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An alleyway featuring posters for a movie associated with SCP-4030. Cognitohazards expunged for viewing.

Item #: SCP-4030

Object Class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-4030 epidemics are to be quarantined before any media can spread outside of the affected area. Quarantine steps to be taken vary between cases depending on location of epidemic, population, and risk of exposure. Contact Containment Specialists when dealing with the anomaly for proper containment procedures. Some common procedures that are taken are:

• Billboards are to be wiped clean of any trace of the anomaly.
• Posters and flyers involving the anomaly must be immediately removed.
• Online variants of the anomaly must be taken down as soon as possible. Contact website administrators for removal of the anomaly.
• Any other physical materials including the anomaly must be destroyed or removed.

Reporting of these anomalies must be done before removal. Those exposed directly to the original piece of advertising media associated with the anomaly are to be terminated.

Awareness of the anomaly is to be spread to staff working with SCP-4030. No titles or descriptions of the work featured in the advertisements are to be discussed. As a precaution no on site discussions of advertising media are sanctioned.

Class A amnestics are to be administered to individuals and instances of 4030-1 who have witnessed person-produced advertisements and individuals who know of the media involved. Persisting symptoms call for further amnestics (Class C) and a transferral to a nearby site. Those undergoing treatment are to be supervised closely. If this treatment is not effective by one week's time individuals are to be terminated.

Description: SCP-4030 is a global infohazard and cognitohazard taking form as various different types of advertisement media. Viewing of the anomaly leads 100% of witnesses (hereby referred to as SCP-4030-1) to become fixated on the concept inside of the media, which are advertisements for various forms of entertainment platforms. SCP-4030-1 subjects regularly create their own hazardous advertisements and hand them out to passersby or leave them in public locations.

Emails, letters and various other documents sent by 4030-1 are always infohazards, 100% of the time containing information regarding the media involved in the anomaly. 65% of people who receive these emails start taking part in the anomaly themselves. The first reported case of the anomaly started across the Gold Coast in Australia in 201█ as an epidemic when a poster referring to a non-existent film was spotted by locals. Details of the poster can not be described due to the infohazardous nature of SCP-4030.

When given a device in which to view the media, 4030-1 subjects react to non-existent stimuli. 100% of individuals affected by SCP-4030 experience either instant or gradual organ failure after completing a session of experiencing the media in the anomalies. One woman exposed to an advertisement for a non-existent television series used a laptop to stare at a blank page in a web browser for sixteen hours, ending the session by crying and throwing the laptop around the room, eventually turning to self-harm. Symptoms that SCP-4030-1 instances experience include:
• Anxiety
• Depression
• Self harm
• Anger
• Violence
• Nausea
• Symptoms similar to schizophrenia
• Lack of basic motor functions
• Lack of basic thought processing skills
• Failure of vital organs upon completion of the session and spread of the media

Similar symptoms recur in 4030-1 instances who have no way of experiencing the media and individual instances who have no access to materials needed to create their own advertisement media. 4030-1 subjects who discover others who have not seen the advertisements or the media itself often resort to forcing them to experience it. There is never an entertainment media to experience, yet 4030-1 instances react to non-existent stimuli. The current hypothesis is that the anomaly conditions the brain to perceive make-belief events.

Addendum: People are less prone to the anomaly if they have prior knowledge of SCP-4030, meaning that the spread of the anomaly is less likely. Subjects exposed still include information about the media through letters and emails when knowing about the anomaly. People who are aware of the effects and/or are unaffected by the anomaly receive death threats through letters and emails from locals and are often killed by 4030-1 instances.

Amnestics do not prove to be effective on witnesses of the original anomaly.

Subject: Removal of article SCP-4030.
Description: This article is not an anomalous phenomenon. My team and I have worked on field studying this 'anomaly' and have concluded after looking at several of the advertisements and individuals 'affected' by the anomaly that this article is false. Our reasoning for these beliefs are that the locations thought to be associated with the anomaly have coincidentally high murder rates, and high imprisonment rates. We have determined after viewing of the media referred to in the advertisements that all is well, and this is absolutely not an anomaly.

My team and I request the document to be either classed as 'Explained' or removed entirely.
Kindest regards, Dr. ███ ██████ and the lab #██ team.
Sent: 11/██/17 7:00 AM
Received: 12/██/17 9:00 PM
Accepted/Denied: Denied on 12/██/17 at 11:30 PM.
Reason For Acceptance/Denial: After investigations and interviews with Dr. ███ ██████ and his team, the research committee for SCP-4030 has concluded that lab #██'s team and Dr. ██████ have been exposed to the anomaly. Site will go into lockdown and staff will be interrogated to find the reach of the anomaly.

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