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All That Glisters


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Item Listings


  1. So They Called Him Darke
  2. Dark And Disquieting
  3. Micky D's
  4. 1001 Dark And Stormy Nights ~ written by fieldstonefieldstone
  5. Freaks, Friends and Fiends
  6. Text Message In A Bottle
  7. A Vale of Tears
  8. A Pound Of Flesh, A Piece Of Meat

External Reports

  1. SCP-3198, For The Man Who Has Everything
  2. SCP-3277, Speak Softly and Carry a Big Stick
  3. SCP-3549, Sweet Medieval Bitcoin

I had a bit of trouble coming up with a decent name for this hub. Multiple people suggested something to the effect of 'all that glitters', but that seemed a little too trite. So I was looking up quotes from the Merchant of Venice, hoping something there might be appropriate, and lo and behold I see that the original Shakespeare quote is in fact "All that glisters is not gold'. It carries the same meaning, but the obsolete Elizabethan synonym gives it a veneer of antiquity and pretentiousness that I feel is appropriate with this series.

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