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A congregation of SCP-3495-A instances in a herd-like display of agressive behavior, aiming to reduce stress and demonstrate social dominance.

Item #: SCP-3495

Object Class: Explained Safe

Special Containment Procedures: Given the long-term and widespread effect of SCP-3495 upon human population, including the large majority of Foundation personnel, it was unanimously classified as Explained upon discovery, and standard rules applying to cognitohazards are to be disregarded. No instances of SCP-3495-A are to be treated as anomalous entities as they would be according to baseline Foundation protocol. Permission is granted to consider such instances as being, for all intents and purposes, non-anomalous humans.

Actual containment of SCP-3495 is to be limited to notably includes preventing knowledge of its existence to leak to the general population, as to avoid social upheavals. As advanced research into autism may reveal the existence of SCP-3495 or aspects of it to the standard scientific community, the current leading fields of psychiatry, neurobiology, sociology and communication studies are to be carefully monitored for such discoveries, although not halted in their progress in any way. Should the existence of SCP-3495 be revealed to the worldwide scientific community, Foundation personnel is to ease its integration into non-anomalous understanding of human psychology and behavior, and prevent inquiry into its possible anomalous implications.

Research team 3495 is to be composed of experts in the aforementioned scientific fields, as well as archeology, of which no less than 60% must have been diagnosed as not being affected by SCP-3495 in any way. This team must keep itself updated in all the mainstream scientific advances made upon the subject of autism, and inquire into the possible causes or time of occurrence of SCP-3495 using Foundation data relating to its anomalous nature.

01-██-20██ Update : Following Test-3495-23 and the escape of SCP-3495-B, SCP-3495 is reclassified as Safe and its discovery by the mainstream population must be impeded. False leads, rumors and pseudo-science surrounding the knowledge of the causes of autism syndrome are to be fed and/or created continually, and implemented as one of the permanent operations of MTF Gamma-5 ("Red Herrings"). The use of amnestics is considered unnecessary but nonetheless authorized, should MTF Gamma-5 deem the situation to demand it. Research team 3495 is to especially focus on the consequences SCP-3495 might have on vulnerability to mass cognitohazardous effects, and finding a countermeasure appliable to SCP-3495-A instances currently employed as Foundation personnel.

Testing is now completely unauthorized. SCP-3495-B's retrieval is a priority, even if its limited lifespan should terminate it before its breach of containment can reach public awareness.

Description: SCP-3495 is an anomalous pattern located in the chromosomes of approximately 3,54% of the neurons of every affected individual1. Every DNA helix these chromosomes are comprised of folds inside of itself, even though the genes they compose appear to follow standard geometry. Aside from SCP-3495's properties, no anomalous metabolism has ever been observed to result from this in the brain of affected subjects.

Each series of tests from initial discovery2 to current data obtained by Research Team 3495 indicates that SCP-3495 is present in approximately 98,5% of human individuals in developed countries, where diagnosis is possible. It is known to be affecting a maximum of 99,9% of the worldwide population3. Although it is currently unknown how long SCP-3495 has been in effect, the behavioral patterns it causes have been observed in virtually all periods and cultures in known human history. As of current knowledge of SCP-3495, every instance of SCP-3495-A inherits SCP-3495 genetically and showcases symptoms from birth.

Instances of SCP-3495-A instinctely develop a very low-level hive-mind encompassing the entirety of SCP-3495-A, allowing them to learn to communicate through facial expressions, subtle vocal modulations and multiple layers of implied semantics with far greater speed than non-affected individuals. This effect appears to be spontaneous, allowing SCP-3495-A to quickly form efficient - though often violent - social structures in order to maintain the continued survival of the species, to the expense of individuals or large groups of individuals if necessary.4

Although individuality is largely maintained in the behavior of each instance of SCP-3495-A, SCP-3495 universally includes the following symptoms :


Comparison between mental imagery between an SCP-3495-A instance and a non-anomalous individual. This data was obtained prior to SCP-3495's reclassification as Safe.

- Decrease in the ability to concentrate upon precise and unequivocal types of information for extended periods of time, be it sensory or memetic.
- Increase in SCP-3495-A instances' need for renewed social contacts to maintain mental health.
- Acute decrease of the subjects' ability to detach from the cultural norms and ideas their local group adheres to, even when presented with hard evidence. Attempts to train subjects to deviate from such behavior by the use of positive and/or negative reinforcement has consistently proven to be possible5. Such protocols have been proven to be effective on unaffected subjects, although at a significantly lower rate of change in behavioral habits.
- Minor increase in agressivity and fear responses, consistently observed in ██% of subjects presented with behavior clearly differing from what they are accustomed to, resulting in a streamlining effect of every instance's behavior pertaining to the habits of the SCP-3495-A collective they are a part of.

These symptoms are all presumed to be a result of the mental framework necessary to maintain the well-being of every existing collective of SCP-3495-A, although their behavioral patterns include adaptability, and clear evidence of continued individuality. The behavior of SCP-3495-A instances, be it as collectives or individuals, cannot be fully predicted at this time.6

Resistance to SCP-3495 is currently assumed to have genetic components, although research is still pending. Individuals unaffected by SCP-3495 struggle to mimic SCP-3495-A's methods of information transfer, preventing them from integration into SCP-3495-A society. Given SCP-3495-A's behavior and hive-mind mentality, it is common for it to collectively reject, abuse, restrain and fear unaffected individuals, as they are perceived to endanger the collective framework currently upholding the survival of the human species through an SCP-3495 pattern.

Some individuals are able to cope with survival in SCP-3495-A society to a degree, their ability to do so largely varying on their baseline intelligence and assistance from SCP-3495-A instances - whose behavior is far from being systematically hostile. Degrees of adaptation range from complete seclusion and/or developmental issues for unaffected individuals, to a workable frame of conduct and cooperation with SCP-3495-A, lowering the threat posed by their hive-mind mentality. It is frequent for SCP-3495-A instances to view unaffected individuals as mentally ill - collectively referring to the behavior of unaffected individuals as "autism syndrome". It is common for relatives, teachers or physicians of unaffected individuals to seek to "cure" them by infecting them with SCP-3495 using various methods, since most of them are affected themselves.

No known methods of infection other than direct genetic transmission are known at this time. Some professionals consider unaffected individuals to have become instances of SCP-3495-A, once their adult behavior aligns with that of affected individuals.7

The low-level telepathic field allowing for the hive-mind behavior of SCP-3495-A is still currently unexplained and considered anomalous, but its complete inclusion in the reality framework considered as standard human behavior allows for little efforts in containment. SCP-3495 has thus been classified as Explained despite its anomalous nature, and the threat frequently posed by SCP-3495-A to unaffected individuals.

The threat level of SCP-3495-A to unaffected individuals has not been deemed high enough to warrant any protective measures. Research aiming to determine if SCP-3495 is necessary to the survival of the human species is pending.

On the 23-██-20██, fossilized brain matter from an archeological dig site near Mount ████, Libya was used to extract samples of chromosomes dating back to 13,000 BC. A team of Foundation researchers implanted among site personnel in ██████, where the samples were studied, found no trace of SCP-3495 in any subject. The samples having been obtained from at least [DATA REDACTED] different individuals, it is statistically extremely unlikely for this group to have been affected by SCP-3495. This would indicate that this society is potentially the only known non-anomalous human collective in history.

Other groups from the same period were found in the same region, but these samples presented SCP-3495 patterns consistent with current data. Since the age of the non-anomalous samples is close to the beginning of the Mesolithic era, it has been speculated that SCP-3495 may be responsible for the end of the Paleolithic era and the eventual large scale end of nomadism. As all affected individuals belong to the Homo sapiens species, it may also imply that SCP-3495 has not always been prevalent. The current assumption within Research team 3495 is that SCP-3495-A's behavior may have largely removed unaffected individuals from the genetic pool, leading to its current widespread occurence. Although research is still pending, this remains the working hypothesis at this time.

31-██-20██: Following Test 3495-23, a sample of brain tissue8 exclusively composed of SCP-3495 affected neurons was artificially grown, in order to study a 100% affected brain on a biological basis before moving on to testing on D-class personnel. Although the subject was a maintained and partially grown piece of brain tissue, its telepathic field expanded to [DATA REDACTED] level, leading to multiple casualties in site personnel due the resulting infighting and lowered inhibitions. Although it cannot be proven that SCP-3495-B has developed sentience, the use it made of its ability to [DATA EXPUNGED] prior to its escape matches a complex predatory behavior. SCP-3495-B is currently uncontained.

In the aftermath of Test 3495-23, analysis of the incident revealed that each member of site personnel were unable to perceive SCP-3495-B as anything more than a piece of organic tissue, even when its control upon the SCP-3495-A hive-mind placed them under critical threat. It has been observed that only non-anomalous personnel were able to visually perceive SCP-3495-B as anomalous, which appears to have facilitated its containment breach. This effect is theorized to originate from SCP-3495's low-level cognitohazardous properties, amplified to a critical extent.

01-██-20██: Request by Research team 3495 to reclassify SCP-3495 as Euclid is pending.

06-██-20██: Request denied by the O5 Council. However, the risk is recognized, causing SCP-3495 to be reclassified as Safe.

Note: Although it is not our place to determine the kind of population the Foundation ought to be protecting in order to, well, secure, contain and protect reality as we know it, let it be said clearly for any personnel reviewing this file : Yes, the behavior of almost all of humanity is currently considered to be the byproduct of an anomalous phenomenon. If it wasn't so, no one would have thought to classify an phenomenon that was not previously unexplained as Explained - if anything, SCP-3495's case proves how much of a mistake it could be. The paradigm's current dependancy upon SCP-3495 is the only argument, in my opinion, justifying its classification as Safe instead of Euclid - or worse.

However, reality is, as any Foundation scholar knows, a matter of perspective, and if the world and species we are happening to be defending from anomalous threats by any means necessary is that of SCP-3495-A, then SCP-3495-A is to be defended from anomalous threats - and again, by any means necessary. Including favoring an anomalous population while it is currently ostracizing and often locking up non-anomalous individuals. It pains me to ascertain this, but if sanity and normalcy are considered to be anomalous, then we must maintain the anomaly, at the expense of others if necessary. We're barely holding on as it is, we can't orchestrate a major paradigm shift while we're at it.
-Drs.███████, lead researcher of Research team 3495

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