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KeterSCP-2719 InsideRate: 51

Item #: SCP-2719

Object Class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-2719 should be kept inside.

Description: SCP-2719 is a variable abstract-metaphysical construct pointer. Concepts acted upon by SCP-2719 will either go or become inside. Further information on SCP-2719 should not be provided to personnel who are both sapient and biological.

Experimental Data:
Pointer Outcome
2008 Opel Astra Was inside.
D-5789 Went inside.
D-5794 Went inside.
D-5796 Became inside.
D-5802 Went inside. Inside distressed.
Containment Unit 2719-A Went inside. Inside dies.
Containment Unit 2719-B Went inside.
Containment Unit 2719-C Became inside.
D-5803 Went inside.
D-5805 Went inside.
D-5812 Went inside.
D-5813 Became inside.
Containment Unit 2719-B Became inside.
Uleåborg, Finland Became inside.
Population of Uleåborg Went inside. Successful use as evacuation procedure.
Containment Unit 682-V Became inside.
SCP-682 Went inside.
SCP-682 Became inside.
SCP-682 Went inside.
SCP-682 Went inside.
SCP-682 Went inside.
SCP-682 Outside.
O5 Became inside.
Dr. Zermelo Went inside.
Punishment Became inside.
O5-7 Went inside.
Dr. Bright Became inside.
Intestinal Distress Outside. (Nice try.)
Intestinal Distress Became inside.
Dr. ████ Went inside. (Now don't do it again.)
Taree, Australia Became inside.
Population of Taree Went inside.
Transcendence Became inside.
O5-1 Became inside.
Transcendence Became inside.
O5-2 Became inside.
Transcendence Became inside.
O5-3 Became inside.
Transcendence Became inside.
O5-4 Went inside.
Transcendence Outside.
Transcendence Outside.
Transcendence Outside.
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