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Item #: SCP-2664

Object Class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-2664 is contained at its initial point of discovery, in the GRU Division "P" Psionics Research Facility (SCP-2664-A) in the Verkhoyansk Range, Siberia. The area within a 10 km radius of the facility (designated as the 'hot zone') is off-limits to all non-expendable assets. The area outside the hot zone within a 50 kilometer radius of the facility (designated as the 'yellow zone') has been cordoned off to the public under the guise of a munitions test facility.

A camp has been established five kilometers outside the yellow zone to house on-site expendable, medical, and security personnel. Once every week, two healthy, physically fit expendable assets that have undergone Reconditioning Program Zeta-Umbrage are to be fed five orichalcum supplement capsules and given standard cold-weather equipment, video cameras, vitals monitors, and snowmobiles; they are then to be deployed into the yellow zone with instructions to reach SCP-2664 and report on its condition.

If either asset dies of a traumatic brain injury within the yellow zone that cannot have been caused by environmental factors, SCP-2664 is to be immediately reclassified as Uncontained, Protocol 148-Zeta is to be immediately put into effect, and Overwatch Command is to be alerted of an impending YK-Class End-of-World Scenario. Other excursions to the facility are forbidden without the express authorization of at least two members of Overwatch Command.

The Foundation has negotiated with world governments to ensure that all global satellite imaging of SCP-2664-A be doctored or destroyed.

Description: SCP-2664 is a psionic eigenweapon developed by GRU Division "P", the anomalous investigation branch of the Soviet Union, from 1950 to 1961 under the name "Project Redline". Per the orders of then-General Secretary Joseph Stalin, SCP-2664 was intended to act as a psychic deterrent that would immediately brainwash the global populace into following the tenets of Soviet socialism. However, GRU Division "P" secretly designed SCP-2664 to mitigate and remove human tendencies towards violence.

Physically, SCP-2664 consisted of three Ukrainian triplets suffering from cephalothoracopagus1. In this case, each of SCP-2664's heads faced a separate direction, while their bodies joined at the navel. They possessed three arms total and six legs. The extent of their internal conjoinment remains unknown.

Psionically, SCP-2664 is a single gestalt entity with three mental subdivisions - a control division, effector division, and receptor division - pertaining to its physical selves, enabling it to perceive and interact with its environment. SCP-2664 is capable of self-levitation and long-range manipulation of objects that weigh up to 100 kilograms; however, its psionic capabilities are primarily for affecting other sentient and sapient beings around it.

Unshielded sentient organisms that come within 100 meters 3 kilometers 5 kilometers of SCP-2664 will be subjected to severely altered brain chemistry and tissue mutation, particularly in the thalamus, prefrontal cortex, amygdala, hippocampus, and septum. Sapient beings undergo a dramatic shift in personality, experiencing a 90% decrease in secretion of norepinephrine and other hormones linked to aggression and a general depression of the sympathetic nervous system; this induces an aversion to witnessing and engaging in violence, a severely diminished acute stress response, and a strongly negative reaction towards all forms of weaponry. Nonsapient beings such as mice suffer rapid-onset spongiform encephalitis and toxic sulphate buildup, dying within minutes.

Mentally, SCP-2664 is thought to possess the equivalent intelligence and disposition of a six-to-ten year old child. Its mental state has likely been adversely affected by the conditioning and training program to which it was subjected by GRU-Division "P"2.

SCP-2664-A is the former GRU Division "P" Psionics Research Facility, where SCP-2664 was created. Until its transformation into an anomaly during Exploratory Mission Alpha, the Facility was designed and built in such a way as to diminish the strength of all psionic transmissions within the structure by 99.5 percent. To this end, it incorporated materials such as electrum into the insulation and its layout was designed to maximize reflection and dissipation of psionic transmissions within the structure.

Addendum 2664.1: The majority of the Foundation's knowledge of SCP-2664 comes from a former GRU Division "P" researcher, designated "Iceman", who led numerous research and development projects for the Division, including the development of SCP-2664. On 25 December 1962, Iceman defected to the Foundation through an attachè in the British Embassy in West Berlin, carrying several thousand classified Division documents and records on ultrafiche encompassing ███ different projects and initiatives, including SCP-2664. The Soviet government officially denied knowledge of the existence of both the project and the facility during the clandestine Paraweapon Cessation Treaties of 1963. As a result, the Foundation implicitly assumed custody of both SCP-2664 and the facility.


Questioner: Please state your name and previous occupation for the record.

Iceman: My name is [REDACTED]. I was a project manager in the Psychotronics Division of the Main Intelligence Directorate.

Questioner: What was the aim of Project Redline?

Iceman: Officially, Redline was an initiative commissioned by Stalin in 1950 to create an ultra powerful psychic weapon: one that could mentally convert people to follow the tenets of Marxism-Leninism doctrine. Internally, however…

Questioner: Internally?

Iceman: Almost all the members of Psychotronics Division, myself included, were veterans of the Second Great War. More than twenty million Soviets died in that war - friends, siblings, lovers. Not a soul in Psychotronics, not even the chain of command, was eager to build another weapon so soon. Indeed, we dreamed of freeing mankind from the necessity to make and use weapons at all. Thus, while Redline was officially a weapon for converting people into proper Soviet socialists, we secretly designed it to convert people into pacifists. Everything was done under the utmost secrecy, of course… if the KGB had had even an inkling of the truth, then every member of Psychotronics and anyone whom they had even spoken to would have been shot or dragged off to a gulag.

Questioner: Summarize the process of creating Redline in a manner understandable to laymen.

Iceman: The process was… complex. We had to distill more than twenty years of psionics research and theory into a workable engineering problem. The basic theory was that the psionic capabilities of humans were limited by their bodies - thus, a child might have a thousand times more potential psionic energy than an adult, but only be able to practically output a tenth as much due to their underdeveloped body. We hypothesized that by subjecting a capable mind to massive psychological trauma and then inducing brain death, this mind, its associated consciousness, and all of its psionic potential would disassociate from the body at the moment of death. We could then lock that mind into a controllable avatar.

Questioner: How did you carry out the actual process?

Iceman: We initially tested and then refined the process on political prisoners. Once we were confident with our methodology, we began to look for children - more malleable and easily trained. We struck gold in 1960: that May, the KGB brought in a set of conjoined triplets. These children were horribly deformed and yet immensely capable - we determined that it was almost entirely their psionic abilities keeping them alive. We spent another year assessing and measuring the triplets' psionic capabilities, and once we were ready to proceed… over the course of forty-eight hours, we treated them with massive dosages of LSD, forced them to watch specially-made propaganda, and electrocuted them to death. The triplets' consciousnesses disassociated and we were able to capture them with [REDACTED]. I want to be clear - I am not proud of this. I did it because I believed that their sacrifice would change the world for the better.

Questioner: How exactly did you control and operate Redline?

Iceman: [REDACTED]

Questioner: Was Redline tested? How was it tested?

Iceman: Five times. The first four times, we brought it in front of increasingly larger groups of incarcerated violent criminals, activated it, and then asked them to attack people whom we claimed had had them incarcerated to begin with. The fourth time, we brought Redline in front of the entire population of the Norillag gulag. Fifty thousand of the most vicious criminals known to man - looters, murderers, rapists - dropped their makeshift knives and refused to move an inch, even as we threw the gates of the camp wide open.

Questioner: Wasn't the Norillag gulag closed in 1957?

Iceman: Only officially.

Questioner: What was the fifth test?

Iceman: Nikita Khrushchev and John F. Kennedy. Even ten thousand kilometers away, in the middle of the Verkhoyansk Range, we were following the events in Cuba -we were certain that nuclear war was inevitable and all our work would be for naught. We were terrified for humanity. We fired Redline on Moscow, four thousand kilometers away, then on Washington, twice as far. We had no idea if it actually worked. All we cared about was that war had been averted.

Iceman chuckles.

Iceman: Perhaps we even caused our own downfall.

Questioner: What do you mean?

Iceman: Less than a week after the Crisis ended, Khrushchev ordered that the Division be closed down and all of its projects destroyed or put into storage. Psychotronics Command was furious - it meant they were almost entirely impotent in Soviet politics. They brought in a new psychic and ordered us to rework Redline into a more aggressive state. Thinking about it now, I suppose it was inevitable. With Redline, we could strip entire armies of the will to fight… to resist… to breathe. First the Kremlin, then Russia, and then…

Iceman pauses for one second.

Iceman: We were to perform a conjunction: implanting Redline's consciousness into the new prisoner and then disassociating it again. This would drastically amplify its powers, but for conquest. I was disgusted by the idea; it was a betrayal of the ideals for which we - and the children - had sacrificed so much. I decided to defect. I was lucky enough to have near-unlimited access to the entire GRU Division "P" library and need to leave for Berlin during the week of Christmas. Those were the most terrifying weeks of my life.

Questioner: Did you follow through with this conjunction process?

Iceman: No. I left for Berlin on the week of the procedure. Then I fled and came here.

Questioner: Thank you. That will be all.


Addendum 2664.2: Investigation of SCP-2664

Following aerial reconnaissance of the Verkhoyansk Range and confirmation of the existence of the Psionics Research Facility, Mobile Task Force Lambda-9 ("Mind over Matter") was dispatched to investigate the facility and ascertain the status of SCP-2664 and any other anomalies within.

Mission Abstract: Investigate the Psionics Research Facility, determine the status of SCP-2664, and identify any other anomalies and/or GRU Division "P" researchers on-site. This mission transcript was broken into multiple logs for ease of reading.

Assigned Task Force: Mobile Task Force Lambda-9 "Mind over Matter" (8 members)

Additional Information: All members of the infiltration team were equipped with Keter-grade anti-psionic equipment3, such as electrum-lined helmets, and experimental hollow-cavity firearms for inflicting maximum cerebral damage. Additionally, members L9-1 and L9-2 possessed scouting- and offensive-grade psionic capabilities. While L9-1 was an experienced agent that had led Lambda-8 for eleven years, L9-2 was a new agent chosen to replace the previous L9-2 (who was killed during the recontainment of SCP-████).


Lambda-9 is airdropped into the Verkhoyansk Range approximately 2.5 kilometers away from the Psionics Research Facility. The landing zone is relatively level, albeit icy. A storm is gradually forming over the area; visibility is lowered as a result.

L9-1: Equipment check.

All members of the team confirm that their equipment is functional.

L9-1: Blizzard's picking up, we might lose our reception. Command, do you copy?

Command: Confirmed, 1. Proceed as planned. You may withdraw from the hot zone if you judge that conditions will become too harsh.

L9-1: Understood… Right, let's just run down the plan real quick. The six of us are checking out the facility, and you two are staying back here to keep an eye on the copter. We're gonna do a standard sweep-and-clear and then report back on whatever we find. Okay?

General assent from the group.

L9-1: Right. Let's get going then.

Lambda-9 proceeds towards the facility. The journey is uneventful, though -1 and -2 each report a sudden migraine as they approach.

L9-1: Command, we have reached the facility. Matches the informant's description: a big block of concrete with small windows and vents near the top. I can see three guard towers around the building… probably a fourth. Two just performed a basic mental sweep; he can't sense any living things and the counter-surveillance equipment isn't picking up anything. Looks like we're the only people outside.

Command: Understood. Proceed with infiltration but stay alert.

L9-1: Roger. Alright, Three, check out the door. See what you can do.

It is assumed that L9-3 investigates the main door and opens it. Lambda-9 enters one at a time, with L9-1 taking point.

At this point, all audiovisual telemetry fails and contact with the infiltration team is lost. L9-7 and L9-8 are able to maintain audio contact with Command. Five minutes later, L9-7 experiences psionic telemetry4 vis-a-vis L9-1. L9-1 proceeds to use L9-7 as an unconventional mouthpiece to report on the conditions of the Facility.

L9-7: Hello? Can you hear me? Eight? Are you there? It's One!

L9-8: What the hell? One?

Command: L9-7? Are you there? L9-1, we can't reach your radios - how are you able to communicate through Seven?

L9-7: I'm not sure. All our radio equipment died as soon as we walked in, but mine and Two's psionic powers are going crazy. We can still sense Seven and Eight, but I can't tell how far away they are… and there's something else. Something… different. I think it's juicing us up - it's how I could tap into Seven. I don't know how to describe it, it feels… it feels like there's something spying on us. Felt like I should try to reach out and keep you informed. Seven should be fine; mild headache at worst.

Command: One, what are you seeing?

L9-7: We're standing on a double helix. Vertically. The moment we walked through the door we were standing perpendicular to it. It's like we're on the side of a giant, multicolored double helix. It's orange and green and purple and red and…

L9-7 is quiet for a moment.

L9-7: And it just… keeps going, into this large, empty, white space. I can't see a horizon. There's no horizon at all. There's a bunch of these… orbs floating off in the distance. They're all kinds of colors like red and blue and green and black but I can't tell how far away they are. I'm not even sure if they're that far away. None of us can. The helix just keeps going - but it's not getting smaller. It just… goes on forever. The door's floating about… I'd say three meters above us. Relatively speaking, I mean. I can see the outside of this place. The snow. Four's gonna try jumping up there.

There is a brief pause before L9-7 suddenly screams.

L9-8: Fuck!

L9-7: FOUR! Jesus christ! Six, don't! God-damn-it Six - god - damn - it STOP! There's nothing you can do! Fuck!

L9-7 breathes heavily before speaking again.

L9-7: Command? Four tried jumping up to the door, but as soon as he jumped it was like gravity suddenly came back. He couldn't make the jump and just fell down. Down down. Past the helix down. We can't see him anymore. But I can still sense him… he's still falling. And screaming.

L9-7: I don't know, Six! Fuck. Let's just… keep going? Okay? Okay.

L9-8: Six?

L9-7: Yeah. I'm talking to the rest of the team… We're agreed. We're going to press forward, look for another way out of here. Maybe we'll catch up to Four - I can still sense him. He's still falling. And screaming.

For the next three hours, L9-7 is unresponsive to both -8 and Command's attempts at communication before speaking again.

L9-7: Command? We've found something. The helix branches off a bit. There's a doorway there. I can see inside… it looks like a lab of some kind. We can walk to it. Hopefully it's a way out.

L9-7: Damn, it's a no go. We're back in the real world… but the only door out of here is the same way we came in. And these walls must be, what, fifteen centimeters thick? I can't sense Four anymore…

L9-7 is quiet for several seconds.

L9-7: We're gonna take a look around the lab, see what we can find before we go back in. Right now I'm seeing a lot of dust, lots of tables with scientific equipment on them. Microscopes, test tubes - ugh, there's something floating in there - shelves full of electrical parts… that's odd. The power's still on. Looking at a… what's this thing called?… An oscilloscope. It's still on. What's this, a wave of some kind? All jittery and messy. Huh. Looks like the place was abandoned in a hurry - hm?

L9-7: Jesus. Command? Three found something. Dead Ruskie in the corner of the room. Sitting in a chair in front of an… oscilloscope. The top of his skull, uh, it's just gone. His brain… it's all stretched out. Like Silly Putty. It's… jammed into all the equipment here. There's brain in the microscopes, in the oscilloscope, into the walls. Uh, other than that, he looks normal enough? About… about thirty years old. Isn't showing any signs of decomposition. Kind of dusty though.

L9-7: Oh, hey yeah. Command? There's an ID tag on this guy. Named… Albert Brin.

L9-7: Five's scraping a bit of Albert's brain off the wall for a sample. We decided we're gonna rest in here for a few hours, then go back into the helix. I'm gonna break off the connection now - keeping it up in this mess is exhausting. Tell Seven thanks.

Command: Understood. Sweet dreams.


L9-7 briefly slumps over before regaining consciousness and receiving a briefing from L9-8. Worsening weather conditions soon force -7 and -8 to evacuate the area in the helicopter. Command consults with the Psionics Division, which recommends various breathing and meditation techniques for -7 and -8 to practice to lessen the physical and mental demands of the psionic connection.

Shortly afterwards, Iceman is debriefed a second time, but is unable to provide any insights on the phenomena occurring within the facility.

Mission Abstract: Investigate the Psionics Research Facility, determine the status of SCP-2664, and identify any other anomalies and/or GRU Division "P" researchers on-site. This mission transcript was broken into multiple logs for ease of reading.

Assigned Task Force: Mobile Task Force Lambda-9 "Mind over Matter" (8 members)


When the storm clears the following morning, L9-8 immediately returns the helicopter to the original insertion point, at which point L9-7 experiences psionic telemetry again (the rigor of which is dramatically lessened by the aforementioned breathing and meditation techniques).

L9-7: Eight? Are you there?

L9-8: One? That you?

L9-7: Holy - No, uh, it's Two! Guys! Wake up! Hey! They finally picked up. Command? Me and One have been trying to reach you for hours. What the hell happened?

L9-8: Sorry. Storm picked up and we had to get outta there.

L9-7: Alright. We were worried something had happened. Seven and Eight are fine, guys. There was a storm last night and they had to ditch the LZ. Warn us next time, will ya?

L9-8: Heh, will do.

L9-7:…Alright. We're gonna keep going down the helix. One? Lead the way.

L9-7 is quiet for three minutes.

L9-7: Christ. Yeah, I feel it. Four's screaming again. Still falling. Coming from the right.

L9-7 is quiet for two hours.

L9-7: Wait. One, you feel that? Feels like he's coming from the… You all saw that, right? What the hell…

L9-7: Command? Uh… Four just went screaming by. From the left.

L9-7: We're gonna, uh, keep going. We'll try to catch him if he… comes by again.

Command: Understood.

L9-7 is quiet for fifteen minutes.

L9-7: Found another door. Looks like another lab. Me, Three, and Six are gonna check out the lab. Rest of us're gonna wait out here in case Four comes by again.

Command: Understood.

L9-7: Hey. Command? Did you talk to the… that Ruskie spy who told us about this place? I didn't even think about it while the shit with Four was going down or any of that, but… I wasn't expecting this. What the hell is going on?

Command: We did. He disavowed all knowledge of the current state of the facility, even under intense interrogation.

L9-7: Oh… Yeah, he's saying they don't know. C'mon.

L9-7: Okay. Command, you there? Lab looks a lot like the other one. Lots of junk, weird machines, but there's nothing else besides dust and…

L9-8: Two?

L9-7: Oh my God.

L9-8: Two! What's happening?

L9-7: Eight? There's bodies in the lab. Eight of them.

L9-8: So? What's wrong with them?

L9-7: It's us. It's our fucking corpses. You, me, One, Four… all eight of us. In lab coats. Like we dropped dead in the middle of the fucking room.

L9-8: Jesus.

L9-7: Three's taking some samples. If I'd known I'd be dealing with this kind of shit, I think I might've stayed in Precog.

L9-8: You're gonna be fine.

L9-7: I think I'm gonna go back outs- back out.

L9-7 is quiet for several minutes.

L9-7: Eight? Command? We're gonna keep going. Along the helix, I mean.

Command: Understood.

L9-7 is quiet for two hours.

L9-7: …can go through it. I'm not setting another foot inside those damn things.

L9-8: Two? You there?

L9-7: Oh! Eight? You can hear me?

L9-8: Only just now. What's going on?

L9-7: Uh, found another door. One and Three are gonna check it out. Rest of us are gonna stay out here and wait for Four.

L9-8: Right.

L9-7 is quiet for twenty minutes.

L9-7: Oh shit. Guys? I can feel Four. Get ready. He's… falling from the right? No, wait, the left… no… he's falling towards us? What the hell?

L9-7: Wait. I can feel him screaming, but it almost feels… fake. Like he's overdoing it. Squad? Safeties off. Something's wrong.

L9-7: There he is. I can see him. He's definitely falling towards us… yeah, I see it too. Command? There's something up with Four. It looks like he's… spread-eagled? His arms are stretched out… is he naked?

L9-7: His screaming. It's not getting louder. It's getting flatter.

L9-7 abruptly goes limp, and L9-8 is unable to rouse him.

Mission Abstract: Investigate the Psionics Research Facility, determine the status of SCP-2664, and identify any other anomalies and/or GRU Division "P" researchers on-site. This mission transcript was broken into multiple logs for ease of reading.

Assigned Task Force: Mobile Task Force Lambda-9 "Mind over Matter" (8 members)


L9-7 is unconscious for several minutes before suddenly awakening.

L9-7: -when we get out of here.

L9-8: What?

L9-7: Said I'll be glad when we get out of here. Anyways, guys, there was nothing in there; just some more dead Russians with their brains splattered -

L9-8: Two? Is that you? What happened? Where's Four?

L9-7: Eight? Is that you? It's Three. Uh… One? I, uh… I'm talking to Eight.

L9-8: …Three? How are you talking? Command?

Command: Three? Can you confirm that it is you?


L9-8: Okay. It's definitely you… but how come I can hear you?

L9-7: I don't know. You were talking first.

L9-8: But… you talked first. You said 'I'll be glad to get out of here' or something.

L9-7: Maybe I'm absorbing the psionic energy in this place or something? One, what do you think?

L9-7: Oh shit. Eight? Two, Five, and Six are gone. One can't sense them at all.

L9-8: Christ. The last thing I heard from Two was that they'd spotted Four, but something was wrong with him. Then Seven just collapsed.

L9-7: Shit. One? Eight says that the rest of the squad saw Four just before they vanished. What do you think we should do?

L9-7: Yeah, but if we wait here, who knows what'll happen? Maybe we'll disappear. I say we keep going. One of these labs has to lead back outside.

L9-7: Eight? Command? One and I are gonna keep going. Maybe try to find 2664.

Command: Understood. Keep going. Good luck.

L9-8: Seven? Tell One: when we get back, drinks are on me.

L9-7: One? Eight says drinks are on him.

L9-7: Heh. They better be. Alright, we better get a move on.

L9-7 remains quiet for the next several hours, occasionally making conversation and jokes with -8.

L9-7: Hey. Is it just me, or is it getting darker?

L9-7: I dunno, it definitely feels like… Look! It's definitely grey now. Command?

Command: We heard you.

L9-7: Oh. Yeah, even the helix and those orbs in the sky are getting washed out.

L9-7: I don't like this. It feels - heavy. Thick.

L9-7: It's getting darker now. Head's starting to hurt. Ah fuck - smells like roasting flesh. Human flesh.

L9-7: Sky's gone black. Orbs are still in the air, though. Like jack-o-lanterns. One? You still there?

L9-7:…I feel it too. Christ. Like I'm walking through a concentration camp. Command? One says he's sensing a lot of, uh, death echoes. Like, a lot of people dying at once. Head is pounding.

L9-7: Wait. Did you see that?

L9-7: Could've sworn one of the - look, there! I just saw one of those globes go dark.

L9-7: Command? The globes are all going dark.

Command: We know. You've been speaking through Seven this whole time.

L9-7: Oh. Burning smell is getting worse. Wish I had some - what the hell? Command? Everything's gone all… tiled. It's like we're standing in some kind of giant doctor's office.

L9-7: Oh my god.

L9-7: Command? It's - it's the team. They're… they're floating. They're floating towards us.

At this moment, L9-7 begins speaking in Russian.

L9-7: <Good girls. Sit there. You're doing so good. This won't take long. Just be patient. You make us so proud. You'll get lots of toys>.

L9-7: <What're their vitals? Holding steady at 95 bpm. Blood pressure 101 systolic, 63 diastolic. Body temperature 37.2 C. Ready for disassociation process. Excellent. Begin disassociation>.

L9-7: <Don't worry, this won't hurt. Don't you like movies? Let's watch some movies. Here, have some sugar candies and juice>.

At this moment, L9-8 begins experiencing psionic telemetry vis-a-vis L1.

L9-8: Command! It's One! Three was absorbed by the squad. He started floating in the middle of them and then his brains just burst out of his head. Everyone's brains burst out and then they all just - mushed together.

L9-8: I ran. But I can still feel it. I know what's happening. That presence? That thing i felt spying on us? It's 2664.

L9-7: <You're making us proud. You're making us so proud. We need you to be peaceful. You hate fighting. It's mean. You don't want to fight. It's so easy to not be mean. It's fun to not be mean. We're so proud that you're not mean>.

L9-8: This entire place - the facility, the space, the helixes, the squad - it's all part of this thing's mind. We've been inside its mind the whole time. It's absorbed everything. It's all around me. It's toying with me.

L9-7: <Stop it. Give in. Don't resist. Resisting is bad. You will be punished if you resist. Begin electrical discharge. 500 volts. 3 amps. Increase voltage every minute>.

L9-8: It's trying to open me up. Like it did everyone else. But I can see into it. It's learning from us. It knows all about me. The squad. The Foundation.

L9-7: <Increase amperage to 20>.

L9-8: They're almost on me. It's the conjunction. The scientists - the bastards that made this thing. The last thing it knew before it died was that they wanted it to conjunct. It wants to make us part of it. Don't come back here.

L9-8: It wants to make the whole world part of it.

At the exact moment that communications with -7 and -8 were lost, all members of Psionics Division reported feeling a sudden compulsion to visit the Verkhoyansk Range in Siberia - several reporting that this was the first time they had actually heard of the Verkhoyansk Range. At the same time, aerial reconnaissance of the Range showed that the Facility had abruptly disappeared and been replaced by an opaque, multi-colored sphere approximately 5 kilometers in diameter centered on the Facility's original location.

Subsequent attempts to investigate the sphere resulted in rapid growth of the sphere and the losses of all personnel involved. Based on the final logs transmitted by Lambda-9 as well as SCP-2664's original documentation, Psionics Division eventually devised the current method of containment: sending psionically stunted personnel and psionically-dampening materials into the anomaly to retard its growth. At this time, the radius of the sphere is increasing at a rate of 1.5% per month.

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