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Item #: SCP-3297

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-3297 is to be held within a standard humanoid containment chamber. Cleaning of SCP-3297's containment cell is to be carried out once weekly only when it is dormant. The dormant state can be triggered by lowering the temperature of its containment cell below 20°C ten minutes before entry. No meals are to be provided.

SCP-3297 is to be visited by one D-Class personnel once a day for no longer than 1 hour. D-Class exposed to the entity are to be rotated on a weekly schedule.

Description: SCP-3297 is a member of an unknown species in the True Bug (Hemiptera) superfamily closest resembling Cicada (Cicadomorpha ), which disguises its arthropod appearance using a psychic illusion. SCP-3297 incorporates its insect biology into its human disguise by masking its apposition compound eyes as a pair of very thick and pale-opaque glasses, and membranous wings as a shawl. It possesses a chitinous brown exoskeleton, stands upright, and has 6 uniramous extremities. The first pair is used to grab and use items. The lower pair is used in locomotion, while the middle pair is atrophied, appearing to have become vestigial.

SCP-3297's disguise takes on the visual appearance of an octogenarian Caucasian female measuring 1.6m (around the same height as the entity) and looking to weigh between 70-75kg (the entity weighs 50kg). Though it has been known to change its disguise from time to time, curly white hair, floral patterns on clothing, flip-flops, and sunspots are a common feature. The entity's disguise does not extend to photos or videos taken of it in which it appears in its true form. The entity is capable of speech and is intelligent, referring to itself with various colloquialisms for grandmother.

SCP-3297 possesses mind-altering and reading capabilities, which thus far have only been recorded to work on humans interacting with it. SCP-3297 will plant false memories of itself onto a subject's mind as if it were their grandmother and gradually replace memories not involving itself. Planted memories are always pleasant and usually involve food, toys, or Catholic holidays. Though these memories are often inconsistent with most subject's histories and backgrounds, those under the entity's effects will not find these inconsistencies unusual and will treat them as factual events. Subjects previously exposed to SCP-3297 viewing the entity in its true form will still regard it as their grandmother.

The start of a memory manipulation event is marked by a sharp decrease in brain activity in exposed subjects. SCP-3297 will begin narrating the events of said planted memory in detail while subjects remain in a trance-like state. Once the memory has been narrated in full the subject will resume normal brain activity with dramatically heightened activity in the left prefrontal cortex, the part of the brain associated with happiness. Due to the disproportionate amount of memories SCP-3297 erases compared to the amount it plants, prolonged exposure to the entity may lead to negative effects. (Read Document 3297-232 for further details).

When not engaging in memory manipulation, SCP-3297 is very talkative and will engage in conversation if prompted. Common topics of conversation include weather, confectionery recipes, Bible passages, kittens/cats, and requests for knitting supplies. Despite its chattiness, SCP-3297 will not cooperate when interviewed and insists it is "just a regular old granny" when questioned on its origins and anomalous properties.

Addendum: Repeated tests reveal increased neurosecretory cell activity in the brain of the entity as it manipulates memories. This has lead Dr. Molina to theorize that SCP-3297 feeds on memories and implants positive ones in order to have a reliable food source willing to return to it after creating new memories with which to feed on.

Experiment 232
Abstract: The purpose of Experiment 232 will be to determine the long-term effects of SCP-3297's memory manipulation. D-1221, a newly arrived D-Class has been allocated for use in the experiment. The subject will be questioned as to childhood memories, D-Class designation, and the contents of their lunch. For the sake of the experiment the subject will not be housed with other D-Class and will instead receive private accommodations.

Day 1: Subject is able to answer all questions without fail.

Day 10: Subject answered all but one question accurately; they were not able to remember what they had for lunch and could not remember having eaten anything.

Day 11: Subject is able to answer all questions without inaccuracies including the contents of his lunch today. It appears that newer memories are not prioritized by SCP-3297.

Day 18: Subject answered all but one question accurately; they were not able to remember their hometown. The subject was reminded they were born and raised in ██████, Virginia. D-1221 was relieved to remember this information but was still agitated.

Day 19: Subject's memory of their hometown appears to be completely wiped. According to D-1221, he cannot remember anything about where he grew up but does remember Researcher Rabui telling him about this yesterday. D-1221 is very troubled by this and was in a state of panic following interrogation, requiring restraints to be escorted to his living quarters.

Day 26: Subject continues to answer all questions but the fourth correctly. Due to the amount of distress this has inflicted, the question will no longer be asked.

Day 30: Subject claims to not remember ever being asked questions following interactions with SCP-3297. Regardless, he was still able to answer the questions without issue. Subject claims to be concerned for his health as he is having difficulty remembering things aside from his time spent with SCP-3297.

Day 37: Subject has been unable to recall their age for 4 days and is showing symptoms of anxiety and depression when not in SCP-3297's proximity. Following the post-interaction interrogation, D-1221 expressed concerns about his mental health and is requesting psychiatrical assistance. The request was denied out of the possibility of affecting experiment results.

Day 45: Subject could no longer remember his name following interaction with SCP-3297. Due to suffering a panic attack, D-1221 had to be escorted to his quarters and no further questions were asked. SCP-3297 appears to either be hesitant or unable to erase fundamental concepts such as one's identity until few other memories remain.

Day 48: Subject has been highly unresponsive for two days. He does not speak in coherent sentences and only talks about the planted memories from SCP-3297 as if they are the only thing he can remember fully. D-1221 no longer answers to his D-Class designation and is struggling to walk. A wheelchair has been provided for ease of mobility.

Day 52: SCP-3297 has expressed a displeasure with D-1221's behavior, accusing him of being rude for not responding when spoken to. The subject is entering withdrawn states when not in SCP-3297's presence and babbles incoherently like an infant would. A simple mathematic equation was presented to the subject along with a pen and paper to answer. D-1221 spent 3 minutes chewing on the pen and playing with the paper before the test was called off. An Electroencephalography (EEG) cap has been requisitioned to facilitate future experiments as the subject's communication abilities have been compromised.

Day 53: The subject was equipped with an EEG cap to record brainwaves before interaction with SCP-3297. The subject's left prefrontal cortex became highly active and D-1221 showed signs of excitement upon making contact with SCP-3297. The entity expressed concern for the subject upon being introduced to its containment cell. SCP-3297 took much longer than any previously recorded manipulation event before commencing. Immediately after the entity finished its narration the subject became highly unresponsive. EEG recordings from this point forward were comparable with the brain activity of individuals in a deep coma. The subject has been outfitted with a gastric feeding tube and oxygen mask to facilitate his continued existence.

Day 54: The subject was outfitted with an EEG cap and wheeled into SCP-3297's containment cell. Once again the subject's left prefrontal cortex became active despite his otherwise unresponsive state. SCP-3297 expressed pity for the subject and proceeded to narrate children's stories and nursery rhymes while caressing D-1221. No memory manipulation event took place during the 4 hours the subject was exposed to the entity. A CT Scan revealed significant damage to D-1221's brain. The subject's hippocampus had shrunken significantly while the ventricles had swelled in size, similar to that of a person suffering from the later stages of Alzheimer's Disease.

All future visits and experiments with SCP-3297 have been placed on hold by order of the Ethics Committee. Deliberation of D-1221 is pending.

Day 58: SCP-3297 requested to speak with the staff in regards to the status of D-1221. The entity expressed a desire to see the subject, wishing to sing to him and bake cookies 'so he gets better'.

SCP-3297's request was denied.

Day 59: The Ethics Committee has opted to terminate D-1221. Special Containment procedures have been updated to include a rotation of D-Class personnel in order to avoid needless damage to future D-Class interacting with SCP-3297.

SCP-3297 was informed D-1221 would not be returning to visit. The entity exhibited signs of sadness and appeared to sulk before stating; "I have so many grandchildren and I love them all so very much, but it aches my old heart to know he won't be returning like so many of my other dears. He might forget about little old me, but gramma always remembers."

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