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Item #: SCP-2576

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-2576 is to be contained within a cylindrical metal storage container measuring at least 12 meters in diameter, which is to be locked using two standard Foundation combination locks and may be kept in a standardized containment chamber. Combinations for container locks may be obtained from Dr. Barkley, Dr. Klein, or Dr. Amelin; and must be changed monthly.
Testing must be authorized by at least one Level 3 personnel. In order to prevent a premature activation of SCP-2576 before testing, at least two personnel are required to be within 6 meters of SCP-2576 during the time that the object is being transferred from its container to the testing chamber. Process is to be repeated during the transfer back to SCP-2576's storage container once testing has been concluded.

Note: Due to the discovery of the formation of instances of SCP-2576-C, all testing chambers used for SCP-2576 are now required to have immediate access to a secure outdoor location, should any instance of SCP-2576-C prove impossible to be removed from the testing chamber through standard Foundation doorways. Following the removal of an instance of SCP-2576-C from the testing chamber, the instance will then be transported by Foundation personnel to Biological Research Area-53 for further observation.

Description: SCP-2576 is a 15 cm tall cylinder with a 2.5 cm radius, composed of larch wood. The surface of SCP-2576 is covered with carvings of creatures that appear animalistic in nature, some of them being recognizable as animals that currently exist in modern-day Russia, such as wild boar, narwhal, walrus, and what was later identified as an Amur tiger. No carvings resembling plants or any form of writing have been observed on the surface of SCP-2576. Extensive study has led researchers to date SCP-2576 to be approximately 20,000 years old, establishing the creation of the object to have most likely been at end of the Paleolithic Age.

SCP-2576 was discovered on September 5, ████ in █████████, Russia, by ████████ █████████, a lieutenant in the Russian military, who had just arrived at the house of █████ ████████, an old acquaintance of his. Upon approaching the front door, a loud crash was reported followed by a loud, feral roar from within the building. Lieutenant ████████ reportedly drew his firearm and entered the structure, only to be confronted by a polar bear that had knocked over a dish cabinet moments before. The lieutenant fired off several rounds, but was injured before he was able to kill the animal. While scouring the house for any sign of his acquaintance, Lieutenant ████████ came into contact with SCP-2576, which at the time was lying on a desk in the drawing room of the house, and an instance of SCP-2576-A materialized before him in the form of a bulldog. However, Lieutenant ████████ did not engage the entity and instead returned outside of the house, where he proceeded to contact the authorities. Foundation personnel intercepted the phone call and reported to the residence, where agents secured the anomaly and administered class-C amnesiacs to Lieutenant ████████.

Any personnel that enters within 6 meters of SCP-2576 will claim to see a transparent white trail of steam begin to emit from the top of the object. The longer a subject remains within SCP-2576’s range of activation, the more steam will be emitted from the object. Should the subject move outside of the 6 meter radius, they will no longer be able to see the steam. Returning to within SCP-2576’s range of activation will result in the continued production of steam.

Should SCP-2576 be allowed to emit steam unhindered for approximately 5 minutes, the resulting steam will begin to cumulate and adopt the form of a seemingly random animal. These manifestations are to be designated as SCP-2576-A. Once fully formed, instances of SCP-2576-A will approach personnel within the activation radius and will attempt to interact with them through playful or similarly friendly gestures, without ever coming into physical contact with the personnel. Should personnel respond to SCP-2576-A’s attempts at interaction, (usually by rubbing the entity’s head or some other means of physical contact), the entity will vanish, as will the rest of the steam emitted by SCP-2576.

It is at this point that subjects will begin to exhibit enhanced abilities, e.g., night vision or superhuman strength, that are normally associated with the animal whose appearance was reflected by SCP-2576-A. If the subject is removed from the range of activation, their new abilities will fade within 30 minutes of them having left the 6 meter radius. However, the longer a subject stays within 6 meters of SCP-2576, the subject will start to become more animalistic in both nature and physical appearance, always directly reflecting the instance of SCP-2576-A observed by the subject.

The following is a time log of events starting immediately after the dissipation of any instance of SCP-2576-A:

  • 00:00 hours to 08:00 hours: Subject remains physically, mentally, and emotionally human with the only difference from their normal state being the exhibition of enhanced abilities.
  • 09:00 hours to 16:00 hours: Subject’s physical appearance will begin to gradually evolve to reflect the instance of SCP-2576-A that was presented to them. Subject will remain mostly human, but will exhibit the addition or removal of physical characteristics from their body, e.g., the growth of a tail or the removal of their canines (teeth). The beginning of a shift in mentality is also observed, as the subject may become slightly more aggressive and assertive or a little more naturally calm or nervous. Subjects who are removed from the containment chamber during this time period do not regress back to their human state and are labeled as SCP-2576-B.

Note: Instances of SCP-2576-B may be allowed to continue operating as Foundation personnel if they are cleared by both Dr. █████ and Dr. ████████ and given permission by the site director.

  • 17:00 hours to 24:00 hours: Subject will proceed to go through the final stages of transformation, which occurs in the form of the rearranging of the subjects skeletal structure and internal organs as necessary, and the expanding or shrinking of the subject’s body mass as needed to complete their new, completely animalistic form. This process is believed to be extremely painful, as screams of pain have been heard through several walls of the site. All signs of human mentality are no longer present, replaced instead with the primal instincts and inherited behaviors of the entity they now resemble. These entities are labeled as SCP-2576-C and are carefully contained for transfer to Biological Research Area-53.

Experiment Log 2576-A1
Researcher: Dr. Barkley
Date: 01/14/2008
Description: A single D-class personnel, labeled D-███, admitted into the testing chamber and told to proceed to within 6 meters of SCP-2576 and to immediately interact with any entity that emerges from the object.
Results: D-███ reported the appearance an abundance of steam from the top of SCP-2576, followed by the appearance of a transparent white horse. Subject then claimed to have placed their hand on the entity’s nose, which resulted in the immediate dissipation of the instance. Following the disappearance of the entity, subject exhibited the ability to run much faster than had been previously recorded, with a top speed of approximately 88 kph. Subject’s running speed was reported to have returned to normal after having been removed from the testing chamber for approximately 30 minutes.

Experiment Log 2576-A2
Researcher: Dr. Barkley
Date: 02/20/2008
Description: Two D-class personnel, labeled D-████ and D-█████, admitted into the testing chamber with instructions same as above.
Results: No sign of steam reported from SCP-2576. D-████ was asked to step out of the radius of activation. The moment subject left the zone, D-█████ reported the appearance of steam, followed by the appearance of a transparent white hawk. D-█████ was ordered not to interact with the entity, which proceeded to fly around the subject, performing complex flying maneuvers in an attempt to possibly entertain the subject and persuade them to initiate physical contact. However, test was aborted due to a nearby containment breach.

Experiment Log 2576-B1
Researcher: Dr. Barkley
Date: 08/10/2008
Description: A single D-class personnel labeled D-█████ admitted into SCP-2576’s testing chamber with instructions same as above.
Results: D-█████ reported the formation of a cat from the steam. Physical contact with the entity resulted in the immediate dissipation of entity. An examination of D-█████ within the testing chamber revealed that the level of flexibility possessed by her body had been greatly increased. D-█████ was informed that she would reside within the testing chamber for a lengthy period of time and was supplied with several books of crossword puzzles that she was known to enjoy.

After approximately 10 hours, researchers noted the appearance of a pair of black, cat-like ears emerging from the top of the subject’s head. The presence of a black cat tail was also noted. The appearance of these two features was reported to have been “so gradual” that researchers admitted that they “would not have noticed them, had the subject not reached up to scratch an itch on one of the ears.” Subject was immediately removed from the chamber and taken to the medical wing of the facility.

Unlike the previous two experiments, however, D-█████ continued to exhibit a greater than normal level of flexibility after 30 minutes of being removed from the area of effect, and still continues to do so. Other permanent changes to D-█████ include:

  • The tail and ears, which according to site medical workers, appear to be fused to her body as though she had been naturally born with them.
  • The development of an aggressive tendency towards smaller, furry mammals, especially those of the order Rodentia.
  • The newly developed habit of emitting a sound that can only be described as “purring” in the presence of an object or entity that she claims to enjoy.
  • An aversion to most forms of water, preferring to clean herself in the traditional manner of cats, i.e., her tongue.

Permission from the site director has allowed subject to continue her normal duties around the facility. At least one guard must be observing D-█████ at all times, and must report any further physical or behavioral changes exhibited by D-█████.

Experiment Log 2576-C1
Researcher: Dr. Barkley
Date: 05/23/2009
Description: A single D-class personnel labeled D-██████ admitted into SCP-2576’s testing chamber. Subject is instructed to interact with any entity that emerges from SCP-2576. Subject will attempt to stay within the radius of activation for a full 24 hours.
Results: D-██████ reports the appearance of a transparent white elephant. Subject makes physical contact with the trunk of the entity, causing the immediate dissipation of entity. Testing within the chamber shows D-██████ exhibiting great feats of strength, lifting up to 300 kg. Subject is then supplied with a sleeping bag, an FM radio to provide subject with musical entertainment, food and water delivered from the cafeteria, and Volumes I and II of The Complete Sherlock Holmes, by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, as requested by the subject.

  • 11 hours after the commencement of the experiment: Researchers note the appearance of a trunk and a pair of large, wrinkled grey ears on the subject’s head. Also noted are the disappearance of the subject’s human ears and nose
  • 16 hours after the commencement of the experiment: The subject’s skin has become wrinkly and grey, the appearance of a short tail has been noted, and the subject appears to have forgotten how to read and write, much to the irritation of the subject.
  • 18 hours after the commencement of the experiment: Cries of pain can be heard emanating from D-██████, and he proceeds to flail on the ground, clutching his torso. This continues for several hours, accompanied by the sounds of more grotesque alterations to D-██████’s appearance, such as the sounds of cracking and elongating bones or the ballooning of the subject’s skin and body. Many researchers look away and several have to leave the room for fear of regurgitating their dinner.
  • 24 hours after the commencement of the experiment: The subject is no longer human in physical appearance, mental capabilities, nor in behavior. Instead, the subject is now described as an adult, bull African Elephant.

Subject was relabeled SCP-2576-C-1 and transported to Biological Research Area-53 for observation.

Addendum: A request for at least one experimental mobile task force consisting primarily of instances of SCP-2576-B to be used in situations too hazardous for normal Foundation personnel, has been submitted to the O5 Council and is pending approval.

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