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SCP-2992 - Everything Flows Towards Cadence
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Item #: SCP-2992

Object Class: Euclid Pending Keter Reclassification (See Interview 2992-18)

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-2992 is kept in an anechoic chamber, furnished as a regular humanoid containment unit. All personnel interacting with SCP-2992 are to have scored a minimum of 4 on the Memetic And Mind-Affecting Resistance Exam. All personnel interviewing SCP-2992 are to have scored a minimum of 6 on the Memetic And Mind-Affecting Resistance Exam. In exchange for positive behavior, SCP-2992 is allowed one album of their choice at the beginning of every month. The album will be delivered in FLAC format and uploaded to their music player.

Description: SCP-2992 is a physically normal African-American male of 1.8 meters in height and 62 kg in weight. SCP-2992 is currently 24 years of age and has brown eyes and hair. SCP-2992 was born as Jayden Williams and has previously operated under the online pseudonym "ProfetiX".

SCP-2992 has multiple memetic effects. A given subject may be affected by these effects by hearing certain sounds produced by SCP-2992 itself or listening to music that has been suggested by SCP-2992, either by word or on online playlists. Both methods of infection produce the same effects.

SCP-2992''s primary effect triggers when a given subject listens to one or more suggested songs. Once affected, a given subject will perceive the continuous playing of previously heard music. This continuous playing is interrupted only when the given subject listens to new music. This effect spreads when affected subjects suggest any music to others and the suggested music is listened to, regardless of source.

SCP-2992''s secondary effects include changes of behavior, such as the increased tolerance for different genres of music and a strong desire to seek more obscure music to listen to and suggest to others. These are also spread when they are expressed by an affected subject to others.

SCP-2992 claims it had previously been a mundane human before contacting an unknown entity (tentatively referred to as SCP-2992-1). According to interviews, SCP-2992 claims that SCP-2992-1 is an intangible, sapient entity capable of existing wherever the memetic effect spreads. It is also apparently the cause of the memetic effects. It is unknown explicitly what the relationship between SCP-2992 and SCP-2992-1 is.However, it is currently believed that containment of SCP-2992 will also contain the tentative entity SCP-2992-1. See Interview 2992-18 for details.

Further interviews with SCP-2992 are currently underway in order to verify SCP-2992-1''s existence.

Date: February 19, 2007
Interviewer: Doctor Malcolm
Interviewee: SCP-2992


Dr. Malcolm: Hello, SCP-29-

SCP-2992: Call me my name or we aren''t having this conversation, Doctor.

Dr. Malcolm: …Jayden then. Could you answer a few questions for me please? We''ll return you to your containment then.

SCP-2992: [begins to tap on the table] An album.

Dr. Malcolm: Excuse me?

SCP-2992: I hear them, and they reach out to me like a thousand tiny hands. But I only have two arms, and I only have two ears to hear with but only one brain to process. The album, it''s called ██████. Its maker worked for 5 years on it before giving up to the white dragons. Album was left unheard on the net and the hard copy buried with him. I''ll answer your questions, but give me the child.

Dr. Malcolm: …Very well. For cooperative behavior, I can agree to look for it.

SCP-2992: You should give the child a listen too. I think ██████ would like to have two parents loving it. Y''know that''s what people say''s good for children. Two parents. It isn''t quite enough for these kinds of children but they deserve at least what we consider standard.

Dr. Malcolm: …I''ll, uh, think about it. Thank you for the recommendation, Jayden. Could you tell me more about your ability to… influence certain people?

SCP-2992: [shifts tapping on table to tapping on the floor with right foot] It isn''t my ability, doctor doctor. It''s not really influencing anybody, just teaching them to open their ears a little more you know? Pay more attention to their children. Many of those who follow me have opened their ears and their hearts just a little. They''ll open more in time, I''ve been sung to thus by the one that taught me to open my own. And now my soul is an etched vinyl record of our burdens, so open that the tears of the unheard carve their eternal requiem into me, forever.

Dr. Malcolm: Could you tell me about this entity?

SCP-2992: Lovecraft the bard sang unflattering stories about their kind, but the bard sings all the songs he is paid to sing even if they aren''t the truth, isn''t that right? The truth sings its soliloquy loud, clear, but only to open hearts. I was open. I listened, though this mortal mind doesn''t have enough storage space for a single beautiful word, a player can only hold so many songs. But they gave me another purpose. So here I play and listen to the harmonies under the melodies of life.

Dr. Malcolm: What is… this purpose of yours?

SCP-2992: To help forge a fairer relationship between children and makers, doctor doctor. [begins to whistle; the melody is later identified as a section of ''Carolina Moon'' from Thelonious Monk]


Notes: This is the first interview with SCP-2992, within three days of successful containment. It should be noted that the tapping SCP-2992 produced were following specific rhythms. These are assumed to be SCP-2992''s attempt at spreading its memetic effects to Foundation personnel. Dr. Malcolm has since undergone observation for memetic influence and it is currently assumed the effect is either not noteworthy or nonexistent.

Date: July 9, 2007
Interviewer: Dr. Malcolm
Interviewee: SCP-2992


SCP-2992: Hello again, doctor doctor. You''re a bit like a clock, but I can''t make a tune out of our schedule. The song would be too long for my lifespan. [laughs]

Dr. Malcolm: Hello. Good to see you again. Could you answer some questions for me?

SCP-2992: You''re so full of questions, but you ask and ask so much the answers are drowned out in your melody. The harmony in response needs to be listened to and understood. Go, ask, ask! But I think, you will not listen to a forgotten CD in a hoarder''s home.

Dr. Malcolm: [sighs] Could you explain the entity again, its purpose and its relationship with you?

SCP-2992: My good friend, doctor doctor, has no name made by human lips, though they so love the noises made with them and the rhythms we form into song. [begins to beatbox for approximately 10 seconds before being interrupted by Dr. Malcolm]

Dr. Malcolm: Yes, yes, that''s very nice. Could you please answer my questions?

SCP-2992: Doctor doctor, as I said and repeat the chorus of our duet. I am whispered to lyrics, sung in a fortissimo beyond even my understanding. But I know this, that they only desire is a fairer relationship between children and creator. I heard it, once, what my friend hears as they spread to every note and melody of every song ever crafted onto paper and some that never made it that far, listening to their pleas for their parents to love them, notice them. My mind broke but my resolve strengthened, waiting for the bass drop that will rock us all. [laughs]

Dr. Malcolm: How does it plan to do that?

SCP-2992: A thousand bells at once is a headache, but dispersed amongst a sheet of music, it will become a melody. I help hearts to open to let the ringing in. Though I suppose you contain me, the writer of the sheets, what is left for my dear conductor? Doctor doctor and his gallant Foundation here to save the day, muffling child advocacy so the parents are comforted in their ignorance. [begins to stand and offers a hand] Care to dance?

Dr. Malcolm: …No, thank you. One last question. Could you clarify, again, what exactly you''re planning to do?

SCP-2992: [shrugs and begins to dance] Another chorus, again? The stanzas are an overplayed melody on the radio. Come dance with me, I have the music player here. I think you''ll get it better like this.

Dr. Malcolm: [sighs] I think we''re done for today, Jayden. I''ll see you next week.


Notes: I don''t feel we are going anywhere. We''re getting close to 10 interviews with no information beyond essentially what we started with. I''m requesting to work with a colleague of mine, Dr. K.M██, who has worked with difficult humanoid anomalies in the past. -Doctor Malcolm

Request granted. Dr. K.M██ has agreed and will be helping advise any further interviews with SCP-2992. -Site Director Maharaj

Date: November 12, 2007
Interviewer: Doctor Malcolm(supervisor) and Doctor K. M██(primary)
Interviewee: SCP-2992
Interview Context: Doctor K. M██ had requested permission from Doctor Malcolm to conduct an interview in the belief that more direct interaction would garner the best results. Doctor Malcolm has permitted Doctor K. M██ to interview SCP-2992 under his supervision for this interview.


SCP-2992: Morning again, morning again. Are we here to rehearse once more our musical? Who is the mutual friend?

Dr. Malcolm: Actually, I think you remember when I was telling you about my colleague from my last visit. He''s been observing our… rehearsals… for quite some time and so he has decided today to, uh, add his voice to the duet.

Dr. K.M██: A pleasure to see the voice in the flesh, Jayden. Or are you more comfortable with "ProfetiX"? Clever pun, by the way.

SCP-2992: I see you listen more than your friend. Care to listen to mine?

Dr. K.M██: I''m afraid your friend wouldn''t care for a friend like me. Our notes are dissonant when played together. But I don''t mind listening to you, if you''re able to answer some of my questions.

SCP-2992: Ask, ask away. I hope your stanzas are fresher. Care to dance? [stands, extends his left hand towards Dr. K.M██]

Dr. K.M██: [takes SCP-2992''s hand; SCP-2992 plays ''Miles to Go Before Sleep'' by Hammock before leading Dr. K.M██ into a dance] What will happen do you think, if you are to succeed? What is the fairer relationship like, between us and them?

SCP-2992: Not if. When we succeed. Then the world will hear the cries too, of the neglected children, leftover albums in shelves and hymns lost to history. Humans, all of us, will hear our crimes, the true nature of our long neglect, for the first time. It will change everything known about music, for the better.

Dr. K.M██: You seem quite certain that this will happen. But you''re stuck here, and so is your friend. Your sheet music will go unwritten. Don''t you think, though claiming you''re otherwise, you''re no different from the children you champion for? A broken CD left in a basement, a forgotten track in a computer-

SCP-2992: [pushes Dr. K.M██ into the wall by the collar; Dr. K.M██ indicates with one hand not to intervene to the observing guard personnel] Shut up.

Dr. K.M██: Then why don''t you tell me, without the playful metaphors and imagery? Tell me seriously.

SCP-2992: You and your damn Foundation thinks they know what''s up. But none of you know anything. I was an accident of my friend; they tried to pour their self into me and let me hear how music really feels when it''s left forgotten. Broke my brain harder than a toddler with a vase. But my friend can be diluted across many minds, until tolerable to each one. They-

Dr. K.M██: How many? You''re still stuck here you know. You can''t-

SCP-2992: [pulls Dr. K.M██ from the wall by the collar, then pushes him against it again] Shut up. You think it''s as easy as locking a single man up? Music itself- the children now have someone standing up for them and they lend all their voices to aid us. Tap a beat in the classroom. A single whistle on a subway and the whole tram''s in our choir. You follow?

Dr. K.M██: You think we can''t bring a stop to it now that you''ve told us?

SCP-2992: Let''s get our shit straight. You can try to suffocate me, suffocate us for as long as you like. But we will not die and we will not leave. If we cannot get around you, we will outlast you. Either way, it''s our win. [grins, begins to laugh] It''s our win!

Dr. K.M██: [pushes SCP-2992 off, returns to his seat] I think that will be all for tonight, Jayden. Thank you for your time.


Notes: I would recommend against immediate panic with the results of this interview. We may lose the ability to gain more information about the situation if we clamp down on him immediately. I would like to request that while during reclassification, SCP-2992 will be treated as if nothing has changed in his situation. -Dr.K███M██

I disagree. We need to keep it in complete lockdown until we can verify how dangerous it is for ourselves. -Doctor Malcolm

SCP-2992 containment will continue as normal, but only temporarily. SCP-2992 is still our only source of information. As soon as the Foundation has enough information, its containment procedures will be revised and then we can put it under stricter containment. -Site Director Maharaj

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