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Cain Braumer prior to his death

Item #: SCP-3482

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: As SCP-3482 is unable to be moved from it’s current position, the building around SCP-3482 has been acquired by the Foundation under the guise of building a storage facility. There are to be no fewer than 2 guards surveying the premises of SCP-3482’s containment area to keep out civilians. Any civilians who enter the premises of SCP-3482’s containment area are to be given Class-A amnestics and released. Subject is to undergo counseling for PTSD and depression every 3-4 days.

SCP-3482 has requested the following:

  • A computer with internet access and voice recognition technology (Denied)
  • To contact former friends and family (Denied)
  • A wall mounted television (Approved, contingent on good behavior)
  • Framed photos of family members (Approved)
  • A pet cat to interact with (Denied)
  • To have family informed of its current condition (Denied)

Description: SCP-3482 is an immobile, floating entity resembling the former Cain Braumer, a 22 year old Caucasian male approximately 1.78 meters tall with black hair. On 04/23/2017, Cain Braumer died of an undiagnosed heart condition in the Grantford Memorial Mall in Boston, Massachusetts. SCP-3482 was formed approximately 10 meters above where Cain Braumer, appearing exactly as Cain Braumer had before his death. SCP-3482 is unable to move from this floating position, describing it as being centered around its torso. No known way has been found to be able to move SCP-3482, partially to its secondary anomalous effect.

All matter that makes contact with SCP-3482 passes through SCP-3482, causing the object to become covered in a thin layer of blue frost. Chemical analysis of this frost has shown it to only be ice. Other than the blue tint, the frost is non anomalous. Living beings who pass through SCP-3482 develop mild hypothermia within 5 seconds of submersion into SCP-3482. Despite this, SCP-3482 claims to not feel any temperature, from itself or otherwise. In addition, SCP-3482 hasn’t expressed the need for basic human needs such as water, food, or oxygen. SCP-3482 is currently suffering from PTSD due to having to cope with the shock of dying as well as mild depression due to the inability to contact its former family.


The following is a transcript from the security footage at the Grantford Memorial Mall in Boston, Massachusetts that recorded the creation of SCP-3482.

0:31:16 - Cain Braumer is seen entering the main entrance of the building

0:35:27 - Cain Braumer suddenly clutches his chest in apparent pain and collapses onto the floor

0:35:34 - Phillip Sterns, a trained EMT who was off-duty at the time, is seen grabbing a nearby AED off of a wall and running over to the collapsed Cain Braumer

0:35:42 - Phillip Sterns is seen using the AED on Cain Braumer

0:35:56 - A blue light is seen starting to emanate from Cain Braumer‘s eyes, mouth, and nostrils. During this time a blue mist like substance is also seen emitting out of Cain Braumer‘s mouth and appears to move slowly upwards

0:36:02 - Phillip Sterns is seen using the AED on Cain Braumer a second time. Thermal imaging has show that Cain Braumer‘s heart restarts for approximately 3 seconds, then dies again

0:36:05 - The light that was emanating from Cain Braumer abruptly stops after his heart restarts.

0:6:12 - The blue mist that was emanating from Cain Braumer collects into a singular mass. This mass then materializes into SCP-3482 in it’s current state

At this time the Foundation was contacted by an off-duty agent on the scene. All witnesses were administered Class-B amnestics and released.

Addendum 2:

The following is the transcript from one of SCP-3482’s therapy sessions to address SCP-3482’s developed PTSD and depression.

Date: 07/04/2017

Interviewee: SCP-3482

Interviewer: Dr. Bayl


Dr. Bayl: Hello SCP-3482.

SCP-3482: Hey, what’s going on?

Dr. Bayl: I’m just here to ask about how you’re faring with your condition.

SCP-3482: It hasn’t been easy. Still gettin’ used to not being able to move. I actually miss sleeping, but I guess that’s just because I’m used to it.

Dr. Bayl: Yes, of course, but is there any other problems you’ve been facing lately?

SCP-3482: Well, there is something. For most of my life I’ve been a pretty religious person. My parents were Christian, I went to a private Christian school, the whole shebang. I’ve never been super religious myself, but I went to church most Sundays and all that. It helped my head get around the thought of “Hey, maybe there is something after death.” But ever since I’ve been…this-

(SCP-3482 moves both arms up and down to indicate its body)

-things haven’t really been the same. I’ve felt like I’ve been forgotten. It’s hard to describe….. it’s….. it’s like I’ve invited someone to a birthday party, but they didn’t show up, y’know what I mean?

Dr. Bayl: Yes, I do think understand. Try to be more specific, what do you feel is missing?

SCP-3482: You mean other than by body? Well, whenever I was doing religious stuff, I always felt like someone was there with me. Like I was never alone, but ever since I woke up to my body on the floor below me and strung up in the air like a piñata, I’ve just had this emptiness in my gut. Like God just… forgot about me…

Dr. Bayl: Well have you tried praying or any other things you used to do? Maybe you’ve felt alone because this situation is extremely unfamiliar.

SCP-3482: That’s the thing. I’ve tried prayers, hymns, I’ve even stated reciting as much as I can remember about the Bible. Nothing has worked. It’s like I’m chucking all of it into a black hole.

Dr. Bayl: Have you tried doing anything to take your mind off of your condition?

SCP-3482: I requested a TV, but I think I just need to talk to somebody who understands me. I’ve already requested it, but could you try to find a way for me to contact my family? If I could talk to them I’d be ecstatic, but could you just tell them I’m not dead. At least not completely dead?

Dr. Bayl: I’ll see what I can do.


He doesn’t seem like much of a threat. He’s stuck in place and seems to not have the will to try and move. Requesting declassification to Safe - Dr. Bayl

Request denied. Although SCP-3482 may be in place for now, it is unknown whether it will remain that way. If SCP-3482 was to regain mobility, it would be completely uncontainable by the Foundation’s means. Euclid is for uncertainty of containment, not necessarily for the safety of others. - 05-3

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