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SafeSCP-2795 The Can-Do HelperRate: 23

Item #: SCP-2795

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-2795 is to be contained in a replica suburban home at Site-██ for experimental purposes. Outside of sanctioned testing, SCP-2795 is not to be issued any verbal commands. No further containment procedures, such as guards or interaction outside of experimentation, are necessary.

Description: SCP-2795 is a 1.3 meter tall humanoid shaped toy, with a frame composed of plastics and die-cast zamac. SCP-2795 possesses a rudimentary intelligence and can understand basic English, but is unable to communicate directly outside of pantomime.

When given a reasonable command1, SCP-2795 will perform it to the best of its ability. However, SCP-2795 demonstrates a lack of understanding of even fairly simple commands and concepts, often taking things by their literal meaning or interpreting implications poorly. SCP-2795 is able to demonstrate physical strength much greater than would be expected from a toy of its size, in some instances exerting up to 200 Newtons of force at a time. SCP-2795 remains inactive when not carrying out a command.

SCP-2795 is a Wondertainment product. According to its original packaging, SCP-2795 is named "Quickie Quasar™: The Can-Do Helper!" and is further described as "The easy to use pal who will keep chores out of your mind and give fun times that are out of this world!" The design of the box consists of a stock image of the Andromeda Galaxy with cartoon rockets and aliens adorning it, with the Wondertainment logo depicted on the back in the bottom right corner. Included in the box with SCP-2795 was a list of "sample commands" to give to it during use (see Experiment Log 1365 for more details).

SCP-2795 was recovered from an abandoned toy factory in the ████████ district of the People's Republic of China on 12/██/200█. Foundation Personnel sent a task force to investigate after the factory location was on a Wondertainment manufacturing order list found in [REDACTED]. SCP-2795 is the only of its kind, most likely product prototype that never saw wide scale release.



All recorded experimentation took place on 4/██/20██. All commands given were listed on the "sample commands" sheet.

Command: "Take out the trash."
Items given: SCP-2795 was handed a bag filled with refuse from Site-██'s canteen.
Response: SCP-2795 performed a salute before beginning its task.
Result: SCP-2795 poured the contents from the bag on the floor.

Command: "Make my bed."
Items given: SCP-2795 was shown an uncovered mattress in a bed frame and bed sheets.
Response: SCP-2795 nodded before beginning its task.
Result: SCP-2795 ripped multiple floorboards out, assembling a makeshift bed frame.

Command: "Cook breakfast."
Items given: SCP-2795 was given kitchen utensils and appliances along with an assortment of ingredients including eggs, ham, cereals, butter, biscuit mix, and jam.
Response: SCP-2795 nodded, and attempted to shoo personnel out of the room. Personnel initially resisted, to which SCP-2795 responded by crossing its arms. Personnel left the room and returned when SCP-2795 ushered them back in.
Result: SCP-2795 served personnel buttered biscuits with jam, bowls of cereal, cooked ham, and fried eggs. The fried eggs were overcooked and the biscuits were slightly under cooked, but the ham was cooked thoroughly. SCP-2795 seems capable of making a fairly standard breakfast.

Command: "Make my problems go away"
Items given: SCP-2795 was provided with no extra materials.
Response: SCP-2795 paused for a few seconds before nodding.
Result: SCP-2795 gave Dr. P████████ a massage, causing him to eventually fall asleep. No guard was currently stationed, with the only other person in the room being Dr. P████████'s research assistant. See Incident Log 1214-A for more details.


After causing Dr. P████████ to fall asleep, SCP-2795 assaulted Research Assistant Parker, causing minor contusions to the torso. Parker attempted to wake up Dr. P████████ without success and subsequently fled the room2. Guards found SCP-2795 sitting near Dr. P████████, seemingly watching over him.

Note: Testing on SCP-2795 cancelled until further notice due to Incident 1214-A.

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