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Item #: SCP-3709

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-3709 is to be kept in a standard size 4 containment chamber, and guarded by two Foundation personnel, assigned to 6-hour shift rotation. Access to SCP-3709 requires written permission from the project supervisor (currently Doctor Ward) and at least one other Foundation personnel of level 3 clearance or higher. SCP-3709-2 instances are to be kept in standard Class One containment cell. Verbal communication with instances of SCP-3709-2 is strictly forbidden without written permission of another Foundation staff member with Level 4 clearance or higher, any personnel interacting with SCP-3709-2 without permission will be transferred to another research site and must undergo psychological reevaluation for fitness to continue their employment at the Foundation. SCP-3709 And SCP-3709-2 are to be kept in separate facilities.

Description: SCP-3709 is a cylindrical, cast-iron machine 95 cm in diameter and 257 cm long, supported on 15cm sculpted feet. It bears a hand-operated wheel attached halfway along the cylinder, perpendicular to the ground when SCP-3709 is supported by all four feet. In addition, one face bears a casket drawer correlating with the sort used to store corpses in modern crematoriums. On the opposing face, it opens into a 35-cm square chute. SCP-3709 is currently in a non-functional state, having been left unattended and without maintainance for an indeterminate length of time. One of its feet is missing entirely, and the machine is heavily rusted, making its component parts highly fragile. The wheel on its side is rusted through halfway between two of the spokes, when not in use this rusted point is typically oriented at the lowest point of the wheel. During transport to Site ██, SCP-3709 was dented when the vehicle transporting it struck a pothole in the road, partially crushing its chute and crumpling its cylindrical portion to about 80% of its original length. This did not seem to be the reason for its lack of function.

When the corpse of a human (Trials with animals yielded no result) is placed in the drawer, the drawer is closed, and any amount of an iron alloy totaling at least sixty kilograms of iron are loaded into the chute, the wheel on the side will begin to turn, eventually stopping after 1080 degrees of rotation. SCP-3709 will then anomalously generate one instance of SCP-3709-2. Iron alloys containing nickel will cause this process to fail, but the corpse and alloy will be consumed regardless.

SCP-3709-2 is a human corpse processed by use of SCP-3709. In place of a typical human head, instances of SCP-3709-2 have a spheroid, iron oil lamp approximately 67.4 cm in diameter, composed of four intersecting rings and an octagonal base. The thoracic cavity of SCP-3709-2 does not contain organs, instead holding numerous leather sacs with metal valves seemingly intended to be used to refill them placed at seemingly random points. These sacs contain a fluid substance comparable to Liquid Parrafin, which fuels the lantern forming its "head." If the lamp is extinguished, SCP-3709-2 will enter a state roughly analogous to REM Sleep and cease activity until it is manually relit. There does not seem to be a pattern to the number of sacs in a given instance of SCP-3709-2. These sacs do not refill when they run dry, and must be refilled manually. Ordinary commercial brands of lantern oil are sufficient for SCP-3709-2 to function. SCP-3709-2 is capable of ambulatory locomotion, and when unattended will display behavior concurrent with an animal in captivity - restless pacing and long periods of motionlessness being the most common behaviors. Current hypotheses by Foundation researchers claim this is an indication of some measure of sapience. There are currently 14 instances of SCP-3709-2 in Foundation custody.

Upon attempts of verbal communication with SCP-3709-2, the instance being addressed will "imprint" onto the speaker in much the same manner as juveniles of the Anatidae family of waterfowl. In this state, SCP-3709-2 will follow its imprinted subject at an average distance of 2 meters unless prevented by a wall, door or other physical barrier. SCP-3709-2 has proven capable of understanding and following simple verbal commands, but cannot perform more complicated tasks without a detailed description of the procedure. Instances of SCP-3709-2 have unilaterally proven to have superior physical strength and agility to what a human of their build would reasonably be expected to possess. Trials with D-Class personnel have shown that SCP-3709-2 is less likely to follow instructions when it is the target of demeaning or insulting comments by its imprintor, and does not have any particular compunction to follow its imprintor's instructions. SCP-3709-2 will not imprint on another subject until the first subject has either died or been separated from SCP-3709-2 by a margin of at least eight kilometers. Instances of SCP-3709-2 unilaterally react violently if attempts are made to touch or otherwise interact with SCP-3709 in their presence.

Recovery Log; SCP-3709: SCP-3709 was recovered from the basement of a collapsed barn in ██████████, Maine being guarded by three instances of SCP-3709-2 following a mistake during a routine check-up on the re-integration of former Foundation personnel. Upon Agent ████████'s attempt to touch SCP-3709, the instances of SCP-3709-2 became hostile and attacked, prompting Agent █████ to call for a retrieval team.

Interviewer: It's on. Go ahead.

Agent ████████: Okay. It was, uh… I guess he's not in the system anymore, so it doesn't matter if I say his name. We were conducting routine surveillance on the former Doctor Shelby, monitoring him for any signs the amnestics were wearing off.

Interviewer: And what prompted the discovery of the anomalous object?

Agent ████████: Well, we… we knew that the foundation was way too good with all that for him to really have any chance of remembering, yeah? It's boring as all hell watching a guy doing normal stuff all day, 'least for the younger members on the squad. I told them they could go take a break, you know? Guy wasn't going anywhere, wouldn't matter if he had two pairs of eyes or five looking at him.

Interviewer: I see. I understand this is when Agent █████ made the discovery?

Agent ████████: Yeah, it… she went into an old barn nearby for a smoke, wanted out of the rain. Boards were rotten, I heard her shouting on the mike when she fell through.

Interviewer: Did you assist her?

Agent ████████: Well yeah I did, I'm not made of stone like command is. I had ██████ watch our guy for me, and went to see what happened to her. She, uh… she didn't fare so well. Turned her ankle when she landed, could barely walk. I had the other two set up some ropes and drop down to help her up. Probably the most interesting thing that'd happen today, I thought. God, I want to punch earlier me in the face when I remember that.

Interviewer: That's irrelevant, Agent. Continue.

Agent ████████: Right… well I drop down into the basement, and the first thing I see is this big rusty drum-looking thing, you know? And it's got this circle of… well, you saw 'em when we brought the thing in. Lamp-heads. All standing in a circle around this big rusty hunk of junk.

Interviewer: And how did you react?

Agent ████████: I did what I was trained to do, I didn't look directly at it and I checked to make sure the kid wasn't hurt too bad. Turns out she just sprained her ankle, but I had to be sure. So I help her to her feet, and I go over to look at these things for proper. Figured if it had anything memetic about it I'd've been got already.

Interviewer: What did you do with the injured squad mate?

Agent ████████: Tied the rope around her and told ████ to haul her up and drop it back down for me.

Interviewer: Very well. I take it this is the point where you touched the machine?

Agent ████████: Yeah, that's right. There was a big wheel on one side, right? So I figured if I turned it I could figure out what this thing did and know what to ask for when I called in a retrieval team. Unfortunately, those… things… didn't like it. Moment I laid hands on it one of them jumped me from behind.

Interviewer: What did it do?

Agent ████████: Well I, uh… I did what I was trained to. I hit it in the gut and tried to duck away but it didn't even flinch. Kept head-butting me or something with that weird-ass lamp. Cracked my faceplate, broke my goddamn nose… it was so strong. Like, weirdly strong. They're all so skinny and stupid-looking but it had a grip like a fucking steel trap.

Interviewer: We've noticed that, yes. How did you subdue it?

Agent ████████: I couldn't, really. They had all dog-piled onto me, scratching and clawing and punching. That's what happened to my ribs, it was them. Anyway, I just managed to get a hold of the rope and clip it to my belt, and the squad lifted me out. The things all fell off but they kept jumping, almost reaching the hole. It was the weirdest thing I've seen my whole time here. Except for maybe that thing that came out of 3008. Shit man, why couldn't I just get one of the normal jobs like █████ ███████████? He's living it the fuck up over at Site ██…

Interviewer: I'll put in a transfer request for you once you've convalesced. Get some rest, Agent ████████.

Experiment 1
SCP-3709 was loaded with 80kg iron-granite ore and 1 human corpse (D-18470, caucasian male, late 30s). Produced one instance of SCP-3709-2.

Experiment 2
SCP-3709 was loaded with 80kg iron-nickel alloy (meteoric origin) and 1 human corpse (D-30924, caucasian male, early 20s). SCP-3709 reacted but failed to produce an instance of SCP-3709-2.

Experiment 3
SCP-3709 was loaded with 70kg iron weights and 1 human corpse (D-23046, asian female, late 40s). Produced one instance of SCP-3709-2.

Experiment 4
SCP-3709 was loaded with 60kg iron weights and 1 human corpse (D-23149, latino male, late 20s). Produced one instance of SCP-3709-2.

Experiment 5
SCP-3709 was loaded with 50kg iron weights and 1 human corpse (D-20450, african-american female, early 30s). Failed to react. Weights were added until total iron mass equaled 60kg, at which point SCP-3709 produced one instance of SCP-3709-2.

Experiment 6
SCP-3709 was loaded with 60kg iron weights and the corpse of a dog (canis lupus familiaris, german shepherd breed). Failed to react.

Experiment 7
SCP-3709 was repeatedly used to produce instances of SCP-3709-2, examining effects of repeated use within a short timeframe. After producing 7 instances of SCP-3709-2, testing concluded. No apparent effects noted, until SCP-3709 did not function the following day.

Experiment 8
SCP-3709 unresponsive, presumed non-functional.

Experiment 9
D-35081 was instructed to speak to SCP-3709-2-4. SCP-3709-2-4 proceeded to follow him around the chamber. When D-35081 expressed discomfort at this behavior and ordered it to “back off”, SCP-3709-2-4 retreated to the opposite wall and remained unmoving. SCP-3709-2-4 did not follow further commands.

Experiment 10
D-21400 was instructed to speak to SCP-3709-2-5 and SCP-3709-2-6. Both instances proceeded to follow him around the chamber. D-21400 was instructed to politely ask both instances to perform various actions such as jumping in place and walking in a certain direction. Both instances complied until D-21400 instructed them to hold hands, at which point they displayed body language implying confusion and resumed following D-21400.

Experiment 11
D-33401 was instructed to demean and insult SCP-3709-2-7. SCP-3709-2-7 displayed the same “imprinting” behavior as other instances, but refused to follow instructions seemingly at random when instructed by D-33401 to assemble a set of wooden blocks (██████████-brand children’s toy) into various shapes. SCP-3709-2-7 eventually stopped responding to commands altogether, and the test was concluded.

Experiment 12
Doctor Ward imprinted SCP-3709-2-14 and instructed it to complete various complex tasks. SCP-3709-2-14 proved unable to do so until given detailed instructions of the procedures involved.

Experiment 13
Doctor Ward instructed SCP-3709-2-14 to complete additional complex tasks. SCP-3709-2-14 displayed the ability to accurately recall procedures it had previously been given instruction on how to perform.

Addendum: After imprinting it during a trial with completion of complex tasks, Doctor Ward requested the indefinite use of SCP-3709-2-14 as a personal assistant. Request was suspended by Site Command, pending evaluation.

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