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SCP-2931 - Twin Bed
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SCP-2931 immediately prior to recovery

Item #: SCP-2931

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-2931-1 and SCP-2931-2 are to be contained in separate containment chambers, both of which are to remain hermetically sealed at all times. No living organism is to be permitted to fall asleep in SCP-2931-1 or SCP-2931-2. A single instance of SCP-2931-2-A is to be kept in a chemically induced coma in a Class-3 Humanoid Containment cell and monitored regularly for unusual activity.

Description: SCP-2931 is a pair of standard XL-single sized beds (0.97 meters in width by 2.16 meters in length), each consisting of a mattress and wooden frame. Aside from noted anomalous properties, SCP-2931 appears identical to standard dormitory beds issued to students at The University of ██████.

SCP-2931 was first brought to Foundation attention in early June of 198█. Rachel ████, a 19-year-old female college student at The University of ██████, mentioned to her mother that she had never seen or heard her roommate enter their shared bedroom at night. On June 10, 198█, the student''s mother, a sleep specialist who previously worked with the Foundation on [REDACTED], alerted the Foundation to the potential existence of an anomaly in her daughter''s dormitory room. The bed previously inhabited by Rachel ████ has since been designated SCP-2931-1, while the other has been designated SCP-2931-2.

The entity referred to as SCP-2931-2-A has only been observed to manifest in SCP-2931-2 when a human subject enters REM sleep in SCP-2931-1 between the hours of 20:00 and 04:00 Eastern Standard Time (EST). To date, no manifestation events have occurred while SCP-2931-2 is otherwise occupied. Surveillance footage of manifestation events shows SCP-2931-2-A emerging supine from the mattress as though the mattress were a viscous liquid, with the face surfacing first, followed by the chest and shoulders.

SCP-2931-2-A is a 19-year-old woman who claims to be a college student at The University of ██████. When questioned about University landmarks and culture, her answers indicate strong familiarity with the subject matter, suggesting that this claim may be true in some capacity. SCP-2931-2-A is 1.65 meters in height and 54 kilograms in weight, and is of mixed European descent. Her eyes and hair are both light brown, though traces of bubblegum-pink hair dye are present at the tips of longer hairs. Her left nostril is pierced with a small silver ring, and she possesses a tattoo of [DATA EXPUNGED] on her lower back. When prostrate, SCP-2931-2-A exhibits a slight cough indicative of mild asthma, but is otherwise in good health.

SCP-2931-2-A does not naturally expire or otherwise disappear at the end of each day, meaning that sleeping in SCP-2931-1 on consecutive nights will generate multiple coexistent instances of SCP-2931-2-A. Instances of SCP-2931-2-A are physically and chronologically identical, with each new instance created apparently possessing the same memories as the last. If instances of SCP-2931-2-A observe or otherwise come into contact with one another, both will begin screaming, and will continue to scream until sedated. Extensive testing has determined that individual instances of SCP-2931-2-A pose no threat to the Foundation or Foundation assets.

SCP-2931-2-A claims that her name is Andrea ██████. University records confirm that a student enrolled in classes under this name on September ██, 198█. However, no record of a person with this name exists prior to the given date of matriculation. SCP-2931-2-A claims to have no memory of her life before this time, and will become visibly distressed when events preceding this date are mentioned.

In March of 199█, construction workers on the campus of The University of ████ uncovered a mass grave beneath the ████ building. Over four hundred (400) bodies were recovered, in various states of decay. Forensic analysis revealed all bodies to be genetically identical to SCP-2931-2-A.

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