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Item #: SCP-3765

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: Per the Boring Agreement, containment of SCP-3765 defaults to GOI-466 (Wilson's Wildlife Solutions)1. All SCP-3765 instances located that are not in the custody of GOI-466 are to be contained within a Site-64 standard containment chamber and given sufficient food and water. After containment is established, instances of SCP-3765 are to be immediately reported to WWS Liason Frank Richardson and SCP-3765 Head Researcher Throckmorton. Civilian hunting of any beavers within Clackamas County, Oregon is to be discouraged through ad campaigns on local television networks by the WWS.

Description: SCP-3765 is an anomalous group of Castor canadensis2 consisting of at least 1400 beavers found in Clackamas County, Oregon, and centralized in the town of Boring. Instances of SCP-3765 have higher average intelligence and significantly higher collaboration skills than their non-anomalous counterparts.

SCP-3765's primary anomaly is the ability to replicate any human structure after being allowed to examine a building or observe blueprints of a structure for a time relative to its complexity. Instances of SCP-3765 prefer to build their structures on riverbeds and other areas where non-anomalous beavers reside, but have been shown to take civilian "clients" for inland construction. It is worth noting that SCP-3765 will always use wood for all components of a structure, even when non-wood materials are called for3. SCP-3765's secondary anomalous property is the ability to communicate in fluent English.


Addendum SCP-3765-1: Discovery

SCP-3765 was brought to Foundation attention on ██/██/████ after GOI-466 (Wilson's Wildlife Solutions) received a number of phone calls from civilians encountering a group of beavers requesting the blueprints to their homes. See Addendum SCP-3765-2 for a transcript of one such call.

Addendum SCP-3765-2: Transcript

(Caller calls GoI-466. An employee of GoI-466 picks up, hereby referred to as Respondent.)

Respondent: Hello, you have reached the Wilson's Wildlife Solutions Wildlife Helpline, how may I assist you?

Caller: Hi, so the weirdest thing happened just 10 minutes ago, you probably won't believe me.

Respondent: Go ahead sir, I'm sure I've seen weirder things.

Caller: Uh, alright, so these beavers with hard hats knocked on my door and-

Respondent: Oh not these guys again.

Caller: Other people have reported this too?

Respondent: Yeah, just recently we've been swamped with calls about these beavers, but please continue so I can place a full incident report.

Caller: Right so these beavers with hard hats knocked on my door, and when I opened up, they did the weirdest thing, they asked to see the blueprints to my house. I told them I didn't have them and quickly shut the door. Luckily they ran away after that.

Respondent: Thank you, we will have a team come to your house soon, may we have your address?

Caller: Of course! My address is [REDACTED].

Respondent: Thank you, I'll send somebody there as soon as possible. Have a nice day!


NOTE: A group of WWS employees was dispatched to the Caller's location at 16:38, at 17:23 visual contact was made with SCP-3765, and at 17:35, 15 instances of SCP-3765 were in the WWS's custody.

Addendum SCP-3765-3: WWS Letter Exchange Regarding SCP-3765

Below is a letter exchange between WWS Liaison Frank Richardson and SCP-3765 Head Researcher Throckmorton.

To the Great Folks at the SCP Foundation,

As you well know, as per the Boring Agreement, all containment of anomalous wildlife defaults to us, but you still have oversight of what we do with such anomalies. As such we would like to ask for your permission for a special project with the beavers, or what you like to call SCP-3765.

After receiving several calls about the construction-loving beavers, we decided that we had to see for ourselves what these little guys could do. We went down to a riverbed where they were rumored to reside, and we were amazed by what we saw; they had built up almost a small town! They had things like a motel, tackle shop, and even a diner! All made out of wood, of course. We visited a building that looked exactly like City Hall, and we spoke to some of these beavers about what they were doing here. It was amazing the kind of ideas that they had, and the ambition they possessed.

After seeing firsthand the kind of craftsmanship and intelligence that these beavers have. We believe that these beavers; if put to work, could expand our operations by a large margin. If given the proper training, we could have these beavers building things for our operation. This could expand our facilities significantly, making it so that your Foundation would not have to do as much work for us.

We know you folks aren't too keen on using anomalies, you would rather keep them all contained, but we believe that the benefits far outweigh the minor breach in protocol that would be necessary. Please consider our request.

Thank You,
Frank Richardson

Dear Mr. Richardson and the rest of Wilson's Wildlife Solutions,

After carefully considering your offer, we have decided to approve your request to use SCP-3765 for your construction projects. The Foundation wants you to know that we do not treat this sort of request lightly. Anomalies are usually too unpredictable to be of safe use, and we rarely if ever use them ourselves. We've never granted this right to another organization, but your organization has shown time and time again to be completely trustworthy. Now, with that being said, we are going to keep a close watch on everything you do with SCP-3765, and if you go out of line, we will no longer allow you to use them. If you do this right it would set a precedent that anomalies can be used safely and responsibly by other organizations. Don't mess up.

Best of Luck,
Dr. Jerard D. Throckmorton, SCP-3765 head researcher

Mister Throckmorton,

We can't thank you enough for letting us use the beavers! We've spoken to them about our agreement and they seem ecstatic! We've already begun putting them to work building a new wing for our on-site dormitories, and they're doing a great job! We're thinking about teaching them how to use materials other than wood, but they seem a little apprehensive to that… They've streamlined our production of facilities and I think that our arrangement is going to be instrumental in the growth of the WWS. The good part for you is that they work for free so this should slash the amount of money you need to give us by a significant amount (see article 3 chapter 4 of the Boring Agreement for more details on the finances).

Kindest Regards,
Frank Richardson

P.S. I know it might be hard to do with all your super-serious top secret save the world stuff, but you should take a day off and see the beavers, it's amazing!

Dear Frank,
I'm glad that the beavers are being put to good use, after studying their behavior, I feel like they will be of great help to you if you treat them with respect, of course. They really are interesting animals, aren't they; with the way that they all work with one another to bring about a common goal. If we didn't have to keep them a secret I think that they could easily replace all human construction workers with how well they work together. I suppose I've grown quite fond of these creatures in my study of them.

Jerard Throckmorton

P.S. I'd love to come down there and see them some time.
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