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SCP-4141-A, prior to containment

Item #: SCP-4141

Object Class: Safe Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: The city block on which SCP-4141-A is built has been bought out by the Foundation and designated Site 153. SCP-4141-A itself is to be monitored for any activity that may warrant Euclid, Keter, or Apollyon reclassification.

MTF Gamma-11 ("Strange Things are Afoot") are stationed in and around the site, and have been provided with assault rifles and other firearms retrofitted for use against reality-warping entities. Gamma-11 has also been fitted with survival equipment modified to survive for long periods of time within SCP-4141-A.

Any person who is aware of SCP-4141's existence, or the anomalous nature of SCP-4141-A, is to be administered Class A amnestics.

Description: SCP-4141 is a human male of European descent between the ages of 30 to 40 years old. SCP-4141 possesses a posh accent, demonstrates hostile and sadistic mannerisms, and is always seen wearing an outfit similar in style to those worn by a member of British, French, and/or Danish royalty.

SCP-4141 has been shown to possess limitless reality-warping abilities; however, SCP-4141 can only influence reality within the confines of a particular Circle-K convenience store, located in █████████, Oregon, Hereby SCP-4141-A. SCP-4141 is currently unable to leave SCP-4141-A, as are any objects or entities, living or dead. SCP-4141 has voiced a strong desire to escape SCP-4141-A.

The windows of SCP-4141-A are completely opaque, but drone exploration indicates an interior vastly different from that of a typical Circle K store. The interior of SCP-4141-A has been converted to an authoritarian police state, headed by SCP-4141, which he refers to as his "kingdom." The state's police force consists primarily of human-sized hostile creatures modeled after various convenience store food items. SCP-4141 has been shown to have a large Praetorian guard, presumed to be former employees of the store.

SCP-4141 came to the Foundation's attention following a particularly large wave of missing persons reports filed in █████████ between June █ and July █, 2013. It was considered a low priority investigation until a text conversation, caught by Foundation wire-tappers, confirmed its anomalous properties.

Addendum SCP-4141-1: Drone exploration of SCP-4141-A

9:00:20 AM : Drone takes off from the floor of Site 153 and proceeds to enter SCP-4141-A.

9:00:54 AM: Drone is within SCP-4141-A. Visual feed displays a castle in the northeastern corner of SCP-4141-A, and a "city" In the northwest corner of the store. Drone maneuvers towards the city.

9:01:33 AM: Drone arrives at the city. Visual feed displays a stone wall surrounding approximately 12 square meters of the store. Several of the aisles have been furnished and inhabited by residents. Several ornate banners are draped over the walls of the store. 2 Armed guards, Vaguely resembling Cans of Pringles-brand chips, and stations at the south and east entrances.

9:01:54 AM: Guards engage drone. Drone attempts to maneuver away.

9:02:08 AM: Contact with drone lost.

Addendum SCP-4141-2: Transmissions from SCP-4141

At 3:00:26 PM, The drone continued transmitting signals. The feed displayed SCP-4141, looking into the camera and addressing the foundation. The tracking device embedded within the drone indicates that the video was taken from the northeastern castle in SCP-4141-A

The following is a transcript of the transmission.

(SCP-4141 Is shown floating in what looks to be the interior of a castle, With 2 armed guards resembling ███████ brand miniature doughnuts Standing behind him.

"Hello. I don't know who you think you are, building a wall around my kingdom, robbing me of future subjects. Whoever you are, I order you to bring down these walls around me. If you don't…"'

Small Flames appear along the top of SCP-4141's arms and shoulders.


End Transmission

At 1:32:35 AM, Site 153 Received another transmission from SCP-4141, having refused to grant its request.

Begin Transmission

(SCP-4141 Is standing in the same place as the first transmission.)

"I know you're probably giggling at my threats. You think I can't leave my kingdom. but mark my words; I will find a way out. and when I do, you had better hope you're on my good side. You can start by bringing down those barriers, and letting new subjects into my kingdom. I urge you to choose wisely.

Note: Currently, It looks like SCP-4141 is confined to the store, but we can't take any chances. If you find that there's even a slight chance it could escape, for the love of god, tell someone.

~Dr. Tyche

Update: At least ██ different messages were sent between August █ and ██ from within SCP-4141-A, consisting of blackmail against several senior researchers and the site director at Site-153, memetic kill agents, and ████████████████████████████. Drone receiver has been disabled, and communication jammers have been installed around SCP-4141-A. These precautions have so far proven successful.

Addendum SCP-4141-3:

On January █ 20██, the Foundation sent in D-8145 to explore SCP-4141-A and report his experiences. D-8415 was provided with a concealed recording device, a month's worth of survival equipment, and a 9mm pistol retrofitted for use against reality-warping entities. D-8145 Instructed to try and blend into SCP-4141-A’s society, and only use the pistol as a last resort.

A transcript of his recordings are below:


Day 1

“Hello? Can you hear me in there?” Or are you just recording, or? Oh, that’s right, it’s one way.

Alright, you asked me to describe the inside. Looks kind of like a convenience store, but seriously [EXPLETIVE]ed up. Looks a bit bigger on the inside, too. If I had to guess…. maybe 9 times the area? I dunno, I was never good at geology.

Looks like there’s a little town over in that corner. Guess I’ll go see what that’s about.


Day 2:

“So I entered the town yesterday. Everyone seemed to welcome me with open arms. I’m still a bit uneasy, though. The smiles seem…. fake. Almost forgot to mention the armed guards. There were two of them standing outside guarding the gates to the city, and… good god, these things. One of them was a 4-foot-tall bag of Doritos. Had arms, legs, a face, everything. The other was a can of Red Bull. Same arms and legs. Can’t make this [EXPLETIVE] up, really.

Looks like I’m spending the night in the greeting card aisle. They had a room set up and everything. I hear there’s a lot of empty rooms, waiting to be filled by new ‘subjects’. I don’t know what they mean by that, but I sure as hell don’t want to be one of them.


Day 3:

“Met the ‘King’ today. Seemed like a real asshole to me. Didn’t tell him that, though. The villagers tell me I need to be polite. I’m going to take their advice, for now anyway. He shook my hand and told me I was now an artist. Which is ironic, considering I suck at drawing. Oh well.”


Day 5

“Dear. [EXPLETIVE]. God. I don’t want to think about what just happened, but I guess here goes:

So, as an artist, I guess that means I build statues of the King. I had pulled an all-nighter last night working on one (guards didn't give me much of a choice.) When I finally finished, The King stepped out to see it. Little [EXPLETIVE] didn’t even look at it, just said it was ‘Unsatisfactory’, and melted it with his hand. I was rightfully pissed off, and gave the king a piece of my mind. Bad choice.

You ever stub your toe, and it hurts for a few seconds? Imagine that pain, except all over your body, ██ [EXPLETIVE] minutes without letting up.

That’s what the King put me through. Had a [EXPLETIVE]-eating grin on his face the whole time.

He asked me if I’d learned my lesson. I said yes.

He didn’t believe me.

He made me spend the night in the ‘Ice Cream Freezer.’ I can only imagine this is worse than hell. The thermometer you guys sent me says it’s -454* C. Isn’t that, like, impossible? I thought it couldn't get colder than, like, -200 or something.

My whole body feels like it’s burning.


I don’t think I’m going to piss off the King anymore…


Day 70

Every day It’s the same. Build more statues. Over and over again. Even when the King likes them, he melts them down and makes me do it again. I think he just likes to watch people work. I’ve heard I’m one of the lucky ones. Some people have to sort the aisles and clean up after the King and his friends have wild parties each night. That’s right, the bastard has friends. A few folks lucky enough to earn the respect of the King. I don’t know if they have the same powers, though.

I just remembered; you guys packed me a gun, didn’t you?"

Sounds of D-8415 rifling through his bag can be heard.

“Yep, here it is. You said this gun might be able to kill the King, or SCP-40-whatever. I’m doubtful, but at this point, I have nothing to lose.”

Recording continues three hours later, on the same day.

“Alright, guys, I’m going to take the shot, while the King is distracted. he’s giving some [EXPLETIVE] speech about his ‘five-week plan’. I sincerely hope you guys were right.”


Scream of pain can be heard, followed by a loud thump.

“Holy [EXPLETIVE].. did… did it work?”

Sounds of electricity and wind can be heard.

“Nope, no it didn’t, no it didn’t.”

*Sound of footsteps, presumably D-8145 fleeing SCP-4141*


“Oh god, this is how I die.”


Tape stops recording.

Note: Following this Incident, no more messages were sent from D-8145. Whether he is deceased at this time is currently unknown.

Update: On June █, 20██, Another transmission was received from D-8145. The recording was heavily encrypted, but portions were successfully decrypted by Foundation staff at Site-153. The message is transcribed below:

“Hello? Site-153? If you are hearing this, I am no longer suffering. I have found [Undecrypted Portion]. Apparently, there’s a resistance force hiding out in a storage closet in the southeast corner of the store. I guess his powers don’t work back here. Tom here says they’ve been trying to overthrow the King for over [Undecrypted Portion] no luck. They accepted me into their ranks, and [Undecrypted Portion]. It's really hard out here. The King vastly overpowers us, and [Undecrypted Portion]

They seem really interested in that pistol you gave me. If you guys can spare any more weapons are resources, please try to smuggle them into the resistance. If the Foundation can back the resistance, they might just stand a chance. [Undecrypted Portion]”

Note: Following this transmission, suggestions to begin supporting the ‘Resistance’ forces in SCP-4141-A are being considered by the head of Site-153, as well as O5-█, who is associated with Site 153.

Addendum SCP-4141-4: Small but related notes

-On August █, 20██, one of SCP-4141-A's 'native creatures', an animate 2-litre bottle of 7-up brand soda with four insect-like legs, was found wandering outside the store. how it escaped is unknown, presumed to be an isolated incident. SCP-4141 upgraded to Euclid.

-On October █, 20██, researchers found a small inscription carved into the side of SCP-4141-A's exterior. The inscription read, "another satisfied customer", with a stylized image of the golden gate bridge carved below. presumed to be non-anomalous graffiti.

-On October ██, 20██, The entirely of SCP-4141-A and Site 153 was bathed in light. Later confirmed to be a nuclear detonation brought on by SCP-4141 as a threat against the foundation. After 1 minute 30 seconds, the interior of SCP-4141-A was restored to its original form and its inhabitants were revived.

-On December ██, 20██, SCP-4141’s forces staged a raid on the Resistance in SCP-4141-A. D-8145 reports 17 dead, 5 survivors.

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