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SCP-2514 - A Dancer''s Performance
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SCP-2514 in its stable form.

Item #: SCP-2514

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-2514 is to be contained in a cell the size of a standard humanoid containment cell. Personnel under Level 3 security clearance are forbidden to enter SCP-2514''s containment cell unless granted permission by those of Level 4 access or higher. Personnel are to ignore questions asked by SCP-2514 regarding its abilities while it is in its stable form. A variety of songs are to be played in a loop in the cell for analyzation of SCP-2514''s movements. New genres of pieces are to be set in every two months. Any personnel whose names include SCP-2514-triggering syllables are to be addressed using cover names when in the presence of the object. In the event four or more personnel become subject to SCP-2514''s anomalies, all ambulatory personnel are to evacuate the containment chamber and await further instructions from Response Teams.

SCP-2514 has requested several items from the Foundation, including:

  • An interior design of most ballet halls- DENIED
  • A ribbon baton- APPROVED
  • Live orchestra performances of Camille Saint-Saëns'' Danse Macabre- DENIED
  • A masquerade ball held every July- DENIED

Description: SCP-2514 is an animate porcelain ballerina figurine 1.75 m in height and 57 kg in mass. The entity possesses a wind-up key on its back which has been observed to never stop turning. The key tends to rotate in time to the rhythm of any piece of music played in SCP-2514''s presence. SCP-2514 is sapient, but has been proven to be uncommunicative about most subjects unrelated to music or dance while in its stable form.

It has been noted that as of now, SCP-2514 never stops dancing, no matter the circumstances. SCP-2514 has showed that it is able to perform a rhythmic routine of any sound that is heard by SCP-2514, such as droplets of water or the ventilation system. When music is played, SCP-2514''s hairstyle and apparel will begin to change and will match attire that it associates with that genre of the song.

SCP-2514 has been observed to possess strong manipulative abilities, as it is able to influence any organism1 to join it in its dance. The subject, then under SCP-2514''s anomalies, will begin to dance with SCP-2514, no matter what physical handicaps the subject may possess. Males who are caught under SCP-2514''s effect begin to act as its dance partner, while females begin to follow the steps of SCP-2514, similar to students following their instructor. Once the subject has joined SCP-2514 in its routine, SCP-2514 will show a strong physical and/or mental hold on the subject. The subject, after a period of time, will then collapse from exhaustion. In the event that this happens, there is a 25% chance they will expire. It varies how long it takes for SCP-2514''s anomaly to release the subject. It has ranged from three hours to ██ days. If the subject endures the procedure, their legs will become permanently non-functionable upon release from SCP-2514''s anomoly. At times if the subject attempts to walk, their bones are fragile and are able to break very easily. As soon as the subject has been terminated or has been escorted out of the chamber, SCP-2514 always says the following statement, "You''re not them."

Whenever an organism capable of speech says, "Victoria", "Alvira", or "Chasin",2 around the entity, SCP-2514 will stop dancing and will begin to display effects such as stuttering, twitching, and dislocation of the limbs. SCP-2514''s porcelain skin will then begin to crack after SCP-2514 has disarticulated its limbs. Dissonant classical and/or music box chimes will begin to emit from SCP-2514 that has ranged to 85 decibels to 250 decibels from a radius from the entity to 10 m.

SCP-2514 will take a porcelain shard from its body and will attempt to create a hole on its left breast plate. If anyone is within 15 m of SCP-2514, their hearts will become transparent and gravitate towards SCP-2514 and will transform into hollow glass. SCP-2514 will then attempt to place the heart in the hole it has created. When doing so, then heart will always then fracture in the hands of SCP-2514. As SCP-2514 is attempting to place the glass hearts in the hole, SCP-2514 will begin to mourn.3 This will continue on for 14-25 minutes. After that time span, the music will stop and the hearts will all shatter and disappear. SCP-2514''s physical appearance will then return to its stable form. After SCP-2514 has regained its customary appearance, for 15-18 minutes, SCP-2514 will begin to show emotion and intelligence. SCP-2514 will cooperate with any orders given. When asked questions about itself, it will respond but will be very vague in its answers.4 After those 15 to 18 minutes, SCP-2514 will become still, and the key on SCP-2514''s back will then stop, reset, and start to turn again. SCP-2514 will then return to its stable form, the music will stop, and SCP-2514 will go back to dancing as it cannot recall any memory regarding the event.


After a few weeks since the discovery of SCP-2514, I had sent a team of field agents that had been residing in France to search the site to see if there were any more activity. The unit (Les Artistes de Cirque) was consisted of the agents Danilova, Campanini, Nijinsky, Cerrito and Taglioni. We were not able to find any other anomalies, but we were able to find some of these documents. Hopefully they will be able to serve some purpose for the Foundation. -Dr. Pavlova


Excerpt from a diary found in a bedroom of the abandoned manor SCP-2514 was recovered from:

May 19th, 1878
Dear diary, today is my 14th birthday! It was a wonderful day. The main reason is because mother finally gave me the music box as a present. It''s a family inheritance, like the mansion we live in. They''ve both been around for who knows how long. Mother decided to give a brief history lesson on it before she would let me have it. It was something about East Asia, our ancestor Frau Troffea, something like that. I was too deep in anticipation to receive the box to listen to anything. I remember when asking about the music box she would tell me about how she didn''t enjoy it when she received it, she thought it looked ugly. She also said that each daughter it was passed down by in the family didn''t enjoy it at all either. I never thought it looked hideous, it looks very pretty to me with the diamonds on the box and the beautiful dress that the dancer wears.


Letter addressed to the household, located in Strasbourg, France. Found in a drawer located in the library:

February 14, 1889
Dear Chasin, I would like to start out with saying that our newborn daughter will be coming home soon. She''s so beautiful, she has your sparkling brown eyes. Oh how I wish you were here, but they won''t allow you to come due to the place exceeding capacity if you came. I tried to plead as much as I could hoping they would change their minds for just one person but no such luck. I yearn that we could''ve been together in that room and share our first time becoming a family. Although, I bear the news that I have been struggling to tell since I started this letter. Chasin, Alvira will be coming home, but I won''t. During the state I''m in, I predict that I won''t be able to come home due to how weak I am. Although I have managed to gather some strength to write this letter. Once she comes home, give her all of your love. I wish to be there in person but I''ll be there in spirit as you raise her. Seeing our daughter now, it is a grand miracle I am able to hold her in my arms with the little time I have. My love, I''ll miss you but remember, give Alvira the love that I will never be able to give her. I love you Chasin, goodbye.


Excerpt from another diary found in the closet of a bedroom:

February 13, 1903
Dear diary, tomorrow is my 14th birthday! I''m very excited for tomorrow. There''s something that I hope I''ll receive as a gift. Father says that tomorrow I am going to inherit it just as all the girls from before have on their birthday. Father said that the box was very beloved by mother, he says that it reminds him of her. Sometimes when I go to sleep, I can hear the tune it makes. It sometimes reminds me of her as well. I''m just so eager to get it. I really hope father doesn''t find this because I''m going to try and find it in the attic tonight. I''m going to try and find it around midnight because if I get it and it''s midnight, I can''t get in trouble because technically, it''s my birthday. I really miss you mother, but I know you''ll be there celebrating my birthday with us tomorrow.


Note found in attic next to a stool:

It''s been 4 years since that day, and it''s still all my fault. It was that day when I found our daughter in the attic, next to the broken music box, with a porcelain shard in her heart, dead on the floor. It was that day when I fell apart. Nothing can be fixed in this broken piece of rubble. I ask you, Victoria, you loved the box very much. Did you do this to be reunited with the daughter you were never able to be with? I want to find you when I get there. I want to find our daughter that we both adore with all our hearts. We could finally be the loving family we always wanted to have. Once I do this, I wish to be able to find you once I get there.

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