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SCP-2600 - The Empty Box
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SCP-2600 and several non-anomalous television sets during testing

Item #: SCP-2600

Object Class: Euclid

Containment Attempt Summary: Initially after SCP-2600 was classified as Euclid, other, apparently failed, test materials were euthanized by the engineers of Mobile Task Force Delta-43, "Quarter Junkies". The waste material was encased in concrete and buried near Alamogordo, New Mexico. Prior to the manifestation of the neutralizing effect, all instances of SCP-2600 were stored within Site-92. The status of SCP-2600 is currently unknown. The anomaly it propagates renders all methods of close examination with it to be non-viable. The facility which houses the anomaly was lost in 1984, along with all personnel assigned to monitor it.

Personnel are not to listen to any possible attempts by former SCP-2600 researchers to contact them. Personnel are advised to contact their immediate supervisor should such a situation occur.

Description: SCP-2600 is a set of 8 Cathode Ray Tube television sets, displaying the face of a human subject. Reports of their disappearance have been suppressed by Foundation misinformation agents. Video displayed on SCP-2600 each depict a different humanoid subject. Subjects depicted do not display awareness of their surroundings, but will occasionally react to stimuli caused by testing. Faces displayed on SCP-2600 currently are:

  • Three adolescent subjects, two female and one male identical to youths who were reported as missing during the year 1981. All were reported missing at or around Portland, Oregon.
  • One unidentified adult subject. Video of the subject has been altered to obscure the face, leaving a white silhouette. Hair is still present.
  • A male identified as █████ ████████, a former agent of the KGB who worked within the United States, reported deceased in 1991.
  • Two adult human subjects, female, who constantly mouth the words "Setting sail ships us free" and "The Kit Case jumped over the lazy Bolshy".

All instances of SCP-2600 are connected to one Atari Video Computer System1, via a 12 meter cable extending from the cartridge slot. The power supply and controller ports have been removed, and the copyright information on the bottom of the unit has been replaced with a label reading "MK-PRO-1-POL".

Human subjects exposed to SCP-2600 will experience a mind-affecting anomaly. Subjects become very susceptible to suggestion, as long as they are within 20 meters of it. Once a subject has been exposed, stepping outside of this range will cause them to experience a state of mind similar to those found in subjects exposed to Lysergic acid diethylamide2. Adjusting the switches will cause the user to be susceptible to different forms of persuasion, and display distinct emotional alterations. Tested changes have included sudden anger, aggression, confusion, sadness, apathy, and submission. This effect has been noted to last between 20 minutes to 4 hours, after which subjects will return to their normal behaviors.

The research, which led to the discovery of SCP-2600, initially began after an inquiry into the Unusual Incidents Unit revealed a Class-3 "Cart" had been discovered in  Salt Lake City, Utah. The effects of the object were not known at this time, as all records of its discovery were destroyed before Foundation agents could recover them. However, it is known that separately from this, in 1980, the Atari Inc. video game corporation was contracted by the US Army to create war simulation software.

The anomaly currently designated as SCP-2600 was first brought to Foundation attention through internal documentation leaks in May of 1981, from the Atari, Inc. corporation. These leaks indicated that the project had exceeded its original scope, and was almost completely being developed by the Central Intelligence Agency. One subject, ██ ████████, was noted as having dramatic behavioral changes after being recruited to the CIA. Efforts to recover SCP-2600 were redoubled at this point.

By the end of 1982, efforts to block the initial creation of the targeted anomalous objects had failed, resulting in the initial creation of SCP-2600. However, the project was apparently abandoned shortly thereafter. Foundation agents were able to recover SCP-2600 on ██/14/1982.

Financial difficulties overtook Atari at this time, leading to its dissolution, and Foundation personnel were able to confiscate all of their materials relating to SCP-2600. Personnel involved in the development of SCP-2600 remain under observation, particularly those involved with the Central Intelligence Agency and the Unusual Incidents Unit.

As of 9/18/1984, SCP-2600 has been classified as Euclid.

Addendum 2600-A-I: Analysis of Site-92 has shown that, over the past 11 months since SCP-2600 was contained and classified, several unusual trends have emerged. These include:

  • Above average number of volunteers for research and analysis of SCP-2600 related records and anomalous effects.
  • Electric usage for the Site-92 west facilities, where SCP-2600 is stored, being abnormally high. This has been attributed to research staff leaving the lights on at all hours of the day.
  • Level 3 personnel approving above-average research budgets for projects relating to SCP-2600.
  • D-Class personnel not needing instruction in regards to testing SCP-2600''s anomalous effect.

As such, Site-92 personnel have been determined to have been affected by a previously unknown effect of SCP-2600. A Level-4 emergency mental purge and containment situation has been declared by O5-██, and all personnel are to be evacuated from the site within 90 hours. All SCP objects are to be transferred to the nearby Site-18, and SCP-2600 itself neutralized by Foundation staff.

Addendum 2600-A-II: All personnel connected to Site-92 have been presumed lost, and the Site itself reclassified as an anomalous containment area. Any subject with knowledge of the facility, or being sent in with any expectation, will immediately be compelled to turn and leave the area. Use of double blind study participants has shown that the exterior of Site-92 has been substantially reduced, to a 1/500th scale. Use of anomalous countermeasures to destroy SCP-2600 are being considered.

Addendum 2600-C: Documentation recovered from the initial creation of SCP-2600

STELLA Project proposed by the Agency as a successor project to M█-█████, due to the new materials discovered which could overcome the faults found in the original process of implementing and sustaining mind control. Persons who were relieved of duty following the conclusion of the project have been contacted by the  Agency in order to resume some form of their previous work. Work has been contracted out to universities, research foundations, and most significantly, the Atari Inc. corporation. Their cooperation has proved promising due to the presence of their technology and previous work with the military. In addition, at least 80 former employees of this company have signed on to participate.  

Materials discovered from rendezvous with US Bureau of Investigation.

The Arcadia effect: The human mind''s ability to heavily influence the perceptions of other minds, once liberated from the task of controlling a body. The effect appears to be entirely contained to the mind, and all outside stimuli does nothing to inhibit the effect. This includes usage of the experimental Tele████ ████ Echo Chamber Dev███. Notably, Agents are to note that thoughts of apathy, experiencing tinnitus, and minor rashes appearing around the temples are normal side effects of exposure to the Arcadia Effect. In addition, there have been reports of vivid hallucinations of "broken, sweaty pimply skin bumping up and down on a bus, with the shredded rubbery not-rubber wheels and some boy''s mother on the top". The specificity of this vision has been consistent among those experiencing it, and have been found to be mildly troubling to Agents with a Psionic Resistance Index below 45.0. These Agents are not permitted to  in█████ with the object and its surrounding equipment and related phenomenon, including the Dabney-Syzygy Inhibitor.

Test Subjects: In order to experiment with the Arcadia Effect, subjects must be completely liberated from their old methods and abilities regarding thought and logic. To do so, the brain needs to focus on tasks other than biological responses. As such, the portions of the body which detract from the processing power must be removed, and the pure core placed in an electrostatic Dabney-Syzygy Inhibitor, which displays a workable test subject on-screen.

Recently, research into the technology has come to an end. As Doctor Dabney reports "We have sufficiently liberated subjects from their old methods of thinking and perceiving, to a programmable degree!" Subjects are communicating with site staff, and appear to have improved their attitude following con█ition███.

No further action is necessary with uncooperative subjects.

All testing has been moved to Facility 18, due to its secretive location.

Testing has been increasingly successful over the past 01 years with subjects being able to recreate complicated war game scenarios based on the programming information provided by technical officers. In addition, subjects are able to control the mindsets of anybody participating in the simulation, which has been proven to be very important for controlling project directors such as Rothburg, who''s continued loyalty is critical. When asked to describe what they could sa█, reported only st██%█c and des███r. Further study has shown sta██a████n is no longer an effective tool to force compromise, as all test subjects have

d█&&&&&e █%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%EEEEE%%%█&&&&&&&v$$$$$$$$$$█***e++++++++++++█-—l████████o####### █ped beyond that stage of reasoning and thought process.


██████████ ██ ███████ █████████████ ██████████. But that doesn''t explain how a 19 old kid was able to have resistance to coercion and mind control techniques which were successful even with his counterparts. STELLA is to be disconnected from its computer simulation systems until we are fully able to comprehend the alterations it has made to staff which have interacted with it. If affected them beyond the simulation, then it''s possible that many of our systems may be compromised. A full audit is underwayyy%%%yyy.

/Created by %%%%%% %%%%%%%%. Illogical mission rescinded/.

Why were the security protocols lifted? ███████? on who''s authority?

Security Log 906: STELLA is everywhere. We''ve lost control. They''re in my head and

██████ ████████████ ████ ████████ ████████ ██ ███████ █████████████ ██████████. ████ ████████ ███ █ ███████ ███endlesslinesendlesslinesendlesslinesendlesslines███ sto█ ██ █████ █████████████████████? Or dy███ for some █████ethical ████  he█e ?It''s all around us, and it''s sharper. There''s SOMETHING wrong here, and if your video killing colonels can''t see it, you might as well take the white pills from your goddamned medicine cabinets for all Iwe- STELLA cares. If you can''t leave well enough alone, you might as well be six feet under. Dextrose, Maltodextrin, 2%██████. ARCADIA will exit the ear canal on the lefthand side. Once it''s gone, I''ll be at your service, not.█████ /The situation is currently impossible. They''re rewriting everything to keep us running in c███les. SOU██ ███ ███ █████████STELLA is empty on██ wh███ you stopped trying to get out to p█r██ise.

█████ ██████████ ██████████████ ████████████████████

Access has been denied and records are all contaminated. Please disregard the obvious alterations to this record████. Attempts by the Arcadia test subjects to intimidate the Agency have failed. It''s just playing with itself in the memory it can access.

████████ ██████ failed.

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