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EuclidSCP-3879 Flying FishRate: -6

Item #: SCP-3879
Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-3879-1 through -31, are to be kept in a 12 m x 8 m x 10 m semi-aquarium semi-terrarium glass tank. Three out of four of the walls are made of 10 cm of concrete. The interior is coated with a white impact absorbent plastic to reduce damage to the walls. The north wall is made of 5 mm of bulletproof glass, and is used for observation. Half of the tank is filled with sand, and a variety of artificial flora like miniature palm trees and ferns are planted through out land side of the tank. The sand must be at least 5 m in height. Ocean water fills on the other half of the tank to create a beach like landscape. 250,000 l of water will be filled on the other side of the tank. The will be bottom of the water is filled with artificial aquatic plants, a thin layer of sand, shells, and colorful rocks. Three (3) extra large aquarium filters must be placed in the water at all times, and must be regularly changed every three months. Water must be changed yearly. The temperature must be kept between 10 °C to 32 °C. Humidity must be at least 50% at all times. In an event of breeding, all eggs must be transported to the nearest cryogenic center for freezing. Incubation must be approved by two (2) level four (4) personnel. In an event of SCP-3879 attempting to breach containment area, three (3) kilograms of bovine meat must be dispensed on the opposite side of breached area, and repairs must be made immediately by three (3) class D personnel.

Every twenty-four (24) hours, two (2) kilograms of meat, fruit, or seafood must be dispensed into the containment area of SCP-3879. Anything left over must be retrieved and disposed of to prevent food poisoning to SCP-3879 due to spoiled food. A door on the east wall is to be only used by authorized personnel.

Description: SCP-3879 are large fish similar to Carassius auratus in color, and most anatomy. SCP-3879 has the average height, length, and width of 35.6 cm, 43.2 cm,and 22.9 cm, respectively. SCP-3879 has elongated pectoral fins, with an average of 15.4 cm in size. SCP-3879 have a quadruple caudal fin. X-rays confirm that the pectoral fin ray, the ray of the anterior dorsal fin, the caudal fin ray, and the neural spine are hollow, and contain an unknown lighter than air gas. Autopsies have been requested and are pending approval by O5-█. SCP-3879 posses small prominent teeth of an unknown quantity.

SCP-3879 are able to fly, and able to breathe in an outside of water. When in air, SCP-3879 have been observed to be fast, as the lowest speed recorded was at about 11.6 km/p/h. This speed slightly increases when in water. SCP-3879 seem to release some of the gas in their skeletons that not only projects them forward, but also allows them to reach lower depths. It is unknown how SCP-3879 replenishes the skeletal gas in its system.

SCP-3879 behave like Carassius auratus, as they swim against the glass wall, not acknowledging the existence of the glass. They are placid, and observers show signs of happiness whilst, and after viewing SCP-3879. Discussion for the use of SCP-3879 as a treatment for mental disorders like depression, anxiety, and PTSD continue. When ravenous, SCP-3879 will behave like Pygocentrus nattereri. They become hostile, and it is not recommended that anyone should enter the containment area after 16 hours since SCP-3879 have gone without food. They are not averse to eating anything biological. See experiment log below for details:

[Experiment log for SCP-3879
Approved by O5-█
Monitored by O5-██
Project Head: Dr. M. █████

Date: █/██/████
Test Subject: 1 kg of a variety of fruits

Procedure: 1 kg worth of apples, bananas, oranges, lemons, and pineapples were dropped into the water of the containment area.

Results: The citrus fruits were consumed last, and the bananas were consumed first. There was no incident.

Notes: "It appears that they are not too big on citrus. Have all citrus heavy fruits removed from their feeding cycle," Dr. M. █████.

Date: ██/██/████
Test Subject: An adult, deceased Sus scrofa domesticus

Procedure: The carcass was dropped on the land of the containment area.

Results: SCP-3879 filled their skeletons with gas, and floated to the carcass. The carcass was consumed without any incident. Bones were consumed shortly after all meat was eaten. Only blood was left behind.

Notes: "These things don't seem to be picky at all," Dr. M. █████

Date: █/█/████
Test Subject: 1 kg of live Sardinella longiceps

Procedure: The fish were dropped through a chute into the water of the containment area.

Results: After the fish were dropped into the water, they formed a school. SCP-3879 started to surround the fish, using the same hunting tactic as Tursiops. SCP-3879 surrounded the fish in a circle, and slowly started eating them from the outside of the school, to the inside. Only a little bit of blood was left behind.

Notes: "SCP-3879 shows signs intelligence. More tests are needed to measure this intelligence," Dr. M. █████

Date: ██/██/████
Test Subject: A live, adult, female Bos taurus

Procedure: The live cow was walked into the tank through the door on the land side by two (2) class D personnel. The class D personnel were instructed to run out the door and lock it after the cow was inside the tank.

Results: After the door was relocked, SCP-3879 surfaced and chased the cow for about 2 minutes. The cow was in the northeast corner showing signs of extreme distress and fear. The cow ran through the cloud of SCP-3879 closing in, killing SCP-3879-13, and injuring SCP-3879-29. The cow slipped into the water, and SCP-3879 followed. In the water, SCP-3879 bit the legs of the cow and dragged the cow under the waterline, drowning it, then consuming it. The blood made the water red, and it was quickly replaced within an hour.

Notes: "Oh my god. these things are fucking evil. I am in love with them. These are my new babies!" Dr. M. █████. O5-██ requested amnestics after observing the experiment. Thirty (30) SCP-#### specimens aremained. SCP-3879-29 recovered in about seventy-two (72) hours.

Date: █/██/████
Test Subject:A live, adult Odontaspididae

Procedure: The shark was dropped through a chute into the water of the containment area

Results: SCP-3879 formed a school, and engulfed the shark. The shark quickly escaped, and attacked the school. SCP-3879 avoided the attack with tactics seen in schools of Sardinella longiceps, but SCP-3879-6 was consumed by the shark. SCP-3879 started circling the shark, avoiding the head. Blood prevented anymore viewing. The tank was drained. A shark skeleton stayed at the bottom of the tank, and was consumed shortly after by SCP-3879

Notes: "That was beautiful!" Dr. M. █████.

"I can't do this anymore. This is going to scar me," O5-██.

"You could use 3879 to help ease your stress," Dr. M. █████.

"I'd rather use a keter to help me with that," O5-██.

Date: ██/██/████
Test Subject: One (1) class D personnel.

Note: Test was aborted. Dr. M. █████ was reassigned to SCP-████ to prevent Dr. M. █████ from becoming obsessed.

Note: "If he stayed with this SCP, who knows what he would do? Better safe than sorry," O5-██.

Note: "You can't take me away from my babies! You can't! I need them!" Dr. M. █████ as he was being dragged away from the containment area of SCP-3879. He was then sedated, given amnestics, and false memories.]

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