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Item #: SCP-3242

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-3242 instances are to be kept in storage lockers, designated 3242-A through 3242-G (as there are currently 7 instances in Foundation custody). The storage lockers are to be soundproofed, and located in the Secure Storage Wing of Site-12. No members of the Canis genus are to be allowed access to the lockers. Any member of Canis genus found approaching Secure Storage Wing are to be terminated.

Access to the lockers is restricted to Level-3 and above. Any unauthorized access to storage lockers 3242-A through 3242-G and any unauthorized instances of SCP-3242-1 are subject to immediate quarantine. Should an entity succeed in escaping Site-12, Mobile Task Force Zeta-14 ("Animal Whisperers") is to be dispatched to track and contain SCP-3242.

Description: SCP-3242 is a set of 21 masks (designated A through U), carved in the likeness of an Egyptian Wolf (canis anthus lupaster). SCP-3242 instances consist of a material visually similar to carnelian-plated gold, but closer to tungsten in terms of hardness and stress resistance, making it significantly more durable. The masks possess no eye holes, instead being replaced by a set of lapis lazuli.

At all times SCP-3242 instances emit a 43 kHz whistling sound, beyond the human hearing limit. The sound modifies the behavior of all members of the Canis genus within a 15-meter radius. Both domesticated and undomesticated members will attempt to bring SCP-3242 to an area frequented by humans, such as a park, school, or inhabited house. Undomesticated members will also exhibit submissive behavior towards SCP-3242-1. No other fauna are affected by the sound, nor are humans.

When placed on the face of a living human, the mask will transform the individual into SCP-3242-1. SCP-3242-1 is a bipedal canid, approximately 2-2.5 meters in height. The entity is entirely composed of the gold-like material that the mask consists of. SCP-3242-1 retains the consciousness of the individual the entity transformed from. The transformation causes changes to the personality, characterized by aggressive/violent reactions. Attempts at removing the mask are invariably met with hostile action.

SCP-3242 first appeared in ancient Egyptian literature, usually in association with the god Wepawet1. The entities, along with SCP-3242, have also appeared several times on murals found in the tombs of Egyptian Pharaohs. The second appearance of the entity was in 15th century Europe, as one of the main causes of the Valais Witch Trials2.

Reports of the entities appeared occasionally across Germany, France, and Scandinavia until the rise of the British Empire in 1707. His Majesty's Foundation for the Containment of the Paranormal had several documents on SCP-3242's locations and actions after its founding, but these were lost during the Foundation civil war in 192█. SCP-3242-1 instances appear to have inspired a significant number of local myths and legends of what is colloquially referred to as "werewolves." However, exposure to full moons, the flowering plant Aconitum3, and silver do not have any effect on the entities.

The existence of SCP-3242 was discovered by the Foundation after multiple reports of missing persons and livestock were filed around █████, Michigan. A containment team was dispatched to find the entity. SCP-3242-D was found in a cave filled with blood and excrement. The entity was tangled in several meters of barbed wire and various bullet wounds were found on its body. The entity was transported to Site-12 where it turned to ash within 2 hours, leaving behind an SCP-3242 instance.

Incident 3242-E-1
SCP-3242-E was tracked into ████████ State Forest, Michigan during recovery by Mobile Task Force Zeta-14. MTF Zeta-14 separated into 7 squads to cover as much ground as possible.


FH1: Target reached, HQ.

HQ: Foxhound, you are to search the area and report back.

FH1: What if we encounter the entity?

HQ: Report and wait for instruction.

FH1: Of course HQ, over and out.


FH1: HQ, this is Foxhound.

HQ: Go ahead Foxhound.

FH1: We’ve spotted several animals following us. They appear to be wolves.

HQ: Stay on guard, they could be affected by the entity.

FH1: We will HQ, over and out.


FH1: HQ, we need backup.

HQ: What is the situation Foxhound?

FH1: The wolves have circled us.

HQ: Stay put, we’re sending Bulldog, ETA 5 minutes.

FH1: We have another situation.

HQ: What is it Foxhound?

FH1: The entity is here.

HQ: Bulldog is 20 seconds out, what is the entity doing?

FH1: It appears to be holding something, HQ.

HQ: What is it holding, Foxhound?

FH1: It looks li- STAY BACK!

Several shots from a Shock Rifle4 are heard.

HQ: What’s happening, Foxhound?


Several more shots are heard, along with growling and yelps of pain.

HQ: Foxhound, Bulldog is at your position!

The shots cease. Several more yelps of pain are heard.

FH1: The wolves are taken care of, HQ.

HQ: We are sending a containment crew to your location. Where is the entity?

FH1: It escaped in the confusion. We found what it was holding.

HQ: What is it Foxhound?

FH1: It’s a letter.

HQ: What does it say?

FH1: It says 'Set's Disciples are coming for Wepawet'.

<End Log>

Addendum: It is currently unknown who 'Set's Disciples' are, or what their involvement with SCP-3242 is.

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