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SCP-948 - Hope
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Item #: SCP-948

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-948 is contained within Site 05. Structure is located at the center of the island, surrounded by Foundation establishments.

Standard Site security measures are to be taken to limit civilian presence within a 6 kilometer radius of Site 05. The island is labeled as a military establishment on all official documentation; personnel tasked with security detail are to utilize related disinformation procedures.

Personnel are instructed not to lodge within SCP-948, but in the standard Foundation sleeping quarters on-Site. Those found to have entered SCP-948 without permission are to be reassigned immediately.

Personnel assigned to Site 05 are to refrain from repeated exposure to SCP-948’s effect. Those wishing to utilize the anomaly for personal care are to submit a request to Dr. Bridge. Approved personnel are to undergo psychological evaluations before and after exposure. If signs of undesired effects are detected, affected personnel are to be quarantined until they have recovered, or terminated.

Description: SCP-948 exists, for the purposes of this document, within an abandoned hospital on an island off the southeast coast of Greece. Originally built to quarantine infectees of the 1918 flu pandemic, the building was abandoned in 1950 due to its relatively remote location. From the outside, SCP-948 appears to be in a moderate state of disrepair, with broken windows and considerable aesthetic damage. However, SCP-948 is constantly illuminated from within through unknown means. No electricity or running water is supplied to the building from any external sources.

If an individual or individuals enter SCP-948 via any doorway, they will immediately begin to experience feelings of bliss and contentment. The location appears to instill an effect that fosters mental stability and health. Personnel have reported an inexplicable “peace” within, with mundane worries and anxiety fading away.

Additionally, individuals afflicted with any sort of “mental disease” are healed. Test subjects afflicted with various forms of depression, schizophrenia, psychosis and more have been “cured” after an extended stay within SCP-948, with full, permanent effects manifesting between 3 and 7 days [see Addendum 948-A].

Healing effects relating to congenital and genetically-linked afflictions have been permanent, while unnaturally acquired anxiety, depression and related afflictions may reoccur. Simply put, SCP-948 does not remove the ability to develop negative emotions, but repairs any damage that may exist.

However, repeated use is not advised. Personnel who repeatedly expose themselves to SCP-948 may degenerate over the course of one to three weeks. In such cases (60%), abusers will gradually become eccentric, with disjointed speech patterns and mistakes in understanding complex language. These symptoms are most severe for a period of one month after initial appearance, and will gradually wane over the course of one to three weeks.

If the abuser is exposed to SCP-948 while exhibiting these symptoms, they will increase in severity to the point that the subject loses the ability to speak. [See Addendum 948-B]. Past this point, recovery is impossible. After a complete loss of language capacity has occurred, the victim’s ability to understand math will degenerate, followed by spatial recognition [DATA EXPUNGED]. Eventually, victims will fade into a bestial state, seemingly operating on pure instinct.

To date, ███ individuals have been successfully healed by SCP-948; ██ have been lost to the overdose effect.

Addendum 948-A: A full list of maladies and recoveries are available from Dr. Bridge.

Addendum 948-B Personnel who show signs of language loss are to be terminated immediately. Dr. Bridge is to be informed of these instances.

Addendum 948-C Personnel are to avoid exposure of pets to SCP-948. It has been discovered that the introduction of domesticated animals to SCP-948''s effect effectively and immediately undoes all domestication, training and familiarity with human beings. We wish Agent ██████ a speedy recovery after being mauled by her German shepherd Moxie. We regret to remind personnel that Foundation-bred animals who have proven to be unpredictable are euthanized.

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