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WARNING: Unknown character sets detected in below report. Please contact the System Administrator at first opportunity.

Item #: SCP-3621

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-3621 is to be contained in the High-Security Vault of Dimensional Site-04. Testing with SCP-3621 is not permitted at this time, under any circumstances without direct approval by a majority of the O5 council.

Documentation regarding Hume level fluctuations regarding SCP-3621 are available in Document-3621-S-1, and Document-3621-S-2. Compositional reports are available in Document-3621-S-3.

One Scranton Reality Anchor is to be located within the containment chamber of SCP-3621, at all times.

Description: SCP-3621 is the skeletal remains of former Foundation employee Dr. Michael Magnus, deceased July 17, 20██. SCP-3621 constantly generates a low level elevated Hume field, which has proven to be disruptive to the function of Dimensional Site-04.

Due to the volatile nature of Dimensional Anchoring, and the elevated Hume levels, at this time SCP-3621 is not to be moved.

At this time, no testing shall be permitted with SCP-3621. If testing with Hume fields is required, refer to document SCRANTON-SAGE-6-A-47 to determine if a Scranton Reality Field Generator is appropriate for testing.

Addendum 1: Due to the nature of SCP-3621, at this time, access to Secure Storage at Dimensional Site-04 is restricted to those on the approved list located at [LEVEL 5 CLEARANCE REQUIRED].

Credentials invalid, please try again



Memetic agent deployed, determining sapience matrix…
Memetic resistance confirmed, displaying SCP-3621:
Welcome Overseer.

Item #: SCP-3621

Object Class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-3621 is to be contained in the High-Security Vault of Dimensional Site-04. SCP-3621 is unable to be moved at this time, and while physically contained, its effects are currently uncontained at this time.

SCP-3621's containment chamber is to be lined with standard Polypropylene-blend soundproofing, in order to dampen noise emanations during Emergence Events.

Per ethics committee decision, this soundproofing shall not reduce noise levels below 20 db. See attached Ethics Committee report. -O5-2

Several proposals have been put forward to contain SCP-3621, including the use of Scranton Reality Anchors, anomalous entities currently in containment, and potential destruction of Dimensional Site-04.

All current have been rejected as infeasible. Further proposals may be submitted directly to O5-6 or O5-2.

Description: SCP-3621 are the skeletal remains of former Foundation employee Dr. Michael Magnus, deceased July 17, 20██. SCP-3621 occasionally generates a Hume field of previously unobserved magnitude, which has to date corresponded with the discovery of an anomalous object requiring containment.

During these events (hereafter designated as "Emergence Events"), a visual and auditory anomaly is observed within the containment chamber of SCP-3621. Visual identification has confirmed this to be a light-based anomaly resembling Dr. Michael Magnus. This image is transparent, and the light which comprises it falls within the 380–450 nm wavelengths of the visual spectrum.

Universally, this image has been observed to be drawn towards SCP-3621, however, no sources of motile force have been observed in SCP-3621's containment chamber.


"Sound Levels during Emergence Events"

The only observable forces generated during an Emergence Event is a sound wave of significant magnitude, emanating from the approximate region of the visual anomaly's head, which has been observed at upwards of 120 dB, with an average around 110 dB. Content of this sound wave appears to be a compressed, overlapping continual vocalization consistent with vocal records for Dr. Michael Magnus.

Upon reaching SCP-3621, the previously mentioned Hume field is generated, and all sound waves generated by the Emergence Event ceases.

To date, sixteen anomalous objects have been discovered, of which fourteen have been contained, and two are unaccounted for. These objects have been discovered with no discernable geographic pattern, at least one of which is located within extra-solar space. They have ranged from Safe, to Keter, and there appears to be no pattern as to the form these objects take.

At this time, there is no reasonable expectation of a cessation of this behavior. (See Document SCP-3621-β).

After an extensive interview process, Dr. Jacob Kensington was found to have no memory of the events detailed in either document SCP-3621-β, or the actual attempt to enact Directive Legends. Through the use of both class A veritants, and standard interrogation, this has been proven to be true.

It's unknown at this time how much of our continuity is obscured, or altered by SCP-3621 and the events of its creation. Several key events of the actual creation of SCP-3621, and the circumstances of Melanie duMourne and Dr. Kensington's involvement have been shown to be altered in some significant way.

Additional continuity and reality-shifts are to be documented in Document SCP-3621-RS.

Addendum 1: SCP-3621 is the result of a failed attempt to alter reality by former overseer Melanie duMourne. Through the unauthorized request of the assistance of SCP-343, an attempt was made on July 20██ to create a large-scale fracturing of reality, resulting in an CK-Restructuring event.

This was accomplished through the attempt to enact Directive Legends, a project which was deemed both completely unfeasible, and potentially dangerous. Directive Legends was the product of Dr. Magnus' "research" which was proven to be patently false, and inconsistent with the course of reality. SCP-3621-1's degree in the field of "Metaphysics" was an obvious forgery, and not related to any field of modern scientific study.

Due to this, and the easily disproven nature of the proposal, the entire directive was near-unanimously rejected by the O5 council, in a 12-1 vote.

The following is a transcript of the hearing before the overseer council, regarding the incident:

Interviewed: Melanie duMourne (previously O5-2)

Foreword: The transcription here is of a relatively informal meeting of the O5 council. A majority of vote-capable members were present either in person, or by proxy, and thus was considered enough to hold a vote of no-confidence.

<Begin Log, August 22, 20██>

O5-6: I was there, 2. I was in your office, with Kensington, when you told me that this was a no go, as we all voted.

Melanie duMourne: I'm aware of that.

O5-6: You're 'aware of that'? Really? That's your only defense?

Melanie duMourne: I don't feel the need to defend my actions here. We were losing the fight, and it needed to be won. Had everyone voted in favor, we wouldn't be sitting here.

O5-6: So that's all? No justification, you went ahead anyway, because you thought this would work? That's naive, and frankly, a gross breach of the trust you've had for decades. The entire council, yourself included, agreed that the patients cannot run the asylum.

Melanie duMourne: Yes, I did. And I changed my mind. So I did what I thought was best. I make no apologies for that.

O5-6: Very well. We'll call a vote.

<End Log>

Closing Statement: The final vote, with O5-2 abstaining for obvious reasons was 9-0 to revoke O5-2's status as overseer. A special committee was appointed by the ethics committee to determine the appropriate punishment.

Credentials invalid, please try again

Welcome Prisoner DuMourne

Running Scripts ecom_2017_mdm.exe

Identifying accessed sections…
Section A verified…read
Section B verified…read
Section C verified…read
Accessing attachments

Hello Melanie.

Below is the form letters you will use to apologize to the victims of your failure. This isn't exhaustive, just the ones we've had to make to get you started. You should make more if you need them.

You will come to this file. Enter your credentials. Read the results of your failure.

Every. Single. Time.

You may be thinking to yourself "They're just being cruel. They want me to suffer."

No, Melanie. We don't want you to suffer. Cold, not cruel. We want you never to forget what you did.

I never can. Neither should you.

Dr. Jacob Kensington











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