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Item #: SCP-2815

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-2815 is to be monitored on a 24-hour basis by members of MTF Epsilon-6 “Village Idiots”1. Task force agents are to periodically make visits to the village variously disguised as government and county officials, law enforcement officers, tourists, researchers, construction workers and out-of-town service personnel. Agent Balogh is to infiltrate SCP-2815 via initiating a romantic relationship with an instance of SCP-2815-1 (designated SCP-2815-1-A), with the aim of marrying into the family, producing offspring and (unless posing significant danger to containment) be officially inducted into the community. Agent Balogh is then to record and/or document any anomalous or otherwise suspicious activity via any means possible and transfer the data to Foundation researchers for analysis and study. Agents Hegedüs, Kolompár and Lakatos are to make contact and attain a working level of trust with the local Roma community, whereupon they will be co-opted into surveillance operations.

REVISION (24/06/2016): As SCP-2815 has proven to be largely self-containing, focus will shift to monitoring any activity by and limiting the influence of GOI-03852 within the village of ███ and Heves county as a whole. This task is delegated to MTF Psi-13 "Witch Hunters"3, due to their infiltrators already being established within GOI-0385 for surveillance. The new primary goal is to prevent the radicalization of SCP-2815 by GOI-0385. Data sharing between relevant Epsilon-6 and Psi-13 detachments to facilitate containment has been approved and mandated by the O5 Council.

REVISION (13/12/2016): Following data gained from Expedition Ψ13-2815-1612-1, MTF Epsilon-6 is to observe all harvests made by SCP-2815 and track all shipments of produce and medical supplies originating from ███. Requisitions for specimens for research purposes can be made with either Head Researcher Dr. Hidegkúti Lajos or ranking Sitra Achra personnel. Acquisition of specimens is to be made by Epsilon-6 plainclothes operatives under the guise of ordinary customers. Additional funds, materials and manpower is to be made available to the local Epsilon-6 detachment in order to achieve these goals.


Entrance to the village of ███, home of SCP-2815.

Description: SCP-2815 designates an anomalous, endogamous community comprising the majority of the inhabitants of the village of ███, Heves county, Hungary. Of the village's 367 inhabitants (95% Hungarian, 5% Roma), about 80% are genetically related, belonging to one large extended family sharing the surname '████' or '████'. Only the local Roma community and a few other Hungarian households lack genetic relations to the ████ family. Identity within SCP-2815 is strongly linked to the idea of shared ancestry. Kinship ties are reinforced by having members of SCP-2815 interbreed with distant relatives in order to maintain a more closely related community, in accordance with their beliefs. Heavy restrictions are placed on exogamous unions, with only one such union allowed every fifth generation for any given bloodline. Community members (henceforth referred to as SCP-2815-1) possess an ability to intuitively and accurately determine the degree of inbreeding among one another, which is used to define social position according to perceived genetic purity.

Very few instances of SCP-2815-1 (fewer than 3%) have been shown to possess non-debilitating physical deformities. These individuals do, however, seem to play prominent roles in the spiritual life of SCP-2815. Though outwardly portraying themselves as moderately devout Roman Catholics, investigations have revealed the community to be practising a religion derived from Hungarian paganism displaying a high degree of syncretism with a heterodox variety of Sarkicism4. The few members displaying physical deformities (commonly polydactyly, severe hyperdontia, caudal appendage, heterochromia, albinism) are given the status of táltos5 (henceforth referred to as SCP-2815-2), a role for which they begin training as early as the age of five or six, in accordance with Hungarian pagan tradition.

Belief in the efficacy of magical rituals is widespread and reinforced by SCP-2815-2 instances' ritual display of anomalous abilities, which play a central role in many rituals. These abilities are widely believed by SCP-2815 to be directly tied to their physical deformities and have been shown to include remote viewing, retrocognition, limited precognition, fleshcrafting, anomalous healing, sensory and emotional projection, conversion of bodily fluids to gaseous or solid states as well as remote control of horses. The main application of these abilities seem to be as a form of alternative medicine. Religious practices include a mixture of Hungarian pagan and common Sarkic rites and rituals, and while it has never been observed, there have been mentions of slow slicing6.

SCP-2815 instances display a surprisingly low rate of physical deformities and other birth defects otherwise associated with inbreeding, despite the fact that most families have been continuously endogamous for over a century. In fact, the population is shown to be uncommonly healthy, a fact that has attracted the attention of the scientific community. Several studies have been published on the subject by geneticists, most of which were performed by the prolific Hungarian anthropologist Nemeskéri János7. The cause behind this incoherence is believed to be anomalous in nature.

Cosmologically, SCP-2815 believe the world to be divided into three realms: the Upper Realm being the abode of Isten and good spirits, believed responsible for rain, sunlight, luck and other positive attributes; the Nether Realm, residence of Ördög, a malignant deity who issues challenges to humans in the form of pests, diseases, war and disasters as a form of winnowing; and the Middle world, where humans reside. These two deities created the world in unison. Theological focus centres around subverting the suffering caused by Ördög for the benefit of human beings, turning the Middle Realm into a paradise. Sermons reference a "Grand Karcist Ion", considered their prophet, whom SCP-2815 aim to reincarnate through selective breeding, believing that he will ultimately usher in an era of health and harmony through teaching humanity how to "embrace the healing sicknesses".8

Rituals and sermons are held in an, as of yet, undeciphered language. This language has been identified by Foundation linguists as ostensibly Uralic with prominent Finnic features, a Hungarian substrate and elements from an unknown language that our linguists have given the provisional name “glossacháos”. The name of this faith among its adherents has been recorded as az Éh or sometimes Nyelke9. Foundation linguists have therefore dubbed the language Eehish. This language has been identified to be nearly identical to that spoken within the Hungarian-based Esoteric Order of the White Worm (GOI-0385). This would link SCP-2815 to both GOI-0385 as well as the numerous isolated proto-Sarkic communities in the Carpathian Mountains, suggesting a common origin among the Solomonari cults10 of medieval Hungary.

Of particular note is the rite of passage into adulthood, which is performed at 23 for female and 26 for male individuals, while intersex individuals, on account of being considered SCP-2815-2 instances, receive theirs after the first sign of puberty. It centres around the consumption (read: swallowing) or implantation of an external organ or biological organism referred to by adherents as 'aklóca' and by clergy as 'akolossz'11. These has been identified by Foundation experts as instances of SK-BIO Type Z12. It is presumed that this organ is what allows SCP-2815-1 instances to sense and determine the “purity” of one another.

A notable difference lies in the initiation ritual for SCP-2815-2 instances, for which the SK-BIO Type Z is grown inside a horse. The horse is then ritually slaughtered, removing most internal organs including the notably deviant Type Z specimen, which are then consumed by SCP-2815-2. Afterwards, the horse's wounds are sewn shut. Finally, SCP-2815-2 places one hand on it and maintains that position for approximately 10 minutes, after which the horse reanimates. This horse will then follow SCP-2815-2 around for the rest of the latter's life, claimed by SCP-2815 to aid it in its rituals13. These horses are designated SCP-2815-3 and appear to work as extensions of their specific instances of SCP-2815-2.

SCP-2815-3 instances have been observed to consume organic matter, specifically animal tissue, which they later regurgitate as a viscous organic substance (designated SCP-2815-4) similar in form and composition to that recorded in SCP-2217 (Incident 2217-14). SCP-2815-4 has been observed being used by SCP-2815-2 to treat injuries and repair damage to buildings and other inanimate objects. This is accomplished by SCP-2815-2 transmuting it into the desired material. As explained by one instance of SCP-2815-2, a limitation of SCP-2815-4 is that any given instance can only be transmuted into one substance.

Agent Balogh was discreetly able to obtain a small sample of SCP-2815-4. Sample was subsequently delivered to Site-66 for further analysis. The tests performed at Site-66 returned results showing the tissue to be saturated with N,N-Dimethyltryptamine (N,N-DMT)14, presumed to be a product of the local divergent SK-BIO Type Z grown inside SCP-2815-3. It is assumed that the N,N-DMT serves a similar purpose as it has in SCP-2480: revealing anomalously hidden features that are invisible to the naked eye or mundane recording equipment. Samples taken from SCP-2815-1-A (saliva, hair, nails, skin, blood) have not yielded any traces of N,N-DMT, confirming that this is a property unique to SCP-2815-2.

Addendum-1: On 13/05/2015, Agent Balogh recorded the following part of a sermon preceding a cannibalistic funeral rite:

“Tehát vegyük magunkba szeretett társunkat,
Együk húsát, igyuk vérét,
Hogy velünk maradhasson időnk végéig.
Ezt tanította nekünk Jan nagykarcista15,
Kit megviselt egy elviselhetetlen erő,
Ki látta a számtalan holt világot,
És maga a halált meggyilkolta,
Ki megolvasta teremtőnk beleit,
És az örökkévalóságot kitárva megpillantotta.
Tudjuk, hogy közeledik mennyországunk,
Amit csakis saját húsunkból megszülhetjük.”16

The sermon was followed by the consumption of the deceased instance, designated SCP-2815-1B. Agent Balogh was politely denied from participating on account of him lacking an SK-BIO Type Z, though he was allowed to remain and observe. Following the conclusion of the ceremony, Balogh reported noticing gradual behavioural changes in his partner, Ivády ███████ (SCP-2815-1A), which intensified over the course of the following three days. The changes, though minor, were noticeably similar to those of SCP-2815-1B, the deceased instance which it had consumed. SCP-2815-1A has since been reported recounting memories specific to SCP-2815-1B. The exact number and extent of these memories is unknown, but presumed to be limited.

According to SCP-2815-1A (as relayed by Agent Balogh), the purpose of the inbreeding practice is to "distill" the gene pool by weeding out non-Sarkic ("non-ancestral") material and increasing its "ancestral purity". Incestuous procreation and funerary endocannibalism are both believed to contribute to this. SCP-2815 believes the end result to be an individual pure enough that it would constitute an Earthly reincarnation of their prophet, Grand Karcist Ion, who would then unite all of humanity and usher in a Golden Age. Were it to succeed, it would at best cause an SK-Class Dominance Shift scenario (following the ████ narrative), and at worst a XK-Class End-of-the-World scenario (following mainstream Sarkic narratives). Due to the deviant nature of SCP-2815 and its beliefs from other Sarkic groups, the likelihood of such an event remains in doubt and is considered implausible.

Possible Involvement of GOI-0385

On 16/05/2016, Agent Kolompár relayed information concerning an unfamiliar veteran car having entered ███, sighted by one of the Roma inhabitants. The car was reported present in the village by all four agents posted there over the course of the following week. Agent Balogh reported having seen the proprietor of the vehicle, identifying him as Pelbárthidi Ödön (assigned the designation POI-563), a mid-ranking member of the Esoteric Order of the White Worm (GOI-0385). Agent Balogh never interacted directly with POI-563 and was unable to certainly determine its purpose. Though it can be assumed that POI-563's and its GOI's interest in the village is directly related to SCP-2815 and in particular instances of SCP-2815-2. It is feared that any active involvement of GOI-0385 with SCP-2815 may alter SCP-2815 breeding programme sufficiently enough to result in an XK-Class End-the-World-Scenario. Containment protocols have been updated following this report to account for the involvement of GOI-0385.

As of 24/10/2016, POI-563 has revisited SCP-2815 exactly 19 times. In a few of these instances, he was seen accompanied by what is presumed to be additional members of GOI-0385. Agent Balogh, who has now reportedly met POI-563 several times, has detailed its efforts to recruit SCP-2815 into GOI-0385 or request for a live specimen of SCP-2815-2. Leading members of SCP-2815 have continuously refused these requests and have at best shown disinterest in GOI-0385. Due to SCP-2815's seemingly isolationist attitude towards other Sarkic cults, it has been deemed a Low Level Threat by SCP-2815 Head Researcher Dr. Hidegkúti Lajos. This reclassification is currently under review by Sitra Achra personnel.

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