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Item #: SCP-2970

Object Class: Euclid Keter

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-2970 is to be held in a standard humanoid containment chamber, and fed via standard humanoid procedures.

Update (02/15/2016): SCP-2970 is to be recontained as soon as possible. It is believed that it may be en route to Almería, Spain. Currently, Mobile Task Force Tau-5 "Samsara" is leading recontainment and mitigation efforts.

Description: SCP-2970 is a cybernetically enhanced human male of African descent. SCP-2970 claims to have been born in the 10th century CE.

SCP-2970's physical augmentations include:

  • Approximately half of the left forearm, including the left hand, has been removed and replaced with a solid iron cylinder. SCP-2970 is capable of activating the cylinder to deploy a solid, transparent, glass-like prosthetic hand capable of articulation under SCP-2970's control.
  • SCP-2970's right eye has been replaced with a solid gold sphere. SCP-2970 is able to use this as a functioning eye.
  • The back of SCP-2970's neck features an iron plate with a small (~0.5cm diameter) hole covered by a semipermeable membrane, which appears to offer access to an artery running through SCP-2970's neck.
  • Samples of SCP-2970's blood indicate a large number of silicone particles present throughout the bloodstream.
  • Sections of SCP-2970's brain have been replaced with solid copper engraved with numerous unidentified glyphs.
  • Various metal augmentations and replacements for internal organs. Despite appearing to be constructed from solid metal, organs move and operate as if they were biological.

SCP-2970 possesses an eidetic memory and the ability to project images from its artificial eye to "replay" past memories, although it claims this function, as well as many of its past memories, has been "locked". SCP-2970 cannot fall unconscious, even when administered tranquilizing agents, and does not require food to survive.

SCP-2970 claims to have been a missionary in 10th and 11th century Spain on behalf of a supposed deity which gave SCP-2970 its anomalous modifications. SCP-2970 was recovered from a crevasse within a cave in northern Spain, where it claimed to have been trapped since the 11th century CE. Foundation resources were directed to this cave following the emission of a radio distress signal from it.

SCP-2970 can speak modern variants of Spanish and English with reasonable fluency, and claims to be able to hear and interpret radio signals via a receiver within its inner ear.

Interview 2970-1:

Foreword: Interview was conducted in Spanish. SCP-2970 was separated from Dr. Acosta by an acrylic glass barrier.

<Begin Log>

Dr. Acosta: Hello. I'm Dr. Acosta. I'd like to ask you a few questions, about your past.

SCP-2970 clears its throat.

SCP-2970: Yes. Okay.

Dr. Acosta: First, could I have your name?

SCP-2970: I don't remember. I'm sorry.

Dr. Acosta: That's… fine. What would you prefer we call you?

SCP-2970: What do you call me now?

Dr. Acosta: SCP-2970.

SCP-2970: That will work.

Dr. Acosta: Alright, then. Could you tell me how you learned to speak modern Spanish so well?

SCP-2970: I… heard radio. My creator was very proactive… it seems.

Dr. Acosta: Radio? Why were you created this way?

SCP-2970: Before I was trapped, I belonged to a… deity. This deity saw fit to change me so that I could be a walking example of his capabilities. Show others the benefits of faith.

Dr. Acosta: So… there are others like you?

SCP-2970: None that I know of.

Dr. Acosta: Why just you?

SCP-2970: I don't know.

Dr. Acosta: Okay… How did you become trapped?

SCP-2970: I was placed there intentionally. For safekeeping.

Dr. Acosta: Is it possible that other artifacts of this deity remain elsewhere, for… safekeeping?

SCP-2970 squints at the mention of artifacts.

SCP-2970: Possible. But I do not know. My mind is not at… full capacity. Certain parts do not work as they should. I fear this was intentional.

Dr. Acosta: What doesn't work?

SCP-2970: Certain memories seem… elusive to me. Not crisp as they should be. I cannot replay memories for others. I cannot move myself properly. My sight is damaged. My back hurts.

Dr. Acosta: We have many doctors here. We could try to… fix you. And in return, you could tell us what you remember. About what else might be out there.

SCP-2970: This is a good idea. Though… what is it you intend to do with the "artifacts" you find?

Dr. Acosta: Ideally, nothing. We'd store them at one of our facilities. Keep anyone from using them for harm, and keep them from harming anyone.

SCP-2970 appears pensive for a moment.

SCP-2970: Okay. We have a deal.

Dr. Acosta: Before we conclude, there's something I wanted to ask. Why did you just wait, all that time? Why did you never… end it?

SCP-2970: There was a stream of water flowing through, I could have blocked the exit. Drowned. But I was designed to resist all forms of death. If my body drowned, what might happen to my living mind?

Dr. Acosta: I don't know.

SCP-2970: So you understand.

Dr. Acosta: …alright. That's all for today, then. Thank you.

SCP-2970: You're welcome.

<End Log>

Interview 2970-2:

<Begin Log>

Dr. Acosta: Hello again, SCP-2970.

SCP-2970: Hi, doctor.

Dr. Acosta: I have some more questions. About the organization you were involved in.

SCP-2970: Yes. Please ask.

Dr. Acosta: When did you discover this organization? Or, when did they discover you?

SCP-2970: I was young. I don't know exactly how it happened. It's fuzzy. Gives me headaches.

Dr. Acosta: We can move on, then. Do you remember what it was called?

SCP-2970: No.

Dr. Acosta: Alright… Do you remember the… tenets?

SCP-2970: There was no… philosophy. We just followed our god. Destroyed his enemies, and spread his name.

Dr. Acosta: Could you elaborate on the "god"?

SCP-2970: Will made flesh. The lord of endowment and gifts, shepherd of humanity, shunned by the great beast- uh. Apologies. I no longer follow him, but some imprints are… hard to 'buff out'.

Dr. Acosta: Endowments? Your modifications.

SCP-2970: You could say I was a favorite of his.

SCP-2970 raises and flexes its prosthetic left hand.

SCP-2970: I retain no love for him.

Dr. Acosta: What happened to the god?

SCP-2970: Most likely… he died.

Dr. Acosta: I don't follow. How can a god die?

SCP-2970: You must understand, a god isn't… analogous to a human. A god is pure will, and only intersects with our realm when necessary. But he… he did more. He forced his will into this world, made himself flesh. With flesh comes power. But also mortality. I do not know the exact cause, but he was dying.

Dr. Acosta: So what happened to your organization?

SCP-2970: I suspect most of us were destroyed by him, when he reached his most desperate. From what I can tell, none of my… nothing I did remains. Wiped from the face of the earth. Every war I… all of it, gone.

SCP-2970: And he disabled many of my abilities, to… to handicap me. Make sure I behave in the meantime, in case he was just… sleeping. He maimed me and locked me in that cave.

SCP-2970: I was trapped for years, but… but I thought at least I'd be alive in those who remembered me. But he took them away too. And now everything I am is just… gone.

Dr. Acosta: I'm sorry. But… if it was so terrible, why didn't you call for help sooner?

SCP-2970: Call for help?

Dr. Acosta: The distress signal you let out, it led us to your cave.

SCP-2970 appears to be troubled by this.

SCP-2970: I didn't do that.

Dr. Acosta: Then what did?

SCP-2970: I don't know, but… if I were you, your organization… I would keep an eye out. Something isn't right. I think there's… I remember something. Where he was.

Dr. Acosta: Could you elaborate?

SCP-2970: By a river, in Africa. Ourika. And a town, Marrakesh. In a valley.

Dr. Acosta: Could he still be there?

SCP-2970: No, he, he moved… but something might be there. Go there, please. Prove that I am not lying.

Dr. Acosta: Can you tell us anything else about this place?

SCP-2970: I can't, it's my head, it's just… pounding.

Dr. Acosta: I'm sorry.

SCP-2970: The pain will end soon. You said your people, they could fix me, correct? If I can remember where he is, I can go, make things right. Make him pay. Fix it, for all of us.

Dr. Acosta: I'm not sure I understand.

SCP-2970: Just trust me. Are we not friends?

Dr. Acosta: I'm afraid I have to stop the interview here.

SCP-2970: Wait-

Dr. Acosta: I'll talk to my superiors. We'll investigate your issues. Any further information will be appreciated.

SCP-2970 sighs.

SCP-2970: Okay.

<End Log>

Following this interview, evidence of anomalous phenomena was observed at the given location. MTF Tau-5 "Samsara" was dispatched to neutralize anomalous activity on-location near Marrakesh, Morocco. Summary of operation can be found in documents associated with Operation AZURE PEREGRINE.

Incident 2970-1:
Following the events of Operation AZURE PEREGRINE, it was decided that the risk of residual anomalies from the existence of SCP-2970's cult was too high, and the potential benefits of full access to SCP-2970's information outweighed the inherent risks of operating upon SCP-2970. A research operation to restore gaps in SCP-2970's memory was subsequently approved.

Imaging indicated irregular buildups of charge within the implants within SCP-2970's brain, prosthetic eye, and several other replaced organs indicative of possible non-functionality. After significant study, it was decided that invasive surgery would be attempted, featuring the use of electric impulses in an attempt to "restart" inactive implants in the brain and eye.

Due to SCP-2970's inability to fall unconscious, epidural anesthetic was utilized, and SCP-2970 was securely bound to the operating table.

<Begin Log at 00:00:00>

00:50:45 - Having completed initial preparations, Dr. Johnson commences surgery.

01:20:11 - Imaging indicates that electric impulses may be effective in restoring full functionality to SCP-2970's eye. SCP-2970 is compliant.

02:00:36 - Imaging indicates that functionality has been restored to SCP-2970's eye. At once, the front of the eye begins to glow, gradually brightening until it is able to project an image on the ceiling. The procedure is ordered to pause. SCP-2970 begins to protest, but is apparently unable to cease the projection.

Projection shows, from SCP-2970's point of view, a rocky desert slope. It is midday, and no other people can be seen from SCP-2970's vantage. SCP-2970 seems to be kneeling or otherwise prone on the surface of the desert.

Four previously-unseen figures approach SCP-2970. They appear to be males clad in bronze or golden plate armor atypical of that common in the supposed era. The recording possesses no audio, but it can be seen that they exchange words with SCP-2970.

SCP-2970 turns away from them and begins walking in a straight line. After nearly half an hour, clay or rudimentary brick buildings are seen on the horizon, likely from a small village. SCP-2970 stops at least three kilometers away from the buildings and sits down on the ground.

SCP-2970 slowly raises its prosthetic hand into view. SCP-2970 flexes the hand, which begins to glow white. SCP-2970 obscures the village from view behind its transparent hand, and the image of the village through the hand becomes gradually distorted.

When SCP-2970 removes its hand, the buildings are gone. In the operating room, SCP-2970 appears distressed. Imaging shows no change in activity in brain implants, indicating that this memory may have been available previously to SCP-2970.

The projection cuts to elsewhere. SCP-2970 is walking past a row of kneeling men and women in a similar desert setting. The viewpoint approaches a man, and SCP-2970 grabs him by the arm with its prosthetic hand, lifting him to eye level.

SCP-2970 looks away. When he looks back, the man is not seen, and held in SCP-2970's artificial hand is the arm, severed, absent of any apparent damage or bleeding. The stump is sealed with skin.

SCP-2970 looks down the line of people. None move or flinch at SCP-2970's actions. As the viewpoint approaches another man, the recording ends.

03:25:01 - Surgery is ordered to continue, with work on the brain commencing. Dr. Acosta, present for the operation, asks for the remainder to be postponed following a psychiatric reevaluation. Dr. Johnson elects to continue the surgery.

06:49:01 - Surgery deemed successful in restoring brain functionality. An impulse to the eye prompts it to start projecting again. SCP-2970 laughs, and whispers "we did it" under its breath.

In this recording, SCP-2970 seems to be standing atop a mountain. It turns slowly in place. The surrounding landscape is dotted with massive handprints, several hundred meters in length. Scattered groups of people, five or six each, are seen fleeing from SCP-2970's position.

After several minutes, SCP-2970 embarks down the mountain. In the operating room, Foundation personnel successfully identify this desert region as the Tabernas Desert in the province of Almeria, Spain.

SCP-2970 comes upon the entrance to a cave embedded in the side of the mountain. It enters the cave and walks down the passage, illuminated by an unseen white light.

A long mass in the cave is identified as a gargantuan human body. Its skin is black and reflective. Size is estimated at 15 meters long, with a single leg's diameter being approximately the height of SCP-2970. It is apparent that the cave is only slightly larger than the body itself. SCP-2970 approaches the head.

The head of the creature is misshapen, with eyes significantly further apart than typical human proportions. In the place of the mouth is what appears to be a third nostril, which leaks black bile onto the cavern floor. The face does not move as SCP-2970 appears to speak to it. SCP-2970 kneels, and the recording ends.

07:20:59 - Dr. Johnson elects to cease the operation, pending analysis of information received.

<End Log at 07:20:59>

Incident 2970-2:
Following the surgery, containment procedures are reconsidered, given the apparent untruthfulness of SCP-2970 to personnel. At approximately midnight and while pending reassignment, SCP-2970 is seen deviating from its recovery schedule by standing up in its room and pacing in circles.

<Begin Log>

SCP-2970 is observed walking around its room. Several times, it stops to feel the walls. After several minutes of this behavior, it looks directly at the hidden surveillance camera in a corner of the ceiling.

SCP-2970's artificial hand begins to produce white light. It approaches the containment door, and the camera feed is intermittently disrupted by static. A security force assembles outside the door and prepares to charge in.

Upon opening the door, the security force find the room empty. SCP-2970 is observed by security feeds to be outside the containment cell and sprinting towards the gate to the Euclid containment wing. SCP-2970 appears to have familiarity with the layout of Site-30.

SCP-2970 encounters a security team as it runs to the exit. It ignores the team and runs by, knocking a member to the side, inflicting severe burns by an unknown mechanism. All bullets fired at SCP-2970 are deflected shortly before impact and collide with surrounding objects.

Site-30 loses both primary and backup generator capabilities. SCP-2970 is able to operate unobserved, and apparently charges through the security gate. No personnel are killed, but four are inflicted with intense burns.

SCP-2970 exits the Site and is observed to begin running south towards the projected location of the second observed recording in Almería, Spain. All attempts to intercept SCP-2970 with search teams fail due to the lack of illumination, as all light sources in Site-30 have been rendered inoperable.

<End Log>

Following this incident, SCP-2970 has been upgraded to Keter, with recontainment a level 1 priority. MTF Tau-5 "Samsara" has been selected to lead recontainment efforts due to their skill in using paratechnological equipment, which may be resistant to SCP-2970's effects, and their demonstrated aptitude in dealing with anomalous groups related to SCP-2970 (see Operation AZURE PEREGRINE).

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