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Item #: SCP-3045

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-3045's installation package is to be stored on a flash-drive, which is to be kept in a secured locker on-site. Researchers may install SCP-3045 on an isolated computer for testing purposes. Once testing is concluded, this computer is to be destroyed (along with all of its peripheral components). Any computers, buildings, or facilities containing SCP-3045 must be TEMPEST-certified.

Under no circumstances should SCP-3045 be used on any media file that directly references bees.

Description: SCP-3045 is an anomalous application ('bzzip.exe') that reduces the size of certain types of media (*.txt, *.mp3, *.mp5, and *.rtf). It accomplishes this by producing a new file with trimmed, 'simplified' content. This file can then be reduced further; however, after a certain number of iterations, the result will be a file that contains little to no data. Additional attempts at reduction will only reproduce this final file.

Addendum 3045.1: Test Logs

DESCRIPTION: An *.rtf file containing Shakespeare's Hamlet.

FOREWORD: To save space, only Act 1 is provided during the first 3 iterations. The entire play is provided at the 4th iteration and every iteration thereafter.


SCENE: Platform in front of castle.


GUARDS: Horatio! There is a ghost.

HORATIO: I do not believe you.

Enter GHOST.

HORATIO: I believe you.

GUARDS: You are smart. Address it.

HORATIO: Speak, ghost.


HORATIO: That ghost wore the dead king's things.

Enter GHOST.

GUARDS and HORATIO: It returns.


HORATIO: We must tell Hamlet a ghost wears his father's things.

SCENE: Room inside the castle.


KING CLAUDIUS: My brother was king, but he died and I married his wife. I am a very wise and competent king. Men, I order you to go do wise and competent things.

MEN: Yes, sir.

Exit MEN.

LAERTES: I wish to go to France.

KING CLAUDIUS: Does your father permit it?



HAMLET: I am moody.

QUEEN GERTRUDE: Cease being moody.

KING CLAUDIUS: Listen to your mother.

HAMLET: I am no longer moody.

KING CLAUDIUS: All is well.

Exit all but HAMLET.

HAMLET: All is not well. For I am secretly still moody.


HORATIO: A ghost wears your father's things. Shall we go see it?


SCENE: A room in Polonius' house.


LAERTES: Do not have sex with Hamlet.

OPHELIA: Alright.


POLONIUS: Laertes, act only to your own benefit.

LAERTES: Alright.


POLONIUS: Do not have sex with Hamlet. Do not talk to Hamlet.

OPHELIA: Alright.

SCENE: Platform in front of castle.


HAMLET: Things are occurring.

Enter GHOST.

HAMLET: That is my father's ghost.

Ghost beckons to HAMLET.

HAMLET: I will see what he wants.

GUARDS and HORATIO: Do not go.

HAMLET: I am going.


GUARDS: Something is rotten.

SCENE: Other part of platform.

GHOST: Claudius killed me and married your mother.

HAMLET: I will avenge you.

GHOST: Alright.


HAMLET: I was moody but now I am angry.


HAMLET: Tell no one what you saw.

GHOST: (off-stage) Swear.

HAMLET: I will pose as a madman. Swear to ignorance.

GHOST: (off-stage) Swear.

They swear.

DESCRIPTION: An *.mp5 file containing the entirety of Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade (the original theatrical release).

FOREWORD: Researcher Rogers was tasked to watch each iteration and provide a summary of notable differences.

MAIN CHARACTERS: Indiana Jones, Henry Jones, Elsa Schneider, Sallah, Walter Donovan, Colonel Vogel, Grail Knight

SUMMARY: The movie opens with Walter Donovan asking Indiana to find the grail; he mentions that his father (Henry) was asked before him, but has since disappeared. Jones departs to Venice; there, he meets Elsa. Together, they discover the hidden knight's tomb that refers them to Alexandretta. Elsa and Indiana manage to rescue Indy's father at Castle Brunwald, only to be captured by Colonel Vogel. Elsa reveals herself to be a traitor. Indy and Henry escape, then — after meeting up with Sallah — fight against Nazi forces (defeating Colonel Vogel) on their way to Alexandretta. At the grail temple, Donovan reveals himself to have been a traitor and shoots Indy's father, forcing Indy to confront the three trials to save him. Once Indy passes these trials, Elsa and Donovan follow him. Confronted by the Grail Knight, Indy is told he must select the right grail — and that the grail cannot leave the temple. Donovan appears, and Elsa goads him into choosing the wrong grail (resulting in his death). Indy selects the right grail and uses it to heal his father. Elsa attempts to leave the temple with the grail, resulting in the temple's collapse (and her death). Indy, his father, and Sallah all ride off into the sunset.

NOTABLE DIFFERENCES: Marcus Brody and Kazim are gone, as is the sub-plot with the Brotherhood of the Cruciform Sword. There is no mention of Henry's journal at any point in the story — they never go to Berlin to retrieve it, and never board a zeppelin to escape Germany. The entire opening sequence (with Indy pursuing the Cross of Coronado both as a teenager and as an adult) has been cut. The dialogue has been significantly simplified in many places, with extraneous dialogue mostly removed.

RUN-TIME: 85 minutes

DESCRIPTION: A text-file containing the entirety of Samuel Becket's tragicomedy, Waiting for Godot.


CHARACTERS: We are waiting for GODOT.

GODOT does not arrive.

DESCRIPTION: An *.mp5 file containing the entirety of Bee Movie, an animated film by DreamWorks Animation.

FOREWORD: Researcher Xiao-jin was tasked to watch each iteration and provide a summary of notable differences.

MAIN CHARACTERS: Barry B. Benson, Vanessa Bloome, Ken, Pollen Jocks

SUMMARY: Barry B. Benson (a bee) is a non-conformist who has just graduated college. Spurning the job assigned to him by bee-society, he goes out with a group of 'Pollen Jocks' (also bees), where he encounters Vanessa (a human florist) and Ken (her boyfriend). Ken attempts to kill him, but Vanessa saves his life. Barry later returns and expresses his thanks to Vanessa; the two begin a relationship. After Barry discovers that humans harvest honey from bees, he sues the human race — and, after a series of mishaps, wins the trial. However, as a result of having too much honey (?), bees all lose their jobs — resulting in flowers all over the world dying out. Barry and Vanessa travel to a city in California where the only remaining flowers survive, and steal a parade float full of flowers (??) so bees can use them to re-pollinate the world. Barry and the other bees use the flowers to reverse the damage, and the movie ends with all the bees working together with the humans.


RUN-TIME: 97 minutes

Addendum 3045.2: Recovery

On 16-02-2010, a Foundation-operated web-analysis bot (I/O-SAURON) flagged several large-scale online purchases made by a California startup company ("HiveFind") as suspicious. The company's website claimed it provided "next generation algorithms, client-centric solutions, and cutting edge compression software".

Three days later, MTF Rho-9 ("Technical Support") performed a raid on the offices of HiveFind. Although the building had been recently abandoned, they found several pieces of equipment: 14 large-scale QR scanners, 15 desktop computers (connected via a bus network), and over 900 gallons of honey (stored in several refrigeration units). After detailed analysis, Rho-9 determined that each QR scanner had been wired to provide control over one computer. SCP-3045 was found on one of the computer's hard-drives.

A later search uncovered over 50 dead (non-anomalous) instances of apis mellifera (American honey-bee) spread throughout the office.

Investigations into HiveFind are ongoing.

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