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SCP-958 - General-Beep
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SCP-958 in an active state.

Item #: SCP-958

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-958 is currently located in Storage Unit ██ at Site ██. SCP-958 is to be kept under guard by one (1) member of security at all times. No unauthorized personnel are to be allowed access to SCP-958.

Access to SCP-958 must be authorised by one (1) member of Level 3 personnel. No individuals under the age of fourteen (14) are to come into contact with SCP-958.

Description: SCP-958 is a dark grey toy robot composed primarily of plastic, although small amounts of tin are present in some internal components. SCP-958 measures nineteen (19) centimeters in height and four (4) centimeters in width and is capable of limited independent motion when active.

The bottom of SCP-958''s right foot bears the text ''General-Beep®, by Dr. Wondertainment!''. Analysis of the interior tins quality suggests that SCP-958 was created within an area of two (2) to six (6) months ago and, judging by the quality of welding and application of components, was mass produced. Further inspection of SCP-958''s interior reveals no abnormalities.

SCP-958, when activated via a small switch on the back of its head, behaves in the manner of a stereotypical military general. It will answer most questions posed to it, but seems unwilling to discuss its origin, instead stating that ''General-Beep is the intellectual property of Dr. Wondertainment.'' SCP-958''s favorite topic appears to be the military, and it will often attempt to persuade researchers to enlist. SCP-958 refers to individuals under the age of fourteen (14) as ''Little Soldiers'' and those of or over fourteen (14) as ''Lieutenants.''

When exposed to an individual under the age of fourteen (14), they will quickly form a bond with SCP-958 and attempt to have it accompany them constantly. SCP-958 will frequently attempt to discuss with the individual the benefits of enlisting with the military during this time. All activities the affected individual engages in with SCP-958 will have a military focus.

Two (2) to three (3) days after exposure to SCP-958, the affected individual will begin to experience severe emotional desensitization and an increased capacity to follow suggestions. During this period, the affected individual will often listen to SCP-958 for extended periods of time as it attempts to convince them to join the military. Affected individuals will express increased interest in this prospect regardless of prior opinions.

One (1) week after initial emotional desensitization, the individual affected by SCP-958 will attempt to leave their area of residence, often leaving a note or message explaining their desire to enlist in the military. The affected individual will subsequently disappear at the next occasion when they are completely unobserved. Clothing of affected individuals has been recovered from the sites of these disappearances.

SCP-958 first came into Foundation custody when a large package appeared in the waste disposal area of Site ██. A small note on the package read ''HAPPY HALLOWEEN''. Inside the package were both SCP-958 and Document 958-1, which appears to be a manual related to the operation of SCP-958.

Document 958-1 is a manual related to the proper operation of SCP-958, but appears to have been poorly translated from another language.

Hello Little Soldiers®!!!

With all such large, your all surely one enough to own yours together General-Beep®! General-Beep® is the friend of your best and will assist in the not of your hands against them who do not! Simple: click the switch of General-Beep® back of head and watch EXTANT begin of.

General-Beep® isn''t intend (although maybe) for Lieutenants®, old enough to not play now, it is time for bedtime? listen marvel at General-Beep®s tales of hero and FIGHT. Maybe in a day you are old enough to be strong, big like General-Beep®.

Importance for remember collect all of Robo-Gang®, Robo-Dude®, General-Beep®, [DATA EXPUNGED] to bring all of friends together again for Ultimate Robo-Party®! General-Beep® buy from everywhere, others more rare perhaps.

Addendum 958-1: Foundation Agents involved in the retrieval of SCP-███ have reported several child soldiers in the area identical in appearance to individuals missing as a result of SCP-958 exposure. When brought in for interrogation, the child soldiers reported no knowledge of SCP-958 or their existence before being soldiers.

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