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EuclidSCP-3388 Too Many WolvesRate: 48

Item #: SCP-3388

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: Due to the uncontrollable nature of the anomaly, SCP-3388 is kept at Site-78-A, a residential structure cordoned off from the neighboring area. Containment efforts are focused on minimizing the frequency of SCP-3388-2 events. MTF Upsilon-XI ("Some Cocky Pun"), is to be deployed in the event of a containment breach.

SCP-3388 is to be blindfolded and dressed in bite-resistant body armor and fed by two armored personnel. Subject is allowed certain small-sized granola/energy bars upon request. Personnel are to tranquilize instances of SCP-3388-2, if practicable, and ensure the safety of SCP-3388.

Discussions are ongoing between the Foundation and "Stuff of Dreams LLC" regarding the safe neutralization of SCP-3388's anomalous effects.

Description: SCP-3388 is a Caucasian female who causes nearby inanimate objects to spontaneously transform into one or more gray wolves1 roughly arranged in the shape of the object they have replaced and scaled to size. The wolves (SCP-3388-2) display no anomalous behavior, although in many cases they are capable of replicating the basic actions of the object(s) they have replaced.

Attempts to contain SCP-3388 resulted in the continuous manifestation of gray wolves until such time as Foundation personnel temporarily vacated the area. Personnel re-established contact with the subject and made her aware of the situation, after which the subject was successfully contained following the implementation of Marlowe-Stormberg Hostile Extraction Protocol 2.

Several days after containment, a letter was left addressed to the subject on Site-78-A addressed from "Stuff of Dreams LLC." The source of the anomaly, according to the letter, stemmed from an unspecified interaction between the subject and the organization in question. The subject then began to experience anomalous effects in public. The letter addressed SCP-3388's anomalous properties, and apologized for the "unintended effects".

Both the company and the subject agree that the anomalous effects were unintentional and the result of some "malfunction", although subject denies having made any definitive agreements. Citing loss of their personal vehicle, as well as physical and psychological trauma sustained (up to and including containment), SCP-3388 has declared their intent to sue "Stuff of Dreams LLC" for damages.

"Stuff of Dreams" responded some days later by returning SCP-3388's vehicle, unchanged from its anomalous transformation. SCP-3388 perceived this to be an insult, and began to threaten "exposing" the company to the public. "Stuff of Dreams" then sent a representative to Site-78 with the purpose of mediating a resolution with SCP-3388.

The representative, going by the name "Mr. Ice", refused to allow SCP-3388 to be amnesticized without first reaching an agreement, as they claimed the subject's "unconscious memories" would be unaffected, leading to the subject spreading knowledge of this conflict to the "pool of potential clientele" whilst dreaming. Mr. Ice apparently attempted to imply that this would likely lead to a leak of sensitive information obtained by SCP-3388 while in containment. As such, a mediation session was agreed to.


Mediation Log, 10/25/20██

Note: SCP-3388 had requested the services of a Foundation-appointed attorney. Personnel on-site have postponed making a decision pending the outcome of this mediation attempt. "Stuff of Dreams LLC" are represented by an individual calling themselves "Mr. Ice"

<Begin Log 11:04:48>

Agent West: Let's get started. [NAME REDACTED], would you begin?

SCP-3388: Alright, so I had a weird dream [Subject gesticulates to Mr. Ice] brought about by them, I guess. I wake up —

Agent West: You don't remember the dream?

SCP-3388: I remember that I had the dream and that it felt uncomfortable. I wake up, and get out of bed, on my way to work, I almost get hit by some ass cutting me off without using a turning-signal. I got a little freaked out and pulled in to a parking lot of a 7-11 to get some air. I look back, and my car is made of hair. Then it starts wriggling and writhing, and I see wolves' heads poking out of it. Suddenly they're all barking at me wildly, and then the car just runs off. Like, each of the wheels became a wolf, and the four started running all together.

Mr. Ice: Excuse me —

SCP-3388: I'm not done. So I run into the 7-11 and start screaming for a phone, since I'd left mine in the car. They pointed me to a payphone, and when I turned around, the shelves collapsed into a pile of wolves. One at a time, each shelf just becomes a pile of wolves. A fucking pile of wolves.

Mr. Ice: This is irrelevant to the issue at hand —

SCP-3388: I'm not done. I run out the door and the wolves start chasing me. At least, I thought they were at the time. I didn't stop running. All around me, stuff was turning into wolves. Street signs, mailboxes, benches, even a few cars. I saw a cop pull a gun and start shooting some of the wolves. His gun became a little wolf, and it started spitting out even littler wolf pups!

Mr. Ice: My company is not refuting the sequence of events leading to [NAME REDACTED]'s containment.

SCP-3388: Listen to me, you fuck; you did this. You caused it somehow, and I have no idea how or why.

Agent West: Please, let's take a step back here. No more interruptions. Mr. Ice?

Mr. Ice: Stuff of Dreams is not in the business of hounding individuals unprovoked. What we do involves a great deal of discretion. To be approached by someone representing us, you have to have made a conscious effort to do so. Ms. [REDACTED] made contact with an individual known to us as a frequent and satisfied client. From there, we established contact with her the night prior to the events previously mentioned.

SCP-3388: That's bullshit.

Mr. Ice: I believe Agent West specified there were to be no further interruptions?

SCP-3388: That's a lie, though. I never asked anyone about 'making my dreams come true'. That's just stupid. And why would I even wish for…like, wolves? Everything turning into wolves?

Mr. Ice: As we've made clear several times, a mistake was made.

Agent West: Could you clarify exactly what you mean by a 'mistake was made'?

Mr. Ice: I'm not at liberty to divulge specifics. The mechanism by which we responded to Ms. [REDACTED]'s request —

SCP-3388: Ms. [REDACTED]'s bullshit

Mr. Ice: Excuse me.

Agent West: [NAME REDACTED], please.

SCP-3388: This is a crock of shit! Where are your logs of this so-called meeting we had? This dream-meet? No, screw that, you could've forged them. Where's security footage or whatever?

Mr. Ice: Security footage. Of a meeting taking place in a dream.

SCP-3388: You know what I don't need this shit. You better find yourself a damn good lawyer, because I'm taking this to fucking "Dream Court".

Mr. Ice: "Dream Court"? How exactly would that work? And what if you lost such a legal battle? Who would enforce the outcome? What stops you from ignoring that outcome and persisting in slandering our reputation?

SCP-3388: Nothing. What stops you from just killing me to shut me up?

Mr. Ice: Killing a dissatisfied customer would be a significant stain on our reputation.

SCP-3388: So then what do you want? Why do any of this?

Mr. Ice: The Foundation is not in the business of casually neutralizing anomalous beings so long as they can be reasonably contained with a reasonable amount of effort expended. They will continue to keep you alive and "malfunctioning" for as long as you should naturally live. What I'm proposing is a mutual agreement, in which we would remove any and all alterations made by Stuff of Dreams to you which may have contributed to your current situation. In exchange, you agree not to hold us in any way liable for these events, and will refrain from making others aware — knowingly or unknowingly — of our role in this unfortunate sequence of events.

SCP-3388: How's that happen?

Mr. Ice: We will go over the details at a later date. Being as you are in Foundation custody, we will have to speak directly with your project overseers at a later date.

SCP-3388: Being held illegally I should add—

[End log]

Addendum: Mr. Ice of "Stuff of Dreams" returned with a formal offer to neutralize SCP-33882 while the subject [NAME REDACTED] would be unharmed and safe to release following amnestic treatment. Mr. Ice explained that he was fully aware of the Foundation's policy towards containment, and explained the motivation behind this offer being the "good name and reputation of Stuff of Dreams." Mr. Ice further explained that SCP-3388 would be able to interact with other anomalous entities via her dreams and damage the reputation of the company.

Foundation personnel on-site are divided over this offer made by Mr. Ice. Arguments have been presented by each side (for and against) and have been presented to Site Director Forelle. Truncated summaries of each presentation are attached.

"Secure, Contain, Protect". That is our motto, and that is our work. It's not supposed to be fun and it's not supposed to be easy. Opportunities like this one are the very reason we still stand today. Existential threats to the very existence of our civilization are staggering in their scale.

We've been lucky more often than we've been successful. When it comes to anomalies, our very way of life is on the line every time we send a Mobile Task Force out there, every time we call in a researcher whose specialization may be tangentially related to an entirely new field of science introduced by an anomaly, and every time one of these anomalies ends up outsmarting or overcoming our best efforts and kills someone.

It's our job to be perfect. We have to keep every single anomaly from destroying lives, destroying civilization, in some cases from destroying reality itself. And we are only human. The burden this places on us is titanic, and we can't afford the slightest falter in our resolve and our work. We've got people trained in abnormal psychology or nuclear physics who go home each night suffering burnout and PTSD like career EMTs or soldiers experience; we see a suicide rate among our personnel to rival them, as well.

We are only human, and we can only handle so much. The means by which we operate requires complete discretion, and the more anomalies we come across and catalogue, the heavier that burden on us becomes. And the heavier that burden, the sooner that day comes when an anomaly breaks containment in such a way that deploying a clean-up crew just can't fix. The masquerade will inevitably break the more we take on under our current system.

An anomaly has sprung up, one which will likely require our intensive monitoring for decades to come. A life is being destroyed by this anomaly. We will lock her away and keep watch over her for the rest of her life. Other lives will be destroyed trying to deal with this anomaly's effects. A child will go to bed while their mother goes to work one night, and that child will wake up and find the door still shut, the house still a mess, no lunch prepared for them for school that day. Hours will pass and that child won't ever see their mother walk through the front door ever again.

And it's our fault. It's our fault if we turn down this offer, this gift given to us. It's our policy not to destroy what can be reasonably contained. Put a little thought into what's being offered to us by this Stuff of Dreams company. Even if they're lying to us, what do you imagine their response would be if we refuse them? I doubt they'd let SCP-3388 remain in captivity. So we upgrade her to keter and have ourselves a containment arms race with them and our joyless work will go on, that much harder because we refuse to budge in the slightest.

If we accept, SCP-3388 will be neutralized. Her anomalous properties will be removed, and she will be left alive and unharmed. A series of amnestic treatments later, she will go back home and her life will resume. Everyone currently involved in containing her will get to breathe that much more easily.

Foundation personnel will still die. They'll still go home and struggle with the harsh realities of their lives. They'll still take their own lives when they've endured too much. Why make it worse? If we refuse the offer, what do we get over them? They'll disappear and continue operating, invading people's dreams and spreading their special brand of chaos for us to clean up after. If we accept their offer, they'll continue doing exactly the same thing.

Our lives are already set. We secure, we contain, and we protect. Our lives are devoted now to this cause. [NAME REDACTED]'s life can be saved. All we need to do is have some courage and say "We will not allow someone to suffer because we were too stubborn and too trapped in our own dogmatic ideals to compromise for the sake of an innocent life."

We may set a new standard when it comes to dealing with anomalous entities in the future, but how is that any different from what's happening now? Innocent people become affected by anomalies, or outright killed by them, and none of the responsible parties come to us offering a fix.

It's only one life, but one life is enough. We cannot ever lay down our burdens, but if we ignore these offers of help given to us, we will crumble beneath them. It is not wrong to accept help when offered. We can't fight the entire world. We accept what help is offered to us, and we can get back to our duty of securing, containing, and protecting.

"Secure, Contain, Protect" is our bylaw. It is our work, but it is woefully inefficient to justify everything we do. Tracking down anomalies and keeping them contained is a mere hotfix to a far more important issues. Securing and containing anomalies is merely treatment of symptoms. Protection comes from understanding the anomaly.

The burden of protecting people from the anomalous is hoisted upon us because we can handle it. Alone amongst virtually all other governmental and non-governmental organizations (certain major examples aside), we are qualified to this business not just of containment, but of future prevention as much as possible. Things that can't be explained by modern science come to us, and we enlist the best of the best from around the world to doing all we can to understand these things. Many times we fail to fully comprehend, but even in this failure we gather invaluable information that helps us, at the very least, better contain the anomaly and future anomalies related to them.

We're faced here with an unusual anomaly affecting a young woman. By her mere presence and our containment efforts, the source of her anomaly was made known to us. Contact with groups of interest is volatile, and in this case we were lucky. What little intel we get from these types of meetings is fleeting at best. We often don't even get information on any group of interest until long after they've "struck". "Stuff of Dreams" came to us offering to undo what they did, with seemingly no strings attached.

This is exactly what they want; a hotfix to save face. We let them fix up SCP-3388 and we let her go, and we gain absolutely nothing from the encounter. We know very little about this group, and have no way of directly interacting or infiltrating them. We don't even know if this Mr. Ice represents them at all, or if "Stuff of Dreams" is even a true functioning company. Their motives, if they even have any, are a mystery. By letting them neutralize SCP-3388 without further incident, we let them learn from their mistake and go on about their business. The next incident they cause might not be as containable as SCP-3388.

Containing anomalous entities like SCP-3388 isn't supposed to be a case of hoarding anomalies because we don't know what else to do with them. There's a reason we experiment and occasionally cross-test. We need to learn, not just to sate the irresistible lust for knowledge innate to humankind, but to better secure ourselves with better information for the future.

Consider SCP-████. We kept it contained, virtually untouched and forgotten for more than 30 years. It wasn't until the digital revolution and encounters with anomalies like SCP-███ and SCP-████ that we learned how to deal with SCP-████. The day it was downgraded from Euclid to Safe was one of the shining moments of some of our careers, a major achievement in scientific advancement in the understanding of non-Euclidean physiologies.

Each number in the SCP archives is a potential time capsule, waiting for us to catch up to its level of scientific understanding before baring to us its secrets and potential. Something completely inconceivable in 1995 may be the key to understanding another anomaly in 2015 or 2058, even to neutralizing some previously unknown, uncontainable terror.

Given how little we know of the Stuff people and how they operate, why should we believe that they would be so willing to cooperate with us for such a clear-cut reason as "customer satisfaction"? The fact that they caused SCP-3388 and are giving pure business reasoning for neutralizing it will not help us if we agree to let go of this anomaly. There's no telling what retention of SCP-3388 will allow us to learn about this particular type of anomaly in the future. There's no telling if SCP-3388 herself won't provide us with valuable intel on Stuff of Dreams, whether by active infiltration or recovered memories from their initial encounter.

The life of one young woman is indeed being destroyed, by her own actions or not. There is nothing stopping them from neutralizing her without our cooperation; they don't care about her.

Any one of you working for the Foundation long enough to be reading this should know just how precious an opportunity like this can be. We haven't gotten this far by fretting over small sacrifices like this. SCP-3388 is one life, and she will continue to live a safe and comfortable life in our custody. She will have more than just food and shelter, but plenty of accommodations to make any minimum security prison look like ADX Florence.

Given the choice of abandoning this valuable link to the Stuff people without any strings attached and keeping her fat and happy the rest of her life while we spend millions of man-hours learning all we can from her anomaly, we'd call this decision a bargain.

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