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Item #: SCP-3248

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-3248 is currently owned and occupied by Agent Carnigan. During SCP-3248-1 events, the windows of SCP-3248 are to be sealed, and soundproofing equipment within SCP-3248 is to be activated.

Description: SCP-3248 is a two story house located in Evansville, Indiana. SCP-3248 was previously owned by Dr. Herald Sullivan, a medical practitioner specializing in surgery. No links between Dr. Sullivan and any other anomalous phenomena have been discovered.

On the 10th of every month at exactly 0400 hours local time, an SCP-3248-1 event will begin. The interior of the house will be remodeled to resemble its appearance on October 10th, 1979. Furniture will appear and disappear during this period, and any personnel within SCP-3248 during an SCP-3248-1 event are considered lost until its conclusion. Entry into SCP-3248 is impossible at this time.

During an SCP-3248-1 event, Dr. Sullivan and his family1 will materialize in their beds, and awake soon afterwards. The family will set up their house for an upcoming party with several colleagues and friends. The party will commence at approximately 1800 hours local time. Guests will materialize at the front step of SCP-3248, and will be allowed in.

All SCP-3248-1 events have been nearly identical, save for the occurrence of an SCP-3248-2 event. At some point during the festivities, one of the partygoers will murder Dr. Sullivan. The method of murder and the partygoer that commits the murder has differed for every SCP-3248-2 event. The partygoers will react with shock, and will attempt to call authorities or, in some cases, attempt to leave2. The SCP-3248-1 event will always end at midnight.

The Foundation has been aware of SCP-3248's anomalous properties since its discovery in 1985. An abridged log of SCP-3248-1 and SCP-3248-2 events have been documented below. For a full log, please contact Project Supervisor Mel or the on-duty HCML supervisor.

Date Murderer Cause of Death Notes
09/10/1985 Gary Gerald Gunshot to the forehead with a Glock-18 pistol, while Dr. Sullivan was drinking a bottle of alcohol. First observed instance of SCP-3248-2
10/10/1985 Matthew Dennis Gunshot to the stomach with a different model of pistol. Dr. Sullivan tries to call the police for help, but expires before he can reach the phone.
03/10/1986 Rachael Johnston Gunshots along Dr. Sullivan's left arm. Dr. Sullivan later died of blood loss. Before the gunshots occurred, Dr. Sullivan attempted to leave the room.
06/10/1986 Eric Cooper Sneaking up behind Dr. Sullivan and slitting his throat with a hunting knife. First recorded SCP-3248-2 event that did not use a gun.
10/10/1986 James Christenson Walking up to Dr. Sullivan and excavating his stomach with a butterfly knife. As Mr. Christenson approached Dr. Sullivan, he began to run away before he pulled out his knife.
01/10/1988 Stephen Contreras Slitting Dr. Sullivan's wrists multiple times until he died of blood loss. This was the first SCP-3248-2 event that occurred outside of the living room. Dr. Sullivan had relocated himself to his kitchen during this time.
05/10/1989 Edward Davis Breaking down the door with a sledgehammer and crushing Dr. Sullivan's head. Dr. Sullivan had hidden himself in the bathroom during this time.
09/10/1991 Bertha Sullivan Igniting Dr. Sullivan using a matchstick. SCP-3248 caught on fire during this time. However, at the end of the SCP-3248-1 event, all damage to SCP-3248 was repaired.
02/10/1992 Sharon Garcia Drowning Dr. Sullivan in his toilet. Dr. Sullivan was hiding in the bathroom again.
12/10/1993 Robert Brown Securing Dr. Sullivan to the ground with rope and sawing off his legs with a hacksaw. Dr. Sullivan attempted to resist this action.
04/10/1994 Edmond Sullivan3 Ritually sacrificing Dr. Sullivan using SCP-████. First noted use of ritual sacrifice and an SCP object in an SCP-3248-2 event.
07/10/1997 James Sullivan Securing Dr. Sullivan to the ground and carving a symbol belonging to [DATA EXPUNGED] using his fingernails. Dr. Sullivan eventually dies of blood loss. N/A
10/10/2001 Mark Sullivan Four other party guests secure Dr. Sullivan to the ground. Mark Sullivan then picks the skin off of Dr. Sullivan's face and consumes it. Dr. Sullivan eventually dies of blood loss. Dr. Sullivan did not resist during this event.

Addendum 01: Further Notes

  • Dr. Sullivan held a party on October 10th, 1979, in SCP-3248 before it gained its anomalous properties.
  • The guests at this party and the guests of SCP-3248-1 events differed greatly.
  • Investigation into guests of SCP-3248-1 has revealed that all died between October 10th, 1979, and November 23rd, 1983. All were also patients of Dr. Sullivan at one point.
  • Further investigation using advanced autopsy procedures on recoverable cadavers revealed that all of these guests died within three days of their medical appointments with Dr. Sullivan, and had SCP-████4 in circulation.
  • Dr. Sullivan disappeared on November 23rd, 1983. His cadaver was later found in a nearby river. Cause of death could not be determined.
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