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SCP-2724-A at intake.

Item #: SCP-2724

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-2724 is, at present, physically uncontainable and must be contained through psychological deception. SCP-2724-A is kept in a standard humanoid containment cell at Site-17. Additional supplies requested are to be provided on approval by Site Director Lewis and psychologist Dr. Bauer. In the event of an HP-Loki Dissociation Scenario, aural and visual cognitohazards are to be administered to render SCP-2724-A unconscious. After being successfully re-contained SCP-2724 is to undergo psychiatric counseling to strengthen its identification with SCP-2724-A. On the recommendation of Dr. Bauer, containment procedures available to level-3 personnel and lower are to reinforce SCP-2724's association with SCP-2724-A.1

Description: SCP-2724 is an entity of unknown origin capable of partial manifestation in our reality. It can currently manifest one appendage2 from the central torso of SCP-2724-A. This boundary emits radiation patterns similar to those produced in the maintenance of a Pseudo-Riemannian manifold. SCP-2724-A refers to the body of a 16-year-old male human of European descent named Jacob ██████. The brain of SCP-2724-A displays no higher function, but SCP-2724-A can move, speak and react to stimuli as if fully conscious and is most likely controlled by SCP-2724. SCP-2724 currently believes itself to be the living, conscious Jacob ██████.

SCP-2724 receives almost all sensory information from the organs of SCP-2724-A.3 SCP-2724's arm has a sense of touch, although it does not report being aware of any sensation behind the boundary which it emerges from. SCP-2724 can extend its arm to approx. 5 m ordinarily, and has been able to manifest over 40 m during dissociation events.4

On rare occasions, when SCP-2724's mental or physical identification with SCP-2724-A is sufficiently weakened, SCP-2724 will undergo a Dissociation Scenario. SCP-2724 will lose access to sensory information from SCP-2724-A and become increasingly aware of its true body while SCP-2724-A is rendered catatonic. SCP-2724 generally attempts to explore its surroundings with its only observable arm, and seems to attempt to draw more of itself through SCP-2724-A, but is not inherently violent unless physically or psychologically stressed. When stressed, however, it has proven capable of considerable damage to Foundation structures and personnel. So far, SCP-2724 has not reported remembering anything from any dissociation events, and has not yet considered the idea that it is anything but a human adolescent. All practicable steps are to be taken to prevent SCP-2724 from considering this. No communication with SCP-2724 has been successfully undertaken and no information concerning SCP-2724's consciousness during dissociation events is known.

Acquisition Notes: SCP-2724 was discovered after a dissociation episode on ██/██/2014. SCP-2724 surrendered itself willingly to the Foundation upon contact. Jacob ██████ was born and lived in ████████, Kansas and his parents reported no noteworthy events in his life or extended lack of contact with him prior to first manifestation. Class-A amnestics were administered to the residents of ████████ and an explanation of a domestic gas explosion given to cover for the damaged buildings (2) and deaths of █████ ██████ and ███ ███████. Mr. and Mrs. ██████ were given Class-C amnestics and evidence of Jacob's life was removed from their home. SCP-2724 is friendly and cooperative with staff.

A partial log of interviews and experimentation can be found below.

Interviewed: [SCP-2724]

Interviewer: [Dr. Rudolf Bauer]

Foreword: [First interview held after initial intake interview]

<Begin Log, [8/18/2014]>

Dr. Bauer: Thank you for sitting down with me again, Jacob. I'd like to talk to you on a regular basis so that we can help you adjust to this…

SCP-2724: This tentacle arm I've got? I'm fine, really, this thing's awesome!

Dr. Bauer: 'Awesome'?

SCP-2724: Uh, yeah! I have superpowers! I mean, I guess it's not really a superpower but like, like, I'm still pretty much a superhero right? Like I can beat up criminals and stuff?

Dr. Bauer: Is that what you did with your new, ah, appendage—

SCP-2724: Tentacle!

Dr. Bauer: Is that what you did with your new appendage before coming with us, 'beat up criminals'?

SCP-2724: No, I mean there isn't a lot of crime or anything happening in ████████ and I didn't get a chance to fight anyone…

Dr. Bauer: Jacob, what is your memory of ██████ ██th?

SCP-2724: I don't really remember anything. I felt funny, like in a bad way, and then I couldn't see or hear and it was like my whole body was, I mean, I couldn't, it was like… I don't know the words because it wasn't, like, a physical—

[SCP-2724 suffered a minor Dissociation episode, prompting the creation of current psychological containment guidelines.]

Experiment Log 2724-1

Date: 10/13/14
Procedure: A biopsy was attempted of SCP-2724's accessible arm. SCP-2724 was instructed to extend its arm out to 2 m. SCP-2724-A was then anesthetized using halothane followed by an injection of propofol. A 4 cm V-shaped excision consisting of two incisions was planned.
Result: Before the first incision could be completed the arm reacted, whipping around the operating room violently and extending further out of SCP-2724-A. 4 surgical staff were immediately killed and the wall between the operating room and the adjacent hallway was compromised. Responding security staff began administering cognitohazards according to protocol but an explosion (believed to be caused by gas leaking from broken lines in the destroyed wall) flung a large piece of shrapnel into SCP-2724's arm. SCP-2724 became dramatically more violent, and extended to an estimated 40 m during this event. SCP-2724 was recontained with present procedures approx. 70 minutes later with the additional deaths of 51 staff. SCP-2724-A remained anesthetized throughout and SCP-2724 had no memory of the event when it regained consciousness. All further experimentation, if any, is to be done in a remote location.
NOTE: SCP-2724's arm retreated behind the boundary in SCP-2724-A's torso before the shrapnel5 could be removed. SCP-2724 reports no pain in its arm but the results if it extends farther than 33m are unknown.

Interview Log 2724-2

Interviewed: [SCP-2724]

Interviewer: [Dr. Rudolf Bauer]

Foreword: [Interview held at the request of SCP-2724]

<Begin Log, [6/9/2015]>

Dr. Bauer: What's up, Jacob? There's still a week or so to go until our next conversation.

SCP-2724: I was wondering, can I go on missions? You know, like, help track down terrorists or monsters or something? There's gotta be stuff out there that your guys can't handle on their own. I can help!

Dr. Bauer: Jacob, I know you're excited about this, but we don't exactly have rogue monsters roaming the nation. This isn't a superhero base, it's a hospital. It's our job to make sure you maintain a healthy body and mind while we figure out what's going on and determine the best way to help you.

SCP-2724: Oh come on, Mr. Johnson, if I'm here then there must be other weird stuff! When my tentacle starts acting with a mind of its own -

Dr. Bauer: 'When you temporarily lose conscious control.' Jacob, your brain is reorganizing itself to control this appendage and it's important that you visualize it this way for your own mental development.

SCP-2724: I know, I know. 'When I temporarily lose conscious control' of my tentacle I always black out but when I wake up I can see the damage it does, I know I can help you guys!

Dr. Bauer: Jacob, we can't do anything while you're still at risk of blacking out. Why don't we work on minimizing those… events and we'll see what happens after that?

<End Log>

Interview Log 2724-3

Interviewed: [SCP-2724]

Interviewer: [Dr. Rudolf Bauer]

Foreword: [Regular bimonthly interview]

<Begin Log, [1/7/2016]>

SCP-2724: What's the point?

Dr. Bauer: What do you mean? What's wrong, Jacob?

SCP-2724: You know what I mean Mr. Johnson. What's the point of keeping my chin up when I'm stuck in this room every day? I haven't seen the sun in like months, I haven't seen other people in… I can't remember how long.

Dr. Bauer: Jacob, I know this is hard on you, and you've handled this better than anyone can be expected to, but we need to fully understand what's going on before you can -

SCP-2724: Am I ever even getting out of here? Or are you just going to keep me locked up here forever? What's the point?

Dr. Bauer: We're working around the clock to help you, but that takes time. You know that, Jacob.

SCP-2724: Well what do you expect me to do all day in here? Like, sit around all day? What do you want from me? I can't do anything!

[Five seconds of silence; Dr. Bauer discretely alerts personnel to be on alert for a potential containment breach and continues interview]

Dr. Bauer: Jacob, I need you to listen to me. No bullshit. This isn't the flu, this isn't a gut bug. You are a teenage boy who has a massive… tentacle growing out of your stomach. Whatever has happened to you is something the world has never seen before, and the best scientists and doctors in the world are working to help you control it, but we're creating new medical theory from the ground up here and I would be committing medical malpractice if I let you wander around when you're at risk of blacking out again, or worse. We're not just trying to keep you around here forever for fun. Believe me, even if we wanted to we don't even have that kind of budget.

SCP-2724: [sighs] I do believe you, but it's not very comforting. I'm not mad, honest, I'm just… there's nothing to do here but sit and think, and I don't like what I end up thinking about.

Dr. Bauer: It's not your fault, no one wants to feel out of control in their lives. Thanks for being so strong while you're cooped up this long. I'll see if I can give you more information on what we're researching and learning, okay?

SCP-2724: Thanks, Mr. Johnson.

Dr. Bauer: Between you and me, you can call me Frank. Hey, Jacob, superheroes aren't made in a day. Maybe this is the part that gets turned into a training montage in every movie. I'm always on your side in here, Jacob.

SCP-2724: [laughs] Thanks, Mr. Frank, I mean it.

<End Log>

Addendum 5/22/2016: Dissemination of false research updates are being considered by Dr. Bauer in order to treat SCP-2724's deteriorating mental state and the increase in frequency/severity of dissociation events.
Addendum 5/29/2016: Request approved by Site Director Lewis.
Addendum 11/14/2016: A long-term cover story to maintain SCP-2724's voluntary containment is under development.

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