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nn5n: scp-3829 the organ hungry aztec dagger
EuclidSCP-3829 the organ hungry aztec daggerRate: -2

Item #: SCP-3829

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-3829 is to be kept in a titanium safe approximately 3cm thick. the combination for the lock is to be changed every 24 hours to maintain security only class 3 researchers assigned to SCP-3829 may know the combination. the safe must never be opened unless permission has been given by two class 3 researchers and at least one on-site guard is present .the safe must be opened during the lock change with at least one on-site guard. SCP-3829 must be dusted off and polished by D-class personnel provided no one present is of south american ancestry.
anyone coming into direct contact MUST WEAR GLOVES AND CHEST PROTECTION any one found not complying will be terminated.

SCP-3829 is to kept in the site-██ weapons locker deep storage facility

Description: SCP-3829 is a crude limestone dagger the blade 13.2cm in length, the hilt is 10.7cm in length and carved to show a face which is currently believed to be a god or diety. SCP-3829 was found in the possession of █████████ museum of ancient culture

SCP-3829 came to the foundations attention after a murder-suicide by a guard on night-shift and a janitorial staff. all knowledge of the event has been destroyed, class 3 amnestics were administered to all witnesses.

Upon SCP-3829 being inserted into a subjects thoracic cavity1 the subjects organs have been shown to rapidly wither and eventually disappear from the foundations instruments, with the exception of the heart which shows no change.

SCP-3829 has shown memetic effects that cause suicidal and murderous thoughts when people of south american ancestry are in view of SCP-3829

Addendum: tests using trackers in various organs have shown that [DATA EXPUNGED]
any █████ found are to be contained in site-██, [DATA EXPUNGED] █████ are to be neutralised if armed or escaping

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