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Item #: SCP-2573

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-2573 is to be contained in a standard humanoid containment cell in Site 5. SCP-2573 may only be removed from its cell by level 2 personnel or higher. Subject's basic needs are to be maintained at all times to prevent the compulsion of SCP-2573-1 instances. Any instances of SCP-2573-1 that attempt to enter the facility are to be sedated immediately and brought into the facility for study. Every 48 hours, SCP-2573 must undergo personal therapy lasting anywhere between 1-3 hours.

SCP-2573's cell should be monitored at all times via security camera. Should the subject show signs of emotional instability, an approved psychologist is to be alerted immediately. If a psychologist is not available, SCP-2573 is to be sedated.

Description: SCP-2573 is a 30 year old human male of Nepali origin whose emotional state, thoughts, and needs compel the behavior of nonhuman animals (thereafter referred to as instances of SCP-2573-1) within a 1.6- 1.7 kilometer radius. This results in compelled animals attempting to meet the desires and needs of SCP-2573. Prior to its containment, SCP-2573 had reported animals giving it carcasses when hungry, grooming or cleaning it when feeling dirty, and even attacking and killing sources of its anger, fear, and discomfort (See Testing Log). SCP-2573 does not seem capable of compelling insects, arachnids, or microorganisms. Tests to see if SCP-2573 is capable of compelling sea animals are currently pending.

SCP-2573 is generally anxious and agitated to those that communicate with it and prefers to be alone with very little to no contact. The subject is adept at speaking English, Nepali, Hindi, and Tharu.

SCP-2573 suffers from depression, intermittent explosive disorder, post-traumatic stress disorder, and has been assessed to having a moderate risk for suicide.
SCP-2573 spends most of its free time practicing mental exercises that were recommended by approved therapists in order to control its emotional state.

SCP-2573 cannot seem to control its compulsion, and animals acting on a prior compulsion do not respond to changes in subject's physical and mental state that would render the animal's compulsion undesirable. Consequences have ranged from minor nuisances to fatalities. Despite acting on the subject's desires, thoughts, and needs, instances of SCP-2573-1 have not been recorded to comply with SCP-2573's suicidal or self-harming desires.

Addendum A-1: SCP-2573 agreed to be interviewed after being convinced to do so by approved therapists.

Interviewed: SCP-2573
Interviewer: Doctor █████ ████

Foreword: A Foundation guard was placed inside the interview room wielding a tranquilizer gun in case SCP-2573's emotional state became a threat.

<Begin Log>

SCP-2573: Please… can't you people just let me die? I am of no use to you.

Doctor █████ ████: I'm afraid we can't do that.

SCP-2573: You're only going to make things worse for yourselves the longer you keep me alive. Can't you see that?

Doctor █████ ████: SCP-2573 we've dealt with many people such as yourself with extraordinary anomalies and other phenomena and have taken the necessary steps to ensure their safety as well as the rest of humanity. You are not an exception.

SCP-2573: What is it that I did in my past life to have to… sighs. Alright what is it that you want to know?

Doctor █████ ████: Before you were contained, how did you go about living with this… condition?

SCP-2573: Correction. Curse. Not condition. I've had this curse since I was a baby. How did I live with it you ask? How does the idea of waking up with animals covering every cold spot sound to you?

Doctor █████ ████ I wouldn't know.

SCP-2573: Here's another one. Have you ever had a ton of birds break through your window or fly through the chimney with worms in their mouths trying to serve you breakfast? How does all of this sound so far?

Doctor █████ ████: Understandably disturbing and unwanted. Have you ever attempted to stop the animals with your… 'curse?'

SCP-2573: I have no control over this damn thing! It's like as soon as something pops into my head, they act on it! I have no say in the matter. It's like my thoughts are commands that can't be denied! Except one command, and that's to end it all!

Doctor █████ ████: Before your containment, have you previously taken any drugs legal or illegal as an attempt to control your emotional state?

SCP-2573: …Yes. And it was the dumbest decision I've ever made in my life.

Doctor █████ ████: What was it that you took? Be specific. This is going on record.

SCP-2573: I talked to a psychologist in █████ and I was diagnosed with depression. I was given Cymbalta. I took the recommended dosage and… I had a manic episode… and everyone I saw outside I… was so angry. So so angry… (Restrained crying.) And even after all that, you people still want to keep me around like a lab rat, calling me numbers instead of my real name. I've been stripped of my humanity. How much more do you want me to suffer?

Doctor █████ ████: SCP-2573 I understand this is difficult for you but I'm going to have to ask you to…

SCP-2573: Growing up in a house where my parents gave me fake love and did whatever I wanted without being true parents out of fear. Having to be separated from everyone else because you know you're just a freak.

Doctor █████ ████: SCP-2573…

SCP-2573: Please just end me. This whole thing was a mistake.

Doctor █████ ████: I'm afraid we can't…

SCP-2573: Please I'm begging you… you're making me very angry.

Doctor █████ ████: SCP-2573 calm down or you will be sedated…

SCP-2573 begins cursing angrily in Tharu while banging its hands on the table repeatedly. Cameras capture several rats and mice from within the facility heading presumably to SCP-2573's location. Outside cameras also reveal numerous instances of SCP-2573-1 heading towards the facility.

Doctor █████ ████: Please sedate the subject!

SCP-2573 is successfully sedated, but instances of SCP-2573-1 continue heading towards the facility presumably with hostile intent.

Doctor █████ ████: I hope we have enough tranquilizers for this…

<End Log>

Foreword: Due to the high possibility of SCP-2573 compelling animals en masse, testing with SCP-2573 should take place inside the facility at all times. Testing will take place in a large bulletproof glass enclosure. All personnel are required to leave the room until the test is concluded.

Need: Hunger.

Procedure: Food was withheld from subject for two days.

Test Number: 01

Animals used: A common rat (Rattus) and a common mouse (Mus).

Results: The rat killed the mouse and placed its corpse next to SCP-2573.

Notes: Mice usually flee from the sight of a rat. It just stayed there as the rat attacked. Quite odd…

Test Number: 02

Animal used: A Female Owl (Strigiformes)

Results: SCP-2573-1 regurgitated several pellets and attempted to place said contents into SCP-2573's mouth.

Test Number: 03

Animals used: A Male Coyote (Canis Latrans) and a Male Red Fox (Vulpes).

Results: The coyote and fox attacked one another with an unexpected amount of force and aggression for their sizes. After five (5) minutes, the coyote killed the fox and placed its corpse next to SCP-2573. The coyote then died of its injuries ten (10) minutes later next to SCP-2573.

Notes: Both animals attempted to kill one another as an attempt to feed SCP-2573. However what's not yet understood is if the coyote coincidentally died next to SCP-2573, or intentionally gave itself to SCP-2573 as a final attempt to feed it.

Test Number: 04

Animals used: A Male Hare (Leporidae) and a Male Duck (Waterfowl).

Results: Both animals attacked each other with great force despite the lack of predatory weapons. After fifteen (15) minutes, the hare killed the duck and placed its corpse next to SCP-2573.

Notes: Both animals in this test were herbivores, yet they fought one another in an attempt to feed the loser to SCP-2573. It seems that this behavior doesn't just apply to carnivorous animals.

Test Number: 05

Animal used: A Male Dhole (Cuon alpinus)


Notes: It appears that if nothing in the environment is available for SCP-2573 to consume, SCP-2573-1 will attempt to feed itself to SCP-2573.

Need: Safety.

Procedure: SCP-2573 is to be shot with rubber bullets every ten (10 seconds) in total of ten (10) times through small entry holes through the enclosure.

Test Number: 01

Animals used: Thirty (30) Ravens (Corvus).

Results: The ravens en masse flew towards the entry holes quickly using their bodies to effectively shield SCP-2573 costing the lives of ten (10) ravens.

Test Number: 02

Animal used: A Female Cougar (Puma Concolor)

Results: SCP-2573-1 attempted to leap in front of the rubber shots ineffectively trying to intercept them from SCP-2573. SCP-2573 screamed in pain causing SCP-2573-1 to show signs of desperation and high levels of aggression. SCP-2573-1 was sedated to prevent any possibility of an attack on personnel.

Test Number: 03

Animal used: A Male Green Anaconda (Eunectes).

Results: SCP-2573-1 quickly wrapped itself around SCP-2573 before the shots were fired, using itself as 'armor' to protect SCP-2573's torso, legs, and face. SCP-2573-1 was later sedated to prevent a possible attack on personnel.

Test Number: 04

Animal used: A Female Silverback Gorilla (Gorilla).

Results: SCP-2573-1 embraced SCP-2573 using its own body to 'shield' it while grunting sounds of distress. SCP-2573-1 was sedated as it began to show signs of aggression judging from SCP-2573's facial expressions.

Test Number: 05

Animal used: A Male Chimpanzee (Pan troglodytes).

Results: SCP-2573-1 became enraged before the shots were fired, and violently bashed onto the glass causing cracks to form. SCP-2573 began cursing angrily in Tharu causing SCP-2573-1 to become more enraged and inflict further damage onto the glass. The test was aborted. Sedation failed to cease SCP-2573-1's assault and had to be terminated.

Notes: It appears that apes are also vulnerable to SCP-2573's anomalous effect. How are humans immune to this phenomena?

Emotion: Anger.

Procedure: Class D Personnel are to enter the enclosure and antagonize SCP-2573.

Test Number: 01

Animal used: A Female Feral Cat (Felis Cactus).

Results: D-34245 shouted racial obscenities towards SCP-2573 for twenty (20) seconds causing SCP-2573 to curse angrily in Hindi. SCP-2573-1 leaped onto D-34245's face fiercely scratching and biting her face. Despite taking serious injuries from D-34245, SCP-2573-1 continued to attack showing no signs of submission until finally succumbing to blunt force trauma from D-34245. D-34245 was later hospitalized suffering numerous scratches to the face, neck, and wrists.

Test Number: 02

Animal used: A Male African Wild Dog (Lycaon Pictus).

Results: D-50134 shouted abusive comments towards SCP-2573 for fifteen (15) seconds, but abruptly stopped after SCP-2573-1 snarled and showed its teeth. D-50134 was instructed to keep antagonizing SCP-2573 or face termination. D-50134 reluctantly continued shouting abusive comments towards SCP-2573 for three (3) seconds until attacked by SCP-2573-1. The struggle continued for seven (7) minutes until D-50134 managed to break SCP-2573-1's neck. D-50134 was later hospitalized for severe blood loss.

Test Number: 03

Animal used: A Male White Tailed Deer (Odocoileus Virginianus).

Results: D-91845 shouted obscenities towards SCP-2573 for ten (10) seconds. SCP-2573-1 charged at D-91845 knocking him to the ground and stomping on him. SCP-2573-1 showed no signs of stopping until D-91845 stopped struggling and curled into the fetal position. D-91845 was later hospitalized for a heavy concussion, a fractured sternum, and four (4) broken ribs.

Test Number: 04

Animal used: A Male Gray Wolf (Canis Lupus).

Results: D-66544 spat onto SCP-2573 and dared SCP-2573 for retaliation. Two (2) seconds later, D-66544 was quickly knocked to the ground by SCP-2573-1. Forty-Five (45) seconds later, D-66544 died from blood loss from a bitten jugular vein and a crushed trachea.

Notes:Well he dared him to do something. He got what he wanted and more…

Test Number: 05

Animal used: A Male Chimpanzee (Pan troglodytes).


Notes: The poor devil should be glad he bled out from that. I'd rather die than have to live the rest of my life practically neutered and without a face…

Request to test SCP-2573's compulsion on other SCP's denied.

Notes: We simply cannot risk the chance of SCP-2573 having an emotional/mental breakdown with these particular animals. He's simply too unstable and the consequences from just one bad thought can be catastrophic.

Notes: SCP-2573's compulsion range seems to be slowly expanding, now currently at a 1.7 kilometer radius. Although SCP-2573 has recently maintained decent control over its emotions and thoughts with the help of its therapists, there is no evidence that this compulsive range will stop expanding. Nor exists a way to halt or slow down this unknown process. I am requesting for SCP-2573 to be terminated if its compulsion range exceeds a 5 kilometer radius as it is capable of causing massive damage if not complete destruction of ecosystems, and potentially another en masse animal attack.

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