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Item #: SCP-3494

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-3494 is to be kept inside a heat-proof, lead-lined chamber. The chamber is to be kept entirely sealed with the exception of one electrical lead wire threaded through the chamber wall, connecting to a light socket on the chamber's ceiling. The external electric line is to be connected to a 110V power source and equipped with a switch. The switch is to be flipped every hour.

All personnel in the chamber's vicinity are required to wear thermoluminescent dosimeters at all times. Sentries are to observe the chamber in shifts no longer than four hours. Active sentries are to submit to physical examinations every seven days. Any personnel found to have absorbed an excess of 300 mGy are to be transferred to other duties immediately.

In the case of any variation in expected radiation levels, containment breach, or unexpected levels of warmth or darkness, Mobile Task Force β-7 ("Maz Hatters") is to be notified immediately.

Description: SCP-3494 is a double-coil light bulb, consistent with T██████ bulb design of the 1940s.

When SCP-3494 is connected to a power supply of 110V, it begins to emit electromagnetic radiation of frequencies ranging from approximately 3GHz to 3PHz. The upper bound of this range grows with time, typically reaching frequencies of over 50PHz within thirty minutes and 50EHz within ninety minutes. Emitted alpha (α) and beta (β) particles have also been observed in conjunction with emission frequencies over 10EHz.

An examination of Foundation records on SCP-3494 indicates that the speed at which these higher frequencies manifest appears to have doubled over the last ██ years.

When SCP-3494 is disconnected from power, its emissions of electromagnetic radiation, α-particles, and β-particles cease and evidently reverse. The strength and rate of this absorption similarly increases with time, but has proven more difficult to measure. Immediately after disconnecting SCP-3494 from its power supply, it ceases to reflect visible light. After two minutes, no visible light escapes a ten meter radius. Infrared sensors are similarly unable to observe SCP-3494 when it is unpowered.

This absorptive effect led directly to the discovery of SCP-3494 on ██████ ██, ████, when it was found at the center of an unexpectedly radiation-free zone in ████████ nearly two hundred meters in diameter.

Procedure: SCP-3494 is provided uninterrupted power.
Result: Test was aborted after twelve hours when the containment chamber housing SCP-3494 melted. Drs. ██████ and █████, stationed on the observation deck, succumbed to severe radiation sickness and died within two hours of the test's conclusion.

Procedure: SCP-3494 is separated from power source.
Result: Test was aborted after sixteen hours due to sustained visual blackout of all nearby observation decks. Research assistant ███████, who had been standing directly outside the containment chamber during observation, was found frozen when power and light were restored.

Procedure: Alpha- and betavoltaic panels are introduced to SCP-3494's chamber. Power is provided to SCP-3494.
Result: After 73 minutes, panels began converting electrical power. Power output reached a maximum of 352W after 112 minutes of testing. Output then sharply declined when the panels caught fire.

At Mobile Task Force β-7's request, SCP-3494 was deployed to Site ██ following an incident that triggered its nuclear fail-safe. Task force reported significant reductions in ambient radiation with minimal losses.

Further deployment requests are to be referred to Deployment Procedure 18-Wissotzky.

Under Procedure 18-Wissotzky, SCP-3494 is removed from its containment cell and installed into Mobile Containment Cell-3494-05, sometimes referred to by Mobile Task Force β-7 as "the Flicker Box."

Mobile Containment Cell-3494-05 is a 1 x 0.5 x 0.5 meter box of thick lead, featuring an electric lead from the box's rear, a light socket installed in the box's center, and a hinged front that completely encloses the socket and its surrounding space. Cell-3494-05's electric lead is wired to a rapid-alternating 110V power source, supplying and removing power for ten minute intervals in repeating succession.

Cell-3494-05 is to be accompanied by no fewer than three members of Mobile Task Force β-7 at all times while deployed. Any personnel in contact with Cell-3494-05 during deployment must adhere to the same physical equipment and inspection requirements outlined under SCP-3494's normal operating containment procedures.

When deployed, Cell-3494-05's power is removed, its hatch opened, and the box "aimed" at a target scrubbing location. After one hour, Cell-3494-05's power must be restored and its hatch closed. Deployment may resume following another hour of containment.

Deployment Log 18-Wissotzky-1:
Location: Site-██. Nuclear fail-safe triggered following containment breach by SCP-███. Severe radiation emanating from heavy elements scattered in soil. Flicker Box deployed to site.
Result: Measured ambient radiation reduced by 53% below expected levels. Specialist Wisniewski lost.

Addendum 18-Wissotzky-1:

Do not stand between the Flicker Box's port and any heavy elements for a prolonged period during operation. The rad's still flowing out there, even if our Geigers ain't their port of call anymore.

Wake is scheduled for Tuesday. Anyone who wants the day off is welcome to take it. Coffin's made of lead, so uniforms aren't required.

— Doc Haz

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