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Item #: SCP-2559

Object Class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures: Access to any documentation or knowledge about SCP-2559 is to be provided only with the express permission of Biological Research Area 91's Site Director or two members of the O5 Council. Individuals accessing this document must consent to any containment procedures deemed necessary by the Site Director, including (but not limited to) internment for a minimum of 9 days and testing of blood and cerebrospinal fluid at any time after first reading.

Instances of SCP-2559-1 are to be contained at Biological Research Area 91 in standard humanoid containment cells. Instances are to be kept alive by any means, following Procedure 555-Vineyard. On-site staff are required to report any unusually coloured patches of skin, rashes or joint pain. Staff are also required to submit regular blood samples to pathology, with no more than five days between each sample. Failure to meet this deadline, or attempting to cheat any medical test, is grounds for immediate demotion and cautionary internment in accordance with site quarantine procedures.

A containment team, MTF-Upsilon-4 ("Sugar Pill") is to be maintained and dispatched immediately to any suspected breakouts of SCP-2559. υ-4 is to be trained in relevant antimemetic and biohazard containment procedures and the current Commander briefed on the nature of SCP-2559 before dispatch. Following containment, all surviving members of υ-4 are to be treated with amnestics and tests on cerebrospinal fluid performed after a four-day containment period. Members of υ-4 are not under any circumstances to retain memories of the nature of SCP-2559, past missions or inactive teammates.Any deemed infected are to be reclassed as an instance of SCP-2559-1 and brought to Biological Research Area 91 for containment (- Those infected in the line of duty are to be terminated unless the number of infected in Biological Research Area 91 has dropped below critical levels - Ethics Committee).

Description: SCP-2559 is a fatal viral infection and cognitohazard: Individuals believing themselves to have been infected by SCP-2559 will in all cases actually become infected. These individuals are reclassified SCP-2559-1. No non-anomalous transmission method of SCP-2559 is known.

SCP-2559 virions can be found in the blood within the first two days of infection, and in the cerebrospinal fluid within the first five hours hours of infection. Autopsy of the recently deceased indicates that the virions are produced along with new cerebrospinal fluid in the choroid plexuses.

Common symptoms resembling a non-anomalous infection include:

  • Increased intracranial pressure (hydrocephaly) leading to tunnel vision and convulsive episodes. In extreme cases, can cause mental disability, stroke and death.
  • Restriction of blood supply to various organs/tissues (ischemia) leading to tissue necrosis and gangrene. Extreme cases can cause strokes.
  • Extreme negative reactions to various substances: water, food, sun, heat, cold, various medications and anaesthetics.
  • A number of pigmentation disorders, most commonly segmental vitiligo.
  • Vitiligo will often present as common segmental vitiligo, but may present instead in notable patterns (See Interview Log 2559-13)

None of these symptoms have appeared in all subjects, nor is this a full list of symptoms presented.

Infection has thus far shown a 100% mortality rate, with continuous medical treatment (following Procedure 555-Vineyard) serving to extend life expectancy from 3-4 months up to five years in ideal patients. Prior to 1995, SCP-2559 followed a predictable infection cycle, with outbreaks every 3-4 years. It has not yet been determined how or where these outbreaks begin, or if there is any pattern to the locations affected.

The first confirmed outbreak of SCP-2559 occurred in the town of Dingle, Ireland in 1928. Despite the death of 43 civilians in this instance, the outbreak was deemed non-anomalous by investigating agents until linked to a similar breakout in Siglufjörður, Iceland in 1933, where agents discovered the virus' memetic properties (See Incident Report 2559-1). Due to a number of similar traits, it is believed that a case of mass hysteria in Wellstead, Australia (now Bremer Bay) in July 1889 may be the first recorded breakout of SCP-2559.

Relevant Incidents:

Incident Report 2559-1:

On 01/12/1933, during initial containment in Siglufjörður, Iceland, three Junior Researchers were found to have been infected and redesignated SCP-2559-1. Instances placed in humanoid containment along with standard quarantine procedures. Following the return to Site-91, 12 further researchers were found to have become infected. The spread of rumours within the facility lead to rapid spread of infection among site staff. On 05/12/1933, site was placed under quarantine after testing showed more than 20% of the staff had been infected.

At 0533, 09/12/1933, Site-19's radio control room began to broadcast the following unauthorized message to Site-91:


At 0535, Site-19 security apprehended Senior Researcher Owen O'Dwyer (3-19-1025) in the radio control room and prevented him from finishing his message. Two weeks prior, Dr. O'Dwyer had gained unauthorised access to Document 2559-I-2 (Research Log, Anomaly 4475 under Investigation, November 6th 1993) and identified the infection's spread pattern as matching Memetic Spread Model M-13-55, to a four-sigma accuracy. O'Dwyer believed he could save the lives of uninfected personnel within the Site 19 quarantine by convincing them they were memetically inoculated. O'Dwyer has been put on indefinite suspension pending review by the Site-19 board.

Addendum 1: The phrase "MENDACIUM NON VERUM" has not been found in any databases to act as a memetic trigger and O'Dwyer admits to its use as a placebo. In light of this, O'Dwyer's reprimand has been reduced to a three-month suspension. Dr. Sigríður Levísdóttir (3-19-995), who provided O'Dwyer with a number of unauthorised documents, has had her employment terminated effective immediately.

Addendum 2: Following testing which confirms Dr. O'Dwyer's hypothesis and the subsequent establishment of effective containment protocols saving the lives of almost 200 researchers, O'Dwyer has been nominated for promotion to Co-Director of Site 91 upon his return to work.

As of 23/05/1950, Dr. O'Dwyer has been redesignated SCP-2559-1-74 and should be referred to as such in all documentation. Its history does not warrant a break of protocol. We know in retrospect that use of placebo memetic inoculation can do more harm than good. While SCP-2559-1-74's actions happened to be successful in this instance, it should not encourage other researchers to act similarly rashly. - 4-91-4

Incident Report 2559-36:

25/12/1995 - At 04:17, Nurse Profio (1-91-753) reports dizziness and confusion in three contained instances. At 05:07, SCP-2559-1-155 suffers major seizure and dies - stroke is later attributed to undiagnosed hydrocephaly. At 05:10, SCP-2559-1-139 and SCP-2559-1-147 also suffer fatal stroke. Dr. Rammelkamp (2-91-500) and Dr. Krynick (2-91-549) are called from their sleeping quarters to assist with treating patients as six more instances suffer stroke. Between 05:12 and 05:43, all contained instances suffer major hydrocephalic stroke. Dr. Rammelkamp and Dr. Krynick succeed in saving three instances through emergency fluid drainage procedures. At 06:55, all three living instances suffer major cardiac arrest and die.

26/12/1995 - An unscheduled outbreak occurs in Chenggong, Taiwan. MTF υ-4 perform a successful containment with 153 civilian casualties and 30 sur2559ng instances of SCP-2559-1. In light of the apparent link between unprecedented total loss of contained instances and unscheduled breakout, Procedure 555-Vineyard is proposed and implemented following review by the Ethics Council.

Incident Report 2559-40:
SCP-2559-1-395, formerly Junior Researcher Sai, was noted to have developed unusually patterned pigmentation on the back of its left hand. Instance was revived from a medical coma for interview.

Date: 29/10/2013
Interviewed: SCP-2559-1-489
Interviewer: Junior Researcher Ken Jonah (2-91-355)
Foreword: Instance suffers aphasia as a result of left-brain stroke (see Medical Report 2559-1-489-7). Dr. Nguyen, who who specialises in speech and language therapy, sits in to assist and translate.

Dr. Jonah: Good morning, SCP-2559-1-498.

SCP-2559-1-489: Eye. Eyes. My… aim. Mmmname.

SCP-2559-1-489 shakes its head

Dr. Jonah: Your name?

SCP-2559-1-489: Yuh. Eyes.

Dr. Nguyen: Its name is Vihaan Sai, Ken. It would be reasonable to use that instead of its designation, here. No use hindering communication even further.

Dr. Jonah: Right, yes. Vihaan, do you remember that you were infected with SCP-2559 in January of 2013?

SCP-2559-1-489 nods slowly

SCP-2559-1-489: I go to biro. Birus.

Dr. Jonah: Good. Thanks you. You've been, uh, sleeping since then. Big sleep.

Dr. Nguyen: Don't talk down to it, Ken. It understands what you're saying, just keep your sentence structure basic.

Dr. Jonah: Right, right. My apologies, Vihaan.

SCP-2559-1-489 gives a thumbs up gesture

SCP-2559-1-489: Ogay. It's… ogay.

Dr. Jonah produces a diagram of 489's hand markings

Dr. Jonah: Vihaan, does this diagram mean anything to you?

SCP-2559-1-149 nods enthusiastically

SCP-2559-1-489: Yah! And the… uhhh… Duck. Mnnn… duck.

SCP-2559-1-489 gestures, bringing its hands together and opening them upward

Dr. Jonah: Book? This is from a book?

SCP-2559-1-489 nods

SCP-2559-1-489: Duck. For mmmy famistry.

Dr. Jonah: Famistry?

SCP-2559-1-489: Yus. Uhh, mmno. Mmmn, ny…

SCP-2559-1-489 raises its hand, beginning to gesture to it. It notices the markings on its hand and exclaims. It attempts to stand from its wheelchair and falls to the ground


Dr. Nguyen: Are you comfortable continuing the interview, Vihaan?

489 nods

Dr. Jonah: That's wonderful, Vihaan, thank you. Could you try to tell me what you were saying before? Something about family?

SCP-2559-1-489 shakes its head, then points to its palm

SCP-2559-1-489: Mmpuh. Puh. Mmmn… famistry.

Dr. Nguyen: Palmistry?

SCP-2559-1-489 exclaims and claps

SCP-2559-1-489: Yah! Nnff… dah. Duck.

Dr. Jonah: A palmistry book?

SCP-2559-1-489 nods

SCP-2559-1-489: Going in… mmnn… desk. Reading mmn mornim. Every mor… ning.

Dr. Jonah: That's very good, Vihaan. Thank you very much.

Dr. Jonah turns to speak toward security camera

Dr. Jonah: Guys, do we have her stuff anywhere?

SCP-2559-1-489's personal effects are retrieved from Storage Locker 17 and brought to the interview room. With some assistance, SCP-2559-1-489 retrieves a copy of Basics of Palmistry, Vol. 5 (Five Towers Publishing, 2005) and opens it to page 49

SCP-2559-1-489: Say mmmn. They wuh… same.

SCP-2559-1-489 lays its hand over a diagram of a hand on page 49. Locations of important lines, symbols and areas in diagram correlate exactly to markings on SCP-2559-1-489's hand

SCP-2559-1-489: Same.

SCP-2559-1-489 begins to cry


Notes: Examination of the 12 other instances at the time revealed warping of Blaschko's lines to form patterns in 4 instances. As these patterns appear to follow the patterning of their hospital gowns, policy has been updated to include plain clothing for instances and medical personnel working in Site 91.

Shortly after receiving its thiopental injection, SCP-2559-1-489 suffered a fatal cardiac arrest. This has been attributed to stress resulting from its revival.

Incident Report 2559-41:
A breakout in Mystic, Conneticut went unnoticed for almost a month, in part due to unusually subtle initial symptoms - most citizens believed it to be the common cold. On 6/12/13, Ernie Becker, the town doctor, contacted the CDC to report a highly infectious illness with severely sudden onset of fatal symptoms, with 80-90% of the townspeople infected. Foundation watchdogs picked up the activity and MTF υ-4 were activated.

Interviewed: Samuel Barnes (MTF-υ-4-37)
Interviewer: Dr. Lloyd Quaile (3-91-102)
Time/Date: 01:00 AM, 9/12/2013

<Begin Log>

Dr. Quaile: Alright, Private, I just need to get your debrief and then I'll be out of your hair. How are you feeling? Do you need anything sent to your room?

Pvt. Barnes: No thank you, Doctor. I'd like to just get this over with. I mean, no offense, just-

Dr. Quaile: None taken. Let's start at the beginning - your landing was somewhat unusual?

Pvt. Barnes: Yeah, it was. We couldn't find anywhere within the town to land all the choppers, so Commander Steele instructed us in Chopper Three to land in the town square and work outward while the rest of them set down in a field about five klicks out, set up a perimeter. Wasn't any chain of command between us, so Steele put me in charge, I guess for previous experience. Stuff was pretty quiet when we landed. I don't remember seeing anyone around until after we'd set up the bio gear and headed out.

Dr. Quaile: Bio gear?

Pvt. Barnes: Y'know - hazmat suits, shit like that. Goddamn heavy stuff. Chief Medical told us it was only a precautionary measure, but better safe than sorry, I guess.

Dr. Quaile: Couldn't agree more, Samuel. What did you see once you did set out?

Pvt. Barnes: Stiffs, mostly. A good number of homeless folks who hadn't made it through the night. Handful of brave souls who's tried to make it through work while everyone took a sick day. I had Hide and Beef on bagging duty, so I didn't get a good look, but a lot of them looked like their necks were all swollen up.

Dr. Quaile: That's consistent with the medical report. Many instances presented with goitres this wave.

Pvt. Barnes: Goitres, yeah. Heard Hodgeson mention that, the med guy. Goy -turs. Shouldn't the S be silent?

Dr. Quaile: The debrief, Private Barnes.

Pvt. Barnes: Yessir. We, uh, we found some live ones too, once we started knocking down doors. Some of them only barely hanging on. Lots of places we found trashed - food all over the kitchens, paper covering the floors. We couldn't figure out why. Guess it makes sense now. All the quarantine pods were with the other team, so we just escorted the ones who could walk to the rendezvous point while Hodgeson and the bagging crew stretchered those who couldn't back to the town square.

Dr. Quaile: And it was on the way to the rendezvous when you noticed the library, yes?

Pvt. Barnes: Uh huh. Frogger heard it first, I think. Big commotion coming from around there. I decided we'd bring the infected to the rendezvous first, then head over. Turned out they were right beside each other, anyway. I radio'd it in and Steele gave me the all clear, since they were still about two klicks out. I left Macks and Epi to keep an eye on the infected, brought Frogger, Drip and Iggsie with me to investigate.

Barnes pauses for a moment, taking a deep breath

Pvt. Barnes: It was chaos when we went in. Must have been two, three hundred civilians there, all obviously infected. They were fighting each other over the books. Physically attacking each other. The number of bodies on the ground, not all of them died from the infection, you know?

Dr. Quaile: What were they doing with the books, once they had them?

Pvt. Barnes: Eating them. Fucking gorging themselves. Ripping out pages and shoving them in their mouths. Those who weren't fighting were grabbing scraps from the floor, chewing on discarded covers. I don't get it, doctor - we were told this infection didn't affect behaviour.

Dr. Quaile: Let's just continue with the interview, Private.

Barnes mutters something unintelligible

Pvt. Barnes: Jesus, yeah, let's get this over with.

Dr. Quaile: Let's.

Pvt. Barnes: Initially things went well, I guess. The activity seemed to be centred around a big pile of books in the middle. There was an infected, a big dude, fighting off anyone who came near. I'd say he was late twenties, early thirties. We decided to deal with the rest of the infected first, thin them out. A lot of the weaker ones we were able to just drag out. Couple required more coersion, some chloroform. Chloroform didn't work on all of them, so Frogger and I ended up restraining a lot of them. Everything went wrong when Drip had the bright idea to tell them there were more books outside. Caused a damn stampede. I got Iggsie and Drip to head outside with the horde, try to corral them toward the rendezvous. I was hoping Steele and the rest would have arrived by then, could deal with it. Frogger must have misheard because he headed out too, through a window. Fucking Frogger.

Dr. Quaile: And you were left alone, with the infected?

Pvt. Barnes: It wasn't too bad, honestly. I kept out of the way and they mostly ignored me. A couple of them asked me for help, I just told them they'd find it outside. When the dust cleared… Well, there was only one infected left to deal with. The big guy. Didn't seem like he'd even noticed the stampede. Took a swing at me when I approached, though, crossed whatever line in the sand he'd established. I decided to play it safe, tranq him before things got nasty. That went ok - I think he sprained my wrist, but small beans, really.

Barnes rubs his right wrist, takes a few moments before continuing

Pvt. Barnes: When he eventually fell, though, I heard something. Someone. Under the pile of books. I started digging, found a young woman. I'd estimate eighteen, nineteen. Obviously in distress. It looked like she'd, uh, like she'd pissed herself at some point. When she saw the big guy on the ground, she started screaming, attacked me…

Dr. Quaile: Private Ingwar - Iggsie - reported that you weren't fighting back when she found you.

Pvt. Barnes: I couldn't, doctor. I froze. She wasn't wearing much, just a nightgown, you could tell-

Dr. Quaile: Yes?

Pvt. Barnes: You could tell she was pregnant. I just couldn't.

Dr. Quaile: Your record shows you've successfully subdued pregnant women before. Mkwiro, Kenya?

Pvt. Barnes: Yeah, but this woman… I couldn't help wondering - what if it had been my wife? My kid?

Dr. Quaile: You don't have a wife or child, Private.

Pvt. Barnes: I - Right, yeah. No, of course not, just - I don't know, I guess I wasn't thinking straight. This woman, she wasn't that strong, but she managed to tackle me to the ground, get my hood off. When Iggsie came in, she had no choice but to treat me as exposed - not that I'm saying she'd have tried to cover it, or anything.

Dr. Quaile: You don't feel any resentment toward her? Feelings of betrayal?

Barnes frowns and hesitates before answering

Pvt. Barnes: It is what it is. I'd have done the same. Like I said before, better safe than sorry.

Dr. Quaile: I suppose I still agree. Would you be alright talking about your experience in quarantine?

Pvt. Barnes: Yeah, of course. You wanna hear about the markings, right?

Dr. Quaile: Yes, but tell me about quarantine first. Did you feel you were treated correctly?

Pvt. Barnes: Perfectly. Everyone followed protocol to the letter. They noticed me, obviously, but nobody panicked or tried to rush me through. Processed me like all the other infected. I went through with the same batch as the woman, though she was pretty out of it - I guess Iggsie had hit her pretty hard with the dopey gas. When they got us to strip, I noticed what I thought was a birthmark on her, uh, left breast. I didn't wanna, y'know, stare, but it definitely looked unusual. It was only when I got into the pen that I noticed another guy with the exact same mark, just left of the thingy, the sternum. It was the fucking, y'know…

Barnes makes a circle motion in the air with his finger, but does not continue

Dr. Quaile: Please tell me what you saw, in your own words.

Barnes rocks in his seat, agitated.

Dr. Quaile: Private, are you going to answer my-

Pvt. Barnes: The logo, doctor!

Barnes pulls off his hospital gown over his head. He stands and walks towards the partition pointing towards the marking on his chest. It resembles a circle with three equally spaced arrows pointed inwards.

Pvt. Barnes: Our logo! Fucking Secure Contain Protect.

Barnes punches the glass, then sits on the floor.

Dr. Quaile: I see. How many infected persons would you say had this mark?

Pvt. Barnes: All of them. Every last one.

Dr. Quaile: Interview is ended at this time.

Barnes folds his hands over his knees and remains silent for three minutes. Quaile organises his notes and places them in his briefcase. He removes his glasses, pinching the bridge of his nose. Quaile shuts off his mic, triggering hidden mics within the room to continue recording.

Dr. Quaile: Samuel… I just want to say I'm sorry about your situation. I know it's-

Pvt. Barnes: You fucking should be sorry.

Dr. Quaile: Samuel -

Pvt. Barnes: No, don't play like you're my friend. I've read the fucking file. Two-five-five-nine. Steele showed it to me, was trying to reassure me everything would be alright if I just calmed the fuck down. Didn't realise it only meant I was more fucked, that I'd been fucked from the second that girl pulled my headgear off. It's like - when you were a kid, did you ever get scared of dogs? I was terrified of them when I was growing up.

Dr. Quaile: My neighbour had a pitbull, treated it badly. I would take a longer route to school so as to avoid it barking at me.

Pvt. Barnes: Right, yeah. And I'll bet at some point a parent or teacher said the stupidest thing ever - that as long as you weren't scared of them, they wouldn't attack, because they could smell your fear. Smell your fear. What kid hears that and doesn't instantly shit their pants? That's what it's like with this thing. Who gets told you don't need to be worried about infection and doesn't immediately worry, in some small stupid corner of their mind? That's where it gets you. Those tiny background worries. It slips in through the cracks. I know we're not supposed to personify it, but… it feels intelligent, doesn't it? Prowling, poking at little fucking fishing towns and villages, letting the rest of us crumble under our own recursive insecurity. When was the last time someone just retired from this site?

There is a long silence in the room lasting almost two minutes.

Pvt. Barnes: You know, I don't remember that woman. In Mkwiro. I've never talked about that before. I have all these patches in my memory, and that mission is the biggest by far. I get flashes, sometimes, nightmares - her standing over me with my biohazard suit, pushing me into quarantine instead of the other way around. So much of that time in my life is… fuzzy. My friends on the squad said I'd changed afterward, seemed lonelier even when we were all together. I figured it was PTSD or something, my own shit to deal with. Thought that's why they transferred me to υ-4 - everyone knows we haven't had a mission in decades. Cushy detail for softies.

Barnes stands and presses his face against the partition, clenching his fists.

Pvt. Barnes: But that's not true, is it? Because I saw the file. Dozens of missions. All places I'd been with other teams. Sesimbra, Chenggong, Kaliningrad…

Dr. Quaile: Samuel, I-

Pvt. Barnes: Mkwiro.

Dr. Quaile: I promise you it was necessary, Samuel. The number of MTF members we lost before we implemented these protocols-

Pvt. Barnes: It was you. The glorious fucking Foundation. Of course it was necessary. Of course it was for the best. You think I don't realise that? It doesn't mean I can't hate you for it. Who was the woman?

Dr. Quaile: I'm so sorry, Samuel.

Pvt. Barnes: Who was the woman, Quaile?

Dr. Quaile: Medical will be through shortly with the results of your blood tests.


Addendum: Following examination of this transcript, the Amnestics Committee believes there is evidence to suggest MTF-υ-4-37 SCP-2559-1-555 was hindered in action due to improperly wiped memories of Corporal Tanya Barnes (SCP-2559-1-408). The Ethics Committee has authorised an update of amnestic procedures on MTF-υ-4 members to encapsulate romantic, sexual and paternal feelings associated with deceased teammates, effective as of 15/12/2015.

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