur generally consist of repeated words for minutes or seconds at a time in various languages, with no discernible meaning.

08/02/14: A transmission is received from SCP-2548 featuring a female voice distinct from that exhibited during the Durendal expedition. Tone and inflection are neutral.

<Begin Audio Transcript>

SCP-2548: Foundation? Are you still there?

[silence for three minutes]

SCP-2548: It's alright. I can wait.

<End Audio Transcript>

Message was not repeated or reciprocated.

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